Foley's Friday Mailbag: July 6, 2018

The Cadet World Championships are underway in Zagreb, Croatia, and many of the United States' top 15-17-year-old talent made the journey to represent the Stars and Stripes.

The early results have been promising, with Team USA carrying home a runner-up team finish in freestyle, while women's wrestling has at least one champion with four more competing for gold on Friday.

Iran, the team champions in freestyle, won their first team title in 22 years. That's not a fluke. While the United States has poured money into freestyle development, Iran had been lacking a well-organized national development approach. Then, in 2016 Rasoul Khadem left his post as the head of the freestyle team and took up the job of federation president. One of his first actions was developing a meritocracy among the youth -- the better you performed and more you performed the more opportunities you were given.

Khadem's approach has ruffled more than a few feathers back in Iran (look at this year's senior World Team Trials for evidence of frustrations), but overall the system seems to be working. Investment in the youth has led to somewhat immediate returns.

The same could be said for USA Wrestling and the attention paid to the early development of the men's freestyle team. Brandon Slay, Bill Zadick and now Kevin Jackson have been instrumental in developing the young talent in the United States and getting them ready for the world stage. The job is much more than showing techniques, and typically requires a mind for scheduling and partnering up Cadet and Junior-level wrestlers with the right training opportunities and overall career development.

While the women's program is performing well, there is still work to be done. The interaction between USA Wrestling and the women's college programs needs further development. The youth wrestlers will need more direction and career orientation to make sure they are capitalizing on every available opportunity. To be sure, there is already the mechanisms in place, but additional or new staff would help motivate some of the college-level programs to buy in to the national system and get Terry Steiner more quality athletes competing at all levels.

If the United States women's team's goal is to surpass Japan on the mats, then it's necessary to have leadership to provide end-to-end developmental protocol for the program. With Japan sure to keep improving, there may not be a more challenging, or rewarding, job in all of wrestling than being the grassroots architect of that effort.

To your questions …

Jim Jordan was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2014 (Photo/Larry Slater)

Q: You won't want to answer this, but explain to me the situation with Jim Jordan at Ohio State. Who are the former wrestlers accusing him? Why him and not the head coach?
-- @german663

Foley: The story is still unfolding, but for an overview of the incident and recent accusation readers can lean on here and this for context.

The congressman is not being accused of sexual misconduct, but of falling short in not reporting the abuse of athletes by Dr. Strauss, or worse, covering up the matter.

What makes the story compelling is two-fold.

First, the recent scandal at USA Gymnastics and the known predatory behavior of Dr. Strauss lends at least situational credibility to the idea that a coach at a major university may have known something about abuse and not reported it to the proper authorities. Generally, the idea of an institutional coverup is not a foreign concept, nor as we've recently learned, is it unlikely in these types of cases.

The second is that Rep. Jordan is seeking to become the House Speaker for the remainder of the 2018-2019 congress. That campaign (a painful game of DC-insider baseball) was never given much promise of success, but these accusations make it much less likely that rank-and-file would want to attach themselves to the congressman's campaign when there is little to gain outside of the power-brokering in DC.

There is enough for anyone to report, but where the story gets into twists and turns is in the accusations themselves, which as of now have been mostly anonymous. Unlike the Nassar case where hundreds of young women stepped forward with detailed accusations, the Strauss cases have not been as detailed or robust. Many of the victims are reported to be male and are now in their 40's and 50's -- assuming the accusations are true there is much lower rate of reporting by men of this category.

The main wild card is that the accusations are being led by Michael DiSabato, who has a long and at times confrontational relationship with the wrestling community and the Jordan family.

I don't wish to adjudicate the validity of the claims from my office desk, because I don't have all the facts and I think there is context which makes this case dangerous for anyone picking sides. The case of Denny Hastert -- fairly or unfairly -- looms over this case. The former Speaker was found to have molested young boys while a wrestling coach in Illinois in the 1970's and then paid off families of the accusers well into the aughties. The payoffs are what got him but were it not for that fraud investigation (pulling $9,900 out of the bank every two weeks is suspicious) there is almost no chance anyone would have believed the accusers.

That includes me. I interned for the Speaker for two years while in college and though I had limited interactions with him from my front office position, there was a sense that he was one of the good guys in DC. He was well-respected for candor and honesty, all the while holding on to his secret past as pedophile and rapist.

