Loaded field set for DCC Super Duals

Come Saturday morning up in Novi, which is between Detroit and Ann Arbor but north of both, the Detroit Catholic Central (Mich.) Super Duals will feature seven of the elite teams in Ohio and Michigan. Dual meet competition starts at 9:30 a.m. on three mats for four rounds. An eighth team had committed to attend, but pulled out in mid-to-late December.

Fans will also be able to follow the event online via Track Wrestling.

Below is the list of teams:
**No. 5 St. Paris Graham (Ohio) - winner of 17 straight state individual tournament titles, winner of all five state dual meet titles
**No. 8 St. Edward (Ohio) - winner of three straight state individual titles, six of the last seven, and 19 of the last 21; winner of back-to-back dual meet titles, three of five
**No. 9 Detroit Catholic Central (Mich.) - defending state champions (dual team), winner of five titles in the last eight years
**No. 39 Lowell (Mich.) - winner of four straight state titles, in the championship match the last six years
**No. 43 Davison (Mich.) - state runners-up in back-to-back years, four of the last five
**Dundee (Mich.) - state champions in three of the last five seasons, in the championship match ten of the last eleven
**St. Johns (Mich.) - state champions from 2010-2013, state runners-up in 2014 and 2016

Here are the matchups:
**Round One (9:30 a.m.) - No. 5 Graham vs. No. 43 Davison, No. 8 St. Edward vs. Dundee, No. 9 DCC vs. St. Johns
**Round Two - No. 5 Graham vs. No. 39 Lowell, No. 8 St. Edward vs. No. 9 DCC, Dundee vs. St. Johns
**Round Three - No. 5 Graham vs. Dundee, No. 8 St. Edward vs. No. 39 Lowell, No. 43 Davison vs. St. Johns
**Round Four - No. 5 Graham vs. No. 9 DCC, No. 8 St. Edward vs. No. 43 Davison, No. 39 Lowell vs. St. Johns

Below is an overview and projected lineup for each of the teams.

St. Paris Graham
**Walsh Jesuit Ironman runner-up, GMVWA Tournament champion
106: Trace Braun - freshman, junior high state placer
113: No. 19 Tanner Jordan
120: Alek Martin - freshman, junior high state champion, Walsh Jesuit Ironman placer
126: Nick Moore - freshman, junior high state champion
132: Isaiah Stickley - sophomore
138: No. 4 J.D. Stickley
145: No. 8 Mitch Moore
152: Joey Sanchez - two-time state medalist
160: No. 4 Ryan Thomas
170: No. 2 Rocky Jordan
182: Andrew Shaffer - sophomore
195: Gage Braun - two-time state medalist
220: Johnny Shafer - two-time state medalist
285: Khrizdon Van Hoose - senior

St. Edward
**Walsh Jesuit Ironman sixth place, The Clash National Duals runner-up
106: Richie Delsanter - freshman
113: Scotty Richter - sophomore, Walsh Jesuit Ironman round of 12
120: Angelo Rini - state medalist
126: Bryce Hepner - state runner-up
132: No. 16 Matt Kazimir
138: Bryce Andonian - two-time state medalist/2016 state champion
145: No. 14 Sam Dover
152: Padraic Gallagher - freshman, UWW Cadet National and Cadet National freestyle All-American
160: Hudson Hightower - freshman, No. 22 overall Class of 2021
170: Michael Garcar - sophomore
182: Jiryes Zakaib - senior
195: No. 7 Cody Howard
220: Seamus O'Malley - junior, Walsh Jesuit Ironman seventh place
285: Brian Kilbane - sophomore

Detroit Catholic Central
**champions of the Brecksville Holiday Tournament and Detroit Catholic Central Invitational
106: Daniel Rehfeldt - senior
113: Devon Johnsen - state medalist
120: No. 8 Ben Kamali
126: Dominic Lomazzo (freshman, DCC Invitational sixth place) or Stone Moscovic (two-time state qualifier/2016 state placer)
132: Derek Gilcher (state medalist) or Chase Moscovic (senior, DCC Invitational sixth place)
138: Logan Sanom (sophomore, DCC Invitational third place)
145: No. 5 Kevon Davenport or Joseph Urso (state qualifier)
152: No. 19 Cameron Amine
160: John Browning (freshman, DCC Invitational sixth place)
170: Aidan Wagh - two-time state qualifier
182: Rory Cox - senior, DCC Invitational third place
195: Brendin Yatooma - sophomore, Brecksville Holiday round of 12 and DCC Invitational fourth place
220: Easton Turner - state qualifier
285: Steve Kolcheff - sophomore, Brecksville Holiday round of 12 and DCC Invitational sixth place

