Pair of national No. 1's headline Reno TOC high school field

No. 1 Cohlton Schultz recently won a title at the Walsh Jesuit Ironman (Photo/Sam Janicki,

The Reno Tournament of Champions annually serves as a great showcase for high school and college wrestling. This year's program at the Reno (Nevada) Events Center is no exception. Thursday is the college event, with high school taking over on Friday and Saturday.

A plethora of high school teams from fourteen states, plus one from Canada, will be among those in attendance at the tournament. Headlining the field are three nationally ranked teams: No. 17 Allen (Texas), No. 24 Poway (Calif.), and No. 42 Pomona (Colo.); additional teams meriting attention include Choctaw (Okla.), Crook County (Ore.), and Pueblo County (Colo.)

Two wrestlers ranked first nationally at their respective weight classes headline the field, Super 32 Challenge champion Stevo Poulin (Shenendehowa, N.Y.) at 106 pounds and Junior World Greco-Roman medalist Cohlton Schultz (Ponderosa, Colo.) at 285. 21 additional ranked wrestlers feature in the field, with 13 of 14 weight classes projected to feature at least one ranked wrestler.

Below is a weight-by-weight listing of wrestlers to watch.

106: No. 1 Stevo Poulin (Shenendehowa, N.Y.), No. 5 Braxton Brown (Allen, Texas), No. 20 Andrew Gonzales (Poway, Calif.), Zach Espalin (Chandler, Ariz.)

113: No. 16 Vince Cornella (Monarch, Colo.), No. 17 Brendon Garcia (Pueblo County, Colo.), Chance Lamer (Crook County, Ore.), Brock Bobzien (Poway, Colo.), Kase Mauger (Twin Falls, Idaho), Davion Chavez (Alamosa, Colo.), Braeden Williams (Blanchard, Okla.), Cole Jensen (Payson, Utah), Devin Griffen (Spanish Springs, Nev.)

120: Carson Sauriol (Poway, Colo.), Hunter Mode (Crook County, Ore.), Steele Dias (Green Valley, Nev.)

126: No. 19 Mosha Schwartz (Ponderosa, Colo.), No. 20 Daniel Cardenas (Pomona, Colo.), Aaron Nagao (Esperanza, Calif.), Jason Miranda (Poway, Colo.), Brandon Owens (Grundy, Colo.)

132: No. 19 Henry Porter (Oakdale, Calif.), Fabian Santillan (Grandview, Colo.), Colt Newton (Choctaw, Okla.), Kyle Parco (De La Salle, Calif.), Nathan Bonham (Pueblo County, Colo.), Joe Chavez (Alamosa, Colo.), Rush Fannon (Colony, Alaska), Sammy Heywood (Wasatch, Utah)

138: No. 14 Trent Dooley (Allen, Texas), James McClain (El Paso Franklin, Texas), Terrell Barraclough (Layton, Utah), Ricky Torres (Oakdale, Calif.), Luciano Fuslo (Homer, Alaska)

145: No. 14 Legend Lamer (Crescent Valley, Ore.), Stockton O'Brien (Wasatch, Utah), Tyson Humphreys (Layton, Utah), Jaxon Garoutte (Pueblo County, Colo.), Dyllan Fuchs (Spring Creek, Nev.)

152: No. 5 Theorius Robison (Pomona, Colo.), No. 11 Aaron Gandara (Poway, Calif.), No. 12 McKay Foy (Altamont, Utah), No. 17 Christian Hudson (South Anchorage, Alaska), Ezekial Williamson (Jerome, Idaho), Hayben Lieb (Bethel, Alaska), Gabe Fiser (Grundy, Va.), Zak Kohler (Wasatch, Utah)

160: No. 4 Coltan Yapoujian (Pomona, Colo.), No. 13 Isaac Wilcox (Olympus, Utah), No. 17 Ian Carlos (North Salem, Ore.), Kiernan Shanahan (Shenendehowa, N.Y.), Justin Wood (Carlsbad, N.M.), Kekauna Fauret (Columbia, Idaho), Justus Scott (Green Valley, Nev.), Nathan Moore (White River, Wash.)

170: No. 13 Gabe Martinez (Oakdale, Calif.), Sean McCormick (Churchill County, Nev.), Desmond Bowers (Green Valley, Nev.), Franklin Cruz (Pomona, Colo.), Max Wheeler (White River, Wash.)

182: No. 10 Zane Coleman (Choctaw, Okla.), No. 20 Ryan Cosio (Temecula Valley, Calif.), Dax Bennett (Harrisburg, Ore.)

195: No. 20 Jonathon Fagen (Fruitland, Idaho), Connor Bourne (Faith Lutheran, Nev.), Santos Cantu (Sprague, Ore.), Drake Barbee (Stilwell, Okla.)

220: No. 18 Maika Tauteoli (Pleasant Grove, Utah), Nathaniel Deasey (Chandler, Ariz.), Chris Island (Vacaville, Calif.), Jeff Guthrie (Spring Creek, Nev.)

285: No. 1 Cohlton Schultz (Ponderosa, Colo.), Ben Dooley (Churchill County, Nev.), Skylar Hughes (Columbia, Idaho), Keegan Wilkinson (Pleasant Grove, Utah), Mike McCowen (Grundy, Va.)


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