GoFundMe page set up for co-owner Nancy Pape

A page has been established for a founder and co-owner of, who is in a long battle against cancer.

Jeff and Nancy Pape
Nancy Pape, who is diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer, has been battling the disease for almost four years.

Her husband Jeff Pape of, said that the GoFundPage was established by his sister-in-law "for my wife to help with 2018 medical expenses."

"She is long-time owner of along with myself," according to an email Jeff Pape sent to members of the wrestling community Thursday. "She has been there almost from the start of and really was a huge part of growing the business when we just started out." Nancy Pape is the mother of three sons, two who are wrestlers.

The homepage for the page for Nancy Pape states, "Even with insurance, her medical bills are such a burden. Nancy's greatest joy is watching her boys' games and seeing how much happiness it brings them to belong to a team. Her family takes part in the hockey and the wrestling communities. She does not want these privileges to change for them. Nancy is also trying to include some homeopathic treatments for herself, to help relieve symptoms and improve her daily living. These are also costly."

The GoFundMe page for Nancy Pape has a stated fundraising goal of $20,000. In its first week, the page has generated just over $14,300 in donations.


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