Suriano seeking to transfer to Rutgers

Nick Suriano wrestling Nebraska's Tim Lambert (Photo/Mark Lundy,

Penn State sophomore Nick Suriano is seeking to transfer to Rutgers