As for why not Russ Hellickson, I can only guess the motives, but certainly as I already covered, Rep. Jordan is a high-profile individual looking to become the third-most powerful person in the United States, making his involvement more relevant to the larger audience. Still, I can't speak to the individual motivations of those making the accusations.

Let's see how this plays out, but for certain these claims have seemed to sink Jordan's hopes for attaining the Speakership in 2018.

Q: How do you see Daniel Cormier winning on Saturday night against Stipe Miocic?
-- Will D.

Foley: First, it's INSANE to me that Cormier is 2-1 'dog. Makes no sense to discount his championships that much simply because he's facing a slightly larger human. Good value in that line.

While Cormier is giving up an 8-inch reach advantage, he has a few notable competitive advantages on Miocic that I think will give him the edge: endurance, experience, transitional wrestling, and ground control.

Further, he's also a sizable guy himself who has fought and won at heavyweight, notably wining the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP which included Fedor. No telling what he will weigh the day of the fight, but I'm guessing he tips in at 235 pounds, which is probably 30 pounds lighter than Miocic. That's some chunk, but it's marginal in terms of percentage when comparing to guys who bump up from 155 to 170.

Q: Johny Hendricks, Rashad Evans and Josh Koscheck all retired in the same week. Did any of their retirement announcements surprise you?
-- Mike C.

Foley: The only surprise was the rapid-fire timing. They are likely all in casting calls for studio positions with ESPN for their upcoming five-year UFC deal. Evans is the clear front-runner as he already does a lot of in-studio work and is well-liked/knowledgeable, but it's possible that these other guys could land in good spots on either Bellator, UFC or even ONE Championship coverage.


Olympic champion Soslan Romanov reappeared in international competition this week at the Tblisi Grand Prix, losing in the finals 3-2 to defending 65-kilogram world champion Zurabi Iakobishvili (Georgia).

Watch. This. Reshot.

Love this match.

World champion Shilson!

Q: I heard Chael Sonnen on a recent podcast mention that USA Wrestling implemented a rule in 1993 that wrestlers cannot compete on the U.S. World Team in both freestyle and Greco-Roman. He wasn't sure if the rule had changed. Do you know? Had Adam Coon beaten Nick Gwiazdowski, could he have wrestled both freestyle and Greco in Budapest?
-- Mike C.

Foley: Chael Sonnen is entertaining, but the man almost never has his facts straight. Yes, Coon could have competed in both styles. No, that was never a hard-and-fast rule.

Q: What do you think about Lander University naming R.C. LaHaye as head wrestling coach? Exciting times in South Carolina.
-- @hillcrestwrst

Foley: Expansion at the smaller divisions has been a boon to programs in the South, including South Carolina. Hiring a successful coach that meets the needs of your program is always the goal and from what I'm reading the state's wrestling population, and other stakeholders, seem to feel they've found the best fit for their program. Very exciting indeed!

By Jim F.

I enjoyed reading your reflections on Chinese cities Taiyung and Xhinzhou, and how wrestling is part of the culture. Having wrestled in the Lehigh Valley many moons ago, I can really appreciate that (although the LV comes up short on the statue front).

A minor but-personal point of contention: You note that Xhinzhou is the epicenter of Chinese wrestling, kind of like Easton, Pennsylvania, being the epicenter of U.S. wrestling.

Although Easton historically has had a very powerful high school wrestling team, the epicenter of wrestling is just west on Rt 22: Bethlehem. In addition to very good high school teams (at least back in the day), Bethlehem has Lehigh University, with its renowned program, training center and summer camps. And for added fun, Bethlehem and Lehigh host the National Prep Wrestling Championships every single year.

Enjoy your China trip, and safe travels!


InterMat owner/editor Andrew Hipps is getting wedded this weekend! There are a lot of platitudes thrown out about kindness, but Andrew is the nicest guy I've ever met in the sport. He's Minnesota nice. Andrew works hard, loves wrestling and is dedicated to improving both InterMat and those who work on the site. He's a great friend and will make for a caring and present husband. Congrats, Andrew!


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Keyser Soze83 (2) about 3 months ago
The whole Jim Jordan thing is 100% political. I know disabato through a mutual friend and have gotten into heated arguments with him in years past. He is one of those left wing fanatics that are an embarrassment to the democratic party and won the election for Donald Trump.

