Jordan loses bid to become House minority leader

Jim Jordan was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2014 (Photo/Larry Slater)

Jim Jordan, four-time Ohio high school state wrestling champ and twice an NCAA titlewinner for the University of Wisconsin, lost in his bid to become minority leader for the Republican party in the House of Representatives Wednesday.

Jordan, who represents the 4th Congressional district in western and north-central Ohio and leads the House Freedom Caucus, lost to Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, 43 votes to McCarthy's 159, in a closed-door meeting of House Republicans yesterday.

Jordan, in an interview after the vote, said he knew it was an "uphill battle" to unseat McCarthy, who has been a member of the Republican leadership team for nearly a decade.

The Springfield (Ohio) News-Sun reported that Jordan had said as he made his case to be minority leader, he asked a few fundamental questions: "Why did Republicans lose the House majority?" "What's the lay of the land in the next Congress?" "What do we have to do -- what changes were necessary -- to win the House back?"

Jordan said his race against McCarthy "was never personal."

As InterMat reported back in April 2018, when current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, announced he would not be running for re-election, Jordan was being talked about as a possible successor to Ryan. However, in the midterm elections earlier this month, Democrats took control of the House, and thus will be selecting the Speaker.

A native of western Ohio north of Dayton, Jim Jordan graduated from nationally-ranked Graham High School in St. Paris, Ohio in 1982 as a four-time state wrestling champion with a record of 150-1. (Jim Jordan's brother Jeff recently retired as St. Paris Graham head wrestling coach.)

Jordan wrestled at the University of Wisconsin at 134 pounds from 1982-1986, where he was a two-time Big Ten conference champ, a three-time NCAA All-American and twice an NCAA champion. Jordan later served as an assistant coach at Ohio State.

Jim Jordan was welcomed into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, Okla. in 2014 as an Outstanding American, a category which honors individuals from the sport of wrestling whose accomplishments are notable beyond wrestling.


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David Macauley (1) about 9 months ago
Thankfully, Jordan lost. He is an extreme right winger, conspiracy theorist, and Trump shill. He also is being seriously accused of ignoring sexual abuse at Ohio State when he coached there. Read the LA Times on this point:
coolbeans (1) about 9 months ago
The conspiracies are not theories at all. They are proven facts to anyone brave enough to go down the rabbit hole... sticking your head in a hole does not change the facts. It is actually cowardly to close your eyes to the facts about the ruling Elite class. This dates back to the kings and the queens thousands of years ago.

Most of the general populations aren't informed enough to realize that good men like Jordan are assisting to drain the swamp. The diabolical swamp are the heartless Satin worshipping creatures that are getting rich as they steal your money while they feed the sheep a steady diet of lies and embezzlements. Look up "Operation Mockingbird"

Good, wise and brave people like Jordan are heavily attacked by the main stream media (fake news) and the deep state who are terrorized that the sleeping masses are finally waking up to reality that things are drastically wrong worldwide.

Jordan will end up in a leadership role as he stands up for "we the people" instead of the corporations lobbying to screw us all. Jordan is working towards the implementation of NESARA.

Please explain why politicians who make $250 K a year are multi millionaires?
pjw134lbsAA (1) about 9 months ago
pjw134lbsAA (1) about 9 months ago
David Macauley. Jim Jordan did not ignore sexual abuse. That is a conspiracy theory (and yes, I've read all the articles and watched the interviews). The abuser was a freak, is dead, and no way did Jordan believe there was something sinister going on. Sorry you don't like his personality but I certainly understand how he rubs people the wrong way. He is a good and honorable man.