There is some possible lineup flexibility for DCC with Rehfeldt and Johnsen both capable of wrestling at 106, Davenport is capable of wrestling down at 138 (where he won Brecksville), and you could see Amine move up to 160 in some dual meets. In addition, the status of state medalist Rhett Newton (126/132) is unknown, while state runner-up Josh Edmond (132/138) does not return until after this event.

**fourth place at the Brecksville Holiday Tournament, champions at three other tournaments this season
106: Nick Korhorn - state qualifier
113: Hunter Browning - junior
120: Dawson Jankowski - state qualifier
126: Zeth Strejc - freshman, Brecksville Holiday round of 12
132: Avry Mutschler - two-time state medalist
138: James Fotis - state qualifier
145: Austin Boone - state champion
152: Channing Perry - senior
160: Derek Mohr - freshman
170: Austin Engle - state qulaliifer
182: David Kruse - two-time state medalist
195: Keighan Yuhas - two-time state qualifier (has not competed since mid-December)
220: Connor Nugent - state medalist
285: Tyler Deloof - sophomore, Brecksville Holiday Tournament sixth place

There is some flexibility for Lowell, with Jankowski and Strejc both being able to compete at 120 pounds; freshman Doak Dean has started in the Michigan weights, and could see action at 126/132; while state medalist/two-time state qualifier Jeff Leach could be in the lineup at 132/138

**lost 7-7 match count dual meets to Dakota and Dundee while missing two-time state champion A.J. Facundo from the lineup, DCC Invitational fourth place without Facundo and Chambal
106: Andrew Chambal - state medalist
113: Steven Garty - state medalist
120: Jaron Wilson - state medalist
126: James Johnston - freshman, Schoolboy double national champion
132: A.J. Facundo - three-time state finalist/2015 and 2017 state champion
138: Marc Shaeffer - state qualifier
145: No. 6 Alex Facundo
152: Brian Case - two-time state medalist
160: Jay Nivison - state qualifier
170: Cal Stefanko - state medalist
182: Trevor McGowan - state qualifier
195: Gabe Ellis - 2016 state qualifier
220: Travis Eads - junior
285: Aaron Gilmore - state medalist

**upset Davison 26-25 in a season-opening dual meet, seventh at the Brecksville Holiday Tournament, champions at three other tournaments this season
106: Austin Feitz - freshman, Brecksville Holiday round of 12
113: Tyler Swiderski - freshman
120: Jonathon White - state medalist
126: Daniel Jaworski - state qualifier
132: Christian Killion - state medalist
138: Stoney Buell - freshman, Brecksville Holiday round of 12
145: McAllister McAvoy - junior
152: Zach Bellaire - state champion
160: Tyler Orrison - state champion
170: Jaxon Guinn - sophomore, Brecksville Holiday round of 12
182: TBD
195: Kyle Motylinski - two-time state qualifier
220: Kyle Reinhardt - two-time state qualifier
285: No. 3 (at 220) Brandon Whitman

St. Johns
**ranked No. 5 in Division 2 by Michigan Grappler
106: Peyton Frederick - freshman
113: Brendon Smith (junior)/Brody Burkett (freshman)
120: Brendan Zelenka - state medalist
126: Cody Wood (junior)/Garrett McCaul (senior)
132: Kaleob Whitford - state medalist
138: James Whitaker - state medalist
145: Spencer Sillman (senior)
152: Justin Mulder (senior)
160: Cross Gonzalez (senior)
170: Braxton Parks (junior)
182/195: TBD
182/195: C.J. Krum - freshman, DCC Invitational fifth place
220: Tyler Secord (senior)
285: Andy Fortin (junior)


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