In addition the other clown that is talking bad things about Mr. Jordan is named dunyasha yetts. This guy is a convicted felon that stole millions from investors and was an agent for football players that wasted my time because he made promises that he could never follow through on. He is making comments for two reasons 1 he wants to tear down the republicn party and this is is chance to do it and 2 he wants 15 min of fame not thinking that as soon as he spoke to the media as a credible source everyone that knows him or knows of him would slam the truth down on the table for all to see.

Foley if you think that Stipe is going to get beat you may want to see his history as the only heavyweight in UFC history that has successfully defended his belt 3 times. Cormier is a stud but you giving him BS props for winning a title in Strikeforce Heavyweight GP which included Fedor (wtf is that? he never fought Fedor so why make it seem like he beat the guy in your comments?) Strikeforce isn't the UFC and almost all of his fights have been at the little boy weight class of 205. Not going to happen Stipe is a modern day gladiator that has an engine that never quits.
The Du (1) about 3 months ago
Easton is the epicenter of the universe. Not just wrestling, Jim.

Foley has it right!
MLJ (1) about 3 months ago
- When the NCAA inevitably recognizes/supports women's wrestling, will it be Folkstyle or Freestyle? One would think wrestling freestyle within the college season would help our women's international team.

- Cormier is a legit heavyweight. After all, before he cut down to 205, he beat Soa Palelei, Bigfoot Silva (who are giants). Plus, he beat Tony Johnson (who has a win over Derrick Lewis and Alex Volkov - who is undefeated in the UFC. Lastly, he beat up former WBA heavyweight boxing champ, Lucas Browne...although it was in an MMA match, not a boxing match).

Will DC win? Not sure. Would I be shocked if he does? No.
mustang98 (1) about 3 months ago
Again, hate to beat a dead horse, but why the mma commentary for most of the mailbox? Plenty of things going on in the wrestling world and news to be discussed yet attention is given to another sport. Everyone understand wrestling is the primary feeder program to mma but can we please focus on the sport the website is dedicated to. Added to that fact, Foley knows next to nothing about mma, but like any good bjj practicioner, has to always act like they are the most knowledgeable person in the room. Bjj people rival Prius drivers in their arrogance and levels of bombast.
trescuit11 (2) about 3 months ago
the kyle dake match was boring with a million stoppages. what was to love about it?
djhart69 (2) about 3 months ago
I'm not nearly as concerned about what Jordan knew about the team doctor in 1986 as I am about what he's doing now. Did you see his unhinged attack on Asst AG Rosenstein in a public hearing? It was as disgraceful as it was laughable.
Why do you think Jordan and so many Extreme Right politicians are constantly attacking Rosenstein, the FBI and Mueller? Is it to protect Trump? Or themselves?
They want the Special Counsel investigation discredited or stopped completely because Dirty Russian money flooded into GOP campaign coffers in 2016.
Jabr8319 (1) about 3 months ago
@djhart69 It is hysterical that people are so up in arms over Russian money in an election, when AIPAC and Israel have buying our politicians for decades. Where's the outrage? Why is Israel allowed to dump money in elections, but not Russia? Why don't you get worked up when our elected officials, and candidates have to get on their knees and grovel to the Israeli lobbyists? Anyone who even mentions Russia interfering, but hasn't said a word about the $17m spent in 2016 alone by Israeli interests, is a hypocrite and a fraud.
Berwickwrestling (2) about 3 months ago
I'm sorry to see that you're left-winged bias has finally pushed what use to be a formidable wrestling site into another worthless political arm. What's wrong with keeping wrestling about wrestling? It's time for the remaining Intermat fans to flock to Flowrestling permanently!
giessmann (4) about 3 months ago
Alright guys, I'm the one who asked the question about Jim Jordan. Although I agree there is a political dimension to this issue, that doesn't mean we need to spiral off into a left/right hate-fest.

The reason I asked was because I'm not familiar with the guy who is leading the accusations and I wanted some background on who he is. What was his record? Was he ever an All-American. Etc.

