Report: Hall of Famer Jim Jordan considers run for House speaker

Jim Jordan (Photo/WP Company LLC )

Jim Jordan, two-time NCAA champ for University of Wisconsin and National Wrestling Hall of Fame honoree who is now a Republican congressman for western Ohio, is exploring a run for Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Washington Post reported Friday.

Two Republican lawmakers told the Post that they had spoken with Jordan in the days since current Speaker Paul Ryan announced his plan not to run for re-election once his current term expires at the end of 2018, and both said that they got the impression that Jordan would enter the race to lead the House GOP. The lawmakers spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe private conversations.

Jim Jordan with Russ Hellickson
According to the lawmakers who spoke to Jordan about his plans, the wrestler-turned-Congressman has met with conservative activists seeking to draft him into the race. A number of prominent conservatives have also promoted Jordan on social media, according to the Post.

The 54-year-old Jordan is well-known in conservative political circles. The four-time Ohio high school state champ at perennial prep powerhouse Graham High School in St. Paris, Ohio (ranked No. 5 in the nation by InterMat at the end of this season) who went on to continue his mat career as a Wisconsin Badger in the 1980s is co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus, a faction of about three dozen conservative lawmakers that could play a kingmaker role in any vote to determine House Speaker once Ryan retires after the 2018 election. Until now, the two individuals reportedly seeking to become Speaker are House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.).

Jordan did not raise the issue in an appearance on Fox News Thursday night, nor did he respond to text messages and phone calls from the Washington Post seeking comment Thursday night and Friday morning. Aides to Jordan and the Freedom Caucus also did not respond.

Jordan was welcomed into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, Okla. in 2014 as an Outstanding American, a category which honors individuals from the sport of wrestling whose accomplishments are notable beyond wrestling.

A native of Champaign County in western Ohio north of Dayton, Jim Jordan graduated from Graham High School in 1982 as a four-time state wrestling champion with a record of 150-1. Jordan wrestled at the University of Wisconsin at 134 pounds from 1982-1986. As a Badger, Jordan was a two-time Big Ten conference champ, a three-time NCAA All-American and twice an NCAA champion, winning back-to-back titles in 1985 (defeating Oklahoma State's John Smith in the finals, 7-4) and 1986 (beating Iowa's Greg Randall in the title bout, 6-2). Jordan graduated from Wisconsin with a bachelor's degree in economics in 1986.


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marty (2) about 1 year ago
Hope he does more good for wrestling than the last coach/speaker did.
Keyser Soze83 (3) about 1 year ago
Jim Jordan is one of the best, if not the best in office right now. He gets that it is a privilege and honor to serve the USA and he does it with the utmost respect and dignity. He is a shining star that is going to do great things for our country. Go get em Jim!!!!
mike4010 (4) about 1 year ago
Jim Jordan is a hero in my eyes. What he has done to clean up D.C. is second to none. The discipline he developed through wrestling is serving him well in his professional career. I can't say enough about Jim Jordan.
djhart69 (4) about 1 year ago
Jim Jordan as Speaker would be a disaster. He's a total Right Wing nutjob and Trump defender! Borderline fascist!
djhart69 (3) about 1 year ago
Thirty years ago guys like Jim Jordan would have zero shot of even winning a Republican primary let alone a Senate seat. Ronald Reagan would have despised a whackjob like him. Unfortunately for all of this living in the Fox News/Trump era, people like him are now mainstream. God help us all.
pjw134lbsAA (2) about 1 year ago
He would be an awesome choice. One of the few honorable politicians IMHO.
Keyser Soze83 (1) about 1 year ago
Ok djhart, you made your point by calling Jim names that you don't like him. So I would like to ask you to please give some background on why we should accept those names... Wackjob that President Reagan would have despised... please give us some examples

What exactly did he do that caused you to call him a right wing nutjob?

why did you call him a fascist?

Maybe I'm missing something about every time I have listened to him speak or read anything that had to do with his actions. I am always open to discussion and if I am wrong about a person and someone can show me the light I will most certainly change my mind.
BadgerBoy (3) about 1 year ago
Jordan was a Great UW wrestler, and son Isaak was a 4-time AA. However, great wrestlers are not necessarily great statesman. Jordan would be a very POOR choice as speaker. He is intolerant and disrespectful of opposing views. his record also suggests that he sees little value in science, preferring to base decisions on his beliefs rather than evidence. One respected journalist has described him as a "Domestic Terrorist" and some of his action would suggest that is an accurate assessment.
jamper1 (2) about 1 year ago
Jordan was a much better wrestler than a politician.
Monsieur Tarzan (1) about 1 year ago
Just what the Republicans need - another Speaker who will roll over for Trump.