Another thing I was wondering about - and should have asked- is who was the head coach back then, and why isn't he being named? Rather than an assistant coach? (Cuz he's not in congress, I guess. )

Anyway, it's summer. I miss football (real American football) and wrestling. Let's be civil and argue about singlets or something inane like that.
grapplefan (1) about 3 months ago
Everyone knows that Iowa City is the epicenter of US wrestling, and has been for some time. Like Xhinzhou, they have a statue there, and so many wrestling fans that it took a stadium to hold them a couple of years ago.
rizzo (1) about 3 months ago
Former UFC heavyweight champion Mark Coleman has became the fifth former Ohio State University wrestler to claim publicly that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) knew about allegations of sexual misconduct by a team doctor when he was an assistant coach in the 1990s.
coolbeans (2) about 3 months ago
Jordan is on a committee that is investigating the largest political corruption in the American History.

The crooked pedophiliac politicians who have been lying and stealing from us are about to go to prison where they rightly belong. So the professional con artist's will go to any length to discredit the real facts or witnesses. I look up to anyone who stands up and says "enough is enough". We need more Americans with balls. Turn off the propaganda machine (TV) and turn on your brains.

Gotta love Dake
twolverton (1) about 3 months ago
It would be foolish not to believe that there is a political angle to the accusations against Jordan. Regardless, if he was aware and did nothing, that is similar to Joe Paterno and his failure with Sandusky. We can argue kids vs. adults, but the reality is that when a person in a position of responsibility such as a college coach, there is responsibility. While there are credibility issues with some of those on the record, there is some smoke here and Hellickson's silence may be the strongest sign that there may be smoke. That said, when there is a cover up it seems as if they unravel at some point. No clue if Mark Coleman is a credible person, but he is more recognizable than the others and maybe that is valid.
Andrewmah (2) about 3 months ago
The whole "Jordan" thing is bullshit. The accusers are scammers (search online). So how can Jordan be responsible to do something about fake molestations that never happened?

Foley, you are ignorant of MMA....

Foley, I LOVED how Mustang98 kicked your ass last week and you slithtered away like a rat.

Foley, if Andrew Hipps is such a good guy he would FIRE YOU! I KNOW Minnesota nice.....Minnesota is also know for another attribute...extreme leftists bordering on communism.

You have RUINED this site FOLEY. In political life you would be forced to resign for bias that renders you ineffective.

Andrewmah (1) about 3 months ago
Oh yeah Foley, and while your over in the eastern bloc, you ought to harangue those people about their "racist" refusal to "diversify" their land. hahahahahaha clown.
Andrewmah (2) about 3 months ago
Jim Jordan’s Accusers Have A Sketchy History, Raising Questions About Their ‘Authenticity’
Andrewmah (1) about 3 months ago
Gee, I REALLY hope President Trump appoints a WOMAN for his 2nd US Supreme Court appointment....of course that will mean that when Ginsberg seat is vacated, he will have to appoint a man......oh well......
tortola15 (1) about 3 months ago
The sexual abuse took place at OSU on Jordan’s watch. My guess he takes credit for all the success during his stay, right? But he says he did not see nothing like old Colonel Klink from TV’s Hogan’s Heroes. We should give Jordan the same due process he affords other people. Just the same treatment is fair.
Cp157 (1) about 3 months ago
Bravo Mr Foley, you managed to make your points, express your beliefs in a solid way that didn’t come a cross as virtue signaling for the Huffington Post.

On a more serious note, what do you think should be done to grow wrestling in the US at a grassroots level and in places like the inner city. This is where I’d like to know if your preaching meets actions. Having had a chance to work in both elite programs and struggling. There is a legitimate danger of wrestling in the US becoming a rich suburban mostly white sport and disappearing from high schools.

But hey more world medals will make that ok? Right. This is an issue the “1%” in wrestling doesn’t like to acknowledge
Andrewmah (2) about 3 months ago
Wacko Foley isn't hiding this (he is ignorant) but I'll let you know:

The law firm behind the current investigation at OSU is Perkins Coie, LLP — the very same company that paid for the infamous “dirty dossier” about President Trump and retained the cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike after learning that the Democratic National Committee’s servers had been hacked.

mustang98 (1) about 3 months ago
@Andrewmah - thanks for the recognition, bro. I did think it was rather odd to take all the effort to do this big, huge column and then have no rebuttal or comments to my comments. He made the time to comment on other people's comments but didn't even bring the topic up directly to me or in this weeks mailbox. Granted, I think either of those moves would have been weak but better than what he did which was basically concede defeat without a fight. Not a huge fan of submission victory but I guess that is what bjj fighters do. In real combat sports like wrestling, boxing, or muay thai, there is no submitting and you have to finish like a man. But maybe that says something about the whole agenda he is promoting and what kind of men it produces.
Andrewmah (1) about 2 months ago
Yeah, typical ignorant and deluded wacko. He thought he could make an example of you by applying his illogical PC ethos to what you said via strawmen, misstating what you said and pure delusion. He even coordinated a bunch of simpatico wacks to support the stupidity. LOL! Picked the WRONG guy. Not only did you wholly discredit his dopey interpretations of your original contribution but made him skulk away as if to say.... "never mind". With all of their self-righteousness I never get tired of watching uninformed wackos to that to themselves in public. They NEVER experience thought beyond what is sanctioned by the left (socialist democrat party). Happily ignorant.
mustang98 (1) about 2 months ago
@Andrewmah - wow, good points. I didn't even think he was trying to make an example out of me. I honestly didn't have any idea what he was doing or what he was trying to prove. I wrote the original post at 3am half-asleep and was more upset there was nothing good to read in the column. I had no idea he would go all english lit professor on me. Do you really think those other comments were coordinated? They really didn't make any good points, only more standard talking points but you seem to have good instincts about this sort of thing so you might be right.

I honestly hoped he would engage. Again, you have been right about seemingly everything else so I assume you are right about the sulking away. I just really thought that if you are going to put a huge hit piece out at this level, you have a bigger plan or something. It seemed like he put a lot of effort into the piece so I am genuinely confused what he thought the outcome would be. It is kind of pathetic to hit and run like that, especially when you are hitting down from a professional standpoint. Anyways, hope he can stick to wrestling from here on out. Go HAWKS, Gilman is classic but seeing him give Spencer so much props for sticking around this summer is what wrestling is all about . True loyalty, great to see that kind of virtue and manliness in Spencer even though he is so young.
MallnOates (1) about 2 months ago
This is propably not even relevant to your post but I needed to reply to you in regards to your post on last week’s mailbag. Wrestling is the best sport in the world. Why can’t women be a part of it? I found your comments about women’s wrestling absolutely disgusting. I have been on the side of coaching men and women’s wrestling. The benefits of participating in this sport are the same. It teaches both (not gender bias) to be confident, to work hard, and to be dedicated to something in their lives. We don’t need “men” to protect us. Rather, let us teach our daughters to be strong and resilient. Your ignorance is appalling because women wrestlers, in my opinion, would be the best mothers and wives. They will teach their children to not only love this sport, but to be confident and deal with any adversity that is thrown their way. Your narrow mindedness is what is keeping this sport from advancing. I hope you crawl under the rock that came from.
Marcus Cisero (2) about 2 months ago
There’s no question about, at least for me. Foley has ruined this site with his left wing biases. I cringe every time he mentions “women’s wrestling.” Why not just say “wrestling. Doesn’t that cover it all? He wants so badly to be on record supporting women so he’s never challenged for not doing so. What an absolute embarrassment. Why does upper management not see what happened to Starbucks when they publically took one side. Favoring one side by alienating the other is not good business practice. They closed a bunch of stores and the CEO stepped down almost immediately after shutting down 8000 stores for some silly “training.” Do you really think anti Conservative comments and favoring the title nine destroyers of our sport is going to motivate me to join Intermat?? You got to be kidding me. I wouldn’t spend a dime on this site, not now and not ever, as long as Foley is still employed there. Just one man’s observations and opinion.
Cradle2thegrave (1) about 2 months ago
Then don’t spend a dime, enjoy something else
Cradle2thegrave (2) about 2 months ago
I have been reading the mailbag since it started and week in and week out I never see the “agenda,” you all always point out. I see your interpretation of what is said and honestly, when you all post your opinion I can see ignorance in the responses which makes me immediately not look at you with any credibility. Granted, it is funny and interesting to read these rants occasionally, but moreso I think why are these people continuing to read? You all preach about keeping it to wrestling, yet you are the ones repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly (yes I said it 4 times and the same annoying feeling you felt is what most of us feel when you comment) are the ones bringing politics into this. The info is here to educate. You don’t want that want everyone to live in your little paradigm of thought and the world isn’t that way. Read something else. By the way, Foley isn’t the only person pushing women’s wrestling. Get in touch with the world.
Marcus Cisero (1) about 2 months ago
No way you’re a wrestling fan, at least not the ones I’ve associated with for decades. I’ve had have the pleasure of sitting at the 50 yard line during every Pennsylvania state wrestling championship for many many years and NEVER ONCE has any one coach, assistant coach, former coach or wrestlers ever spoke about the fallacy that women wrestling is good for the sport. NOT ONCE. I’m not buying the individuals here who support this crap are actually fans at all <wink>. Until EVERY eliminated men’s wrestling program is reinstated, then and only then am I open to dialogue. Question: Why do men subscribers have to foot the bill for articles that are about women.? Are we to believe women wrestlers subscribe too? I do not believe that, not for a NY minute. Let’s face it. Women ruined MMA, and they’re about to do the same with MENS Wrestling. The men who allowed this to happen – in my opinion, aren’t men at all. What an embarrassment.
Cradle2thegrave (1) about 2 months ago
No way I’m a wrestling fan? Lol, again ignorance. I grew up wrestling in PA and Ohio, started wrestling in PA at a young age and graduated from a nationally ranked team in Northeast Ohio, also a 2 year captain and 4 year starter DI in college. Guess your observations are spot on lol. I am also a high school head coach currently, but that’s ok. I don’t need to continue trying to convince someone in your place of me being a wrestling fan. Not breaking through that bubble you have and definitely not making a dent in your twisted view. I’ll just continue reading and enjoying while you read and keep roaring up the misery. We will see who is happier. Best
MallnOates (1) about 2 months ago
The invention of the Internet unfortunately gave you a voice...
MallnOates (1) about 2 months ago
Also the above comment was to Marcus Cisero
mustang98 (1) about 2 months ago
@MallnOats - wrestling is the best sport in the world and the reason women shouldn't be into it is that it develops masculine virtue. When women take those very traits upon themselves, it lessens the traits society (men, women, and children) values in them. It is important to note that each side of the debate finds the comments made disgusting so it is really a mute point to even reference again and again. The real point is who's position leads to more social harmony.

The paternal instincts men develop in wrestling are beyond any other I have ever seen. I have seen weak, pathetic men wrestle for one year and never get bullied again even though they were only 105lbs. The same can not be said for women because women do not get bullied physically, typically their bullying is done socially and emotionally via verbal combat. Wrestling do not thus provide anywhere close to the maternal benefits fine arts mature in women. These fine arts can turn women into ladies, hence the history of Victorian women taking them seriously.

Women do need men to protect them because women and children are extremely vulnerable to predators. Women have no idea how evil men can be. Across any culture women are the most at risk for domestic abuse, rape, homicide, and abduction. Worldwide sex slavery, prostitution, and human trafficking are all majority female issues. The vast majority of women will never be able to protect themselves from evil men, they are merely left to be prey without proper assistance. In fact, the best assistance is that they have situational awareness to these types of threats and never put themselves in these situations when possible. But as long as they believe the threat doesn't exist, they are available for pillage emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

These reasons are why they are often not good mothers or wives. They are basically tortured and abused in a sport that leads them to believe this is somewhat normal. Is it any irony Ronda Rousey is with a domestic abuser? These women then do not protect their daughters from threats, nor raise them to see threats, or even look out for others who are threatened. As far as my supposed narrow-minedness and ignorance, please recognize it is the counter position advocating returning to the stone ages. They want to take women back by removing all forms of refinement, culture, and emotional sensitivity. Women don't do their duty to their ancestors, their family or their peers. It is how a once powerful nation declines into the ash of history. Sad really, all the pain and suffering caused by an ideology like feminism, but that is the devil at work.
mustang98 (1) about 2 months ago
@Masrcus Cisero - upper management probably does see it but agrees with it. Modern education (formal and informal) breed a culture devoid of morality so they actually think they are advancing society with these types of positions. I agree with your MMA point about women ruining the sport, it is literally painful to watch women getting mauled for the entertainment of men. Sickening. Another interesting point to note is most eastern european fighters who come from strong religious societies do not share this position (GGG, Hi-tek, Kovelev, Fedor to name a few).

@Cradle2thegrave - I often hear people who listen to NPR or watch MSNBC or read the NYT say there is no bias a well. That is typically due from their lack of intellectual exposure or range of literacy. Foley might not even realize how politicized he has become because he is so indoctrinated. His Marxist training is so thorough, it is now an identity beyond repute and a thought system beyond question. It is unfortunate he is not able to see the intellectual legacy he ascribes, not the heritage of his thoughts. But you see similar instances of ironic lunacy with people who are women's studies majors but know nothing about women or women's issues. They know little of the feminine mind or spirit but everything about political revolution. They are the same way, completely clueless to the institutional system of control that has created this value program they promote. They have a near total ignorance of the levels of family disfunction they used to be responsible as represented in out-of-wedlock births, abortions, divorces, sexual promiscuity, numbers of sexually transmitted diseases, rates of abuse, marital satisfaction rates, etc...I could go on and on.
Cradle2thegrave (1) about 2 months ago
Mustang98, first I am not clueless, ignorant or have a sights of lunacy...but also, you mention the abuse of women, out of wedlock births, STDs, and where do they get these from? Other women? Last I checked you don’t have an it of wedlock birth with just women. Each of the ridiculous examples you stated all include men. I “could go on and on” as well, but I have no interest in debating someone like you, and your prehistoric and chauvinist point of view. It’s not worth the effort to speak reasonably with someone unreasonable.
Andrewmah (1) about 2 months ago
I'm confused cradletothegrave (nanny state?) Are you arguing FOR or AGAINST Mustang98's assertion that women and children NEED the protection of men?
Cradle2thegrave (1) about 2 months ago
Andrewmah, nothing about what I said is confusing. Sorry if you don’t understand it.
mustang98 (1) about 2 months ago
@Cradle2thegrave - I get those statistics from university social science departments and sociological studies. They are all fairly common and show the disproportionate explosion during the time women started voluntarily sterilizing themselves with the steroid known as contraception.

It is assumed that in broken families the burden of child-rearing typically falls on single mothers. Even with modern dual income families, women still provide the majority of household chores and labor responsibilities. Again, easily available statistic to find via the social sciences.

As with everything in the family, men are involved but women are central because that is their focus. Look at any movie, song or entertainment piece and that is all they talk about: their relationships. That is how they are measured by their peers and casual relations. Men are typically measured by their professional achievements, thus the beast of burden falls on the woman socially and emotionally when it comes to the cohesion of the family.

This isn't prehistoric but timeless, not chauvinistic but practical. I am sure anyone at a 4th of July BBQ noticed the men talked about work or sports or politics, the women talked about their lives or their friends or children. Or look at romance novels, reality tv, or gossip magazines, they have an overwhelming female audience base because they are all dealing with relationship drama. This is pretty easily observable and reasonable to see so I encourage you to check it out.
rowboat (2) about 2 months ago
ResiliteMarine (2) about 2 months ago
This sucks.
Other than The Open Mat, USA Wrestling site, where are we going for wrestling news, just wrestling?
JoeOhio (1) about 2 months ago
It is time for Russ Hellickson to rise and speak the truth about what happened to tOSU wrestlers on his team. Not through a PR firm.
seeyajohn2 (1) about 2 months ago
Let me plead again. Please put a limit on 100 words per comment and three comments per mailbag on this site. These folks are out of hand!
djhart69 (1) about 2 months ago
Of course Jordan is lying. He's a Republican, that's what they do, that's what they are expected to do. That's what their voting base wants them to do. They have become the party of Con Artists, White Collar Criminals, fake Christians and Fascists. With very few exceptions they are void of ethics, decency, honesty and are hell-bent on destroying traditional American principals. They are hostile to the Constitution, Democracy and the rule of law. Jim Jordan is no exception.
Andrewmah (2) about 2 months ago
This is what Lenin meant when describing the “useful idiot”.
mustang98 (2) about 2 months ago
@djhart69 - said the abortion-loving, radical socialist anti-Christ
tortola15 (1) about 2 months ago
Whoops! Let's go to the video tape...seems the OSU Head Coach Jim Jordan worked for is to have said he knew about the sexual perversion in and around the OSU wrestling program. Jordan said no coach knew of sex abuse and this OSU coach backed him up.

Now the lies are starting to unravel.

Why do strong men lie? JJ supporters chime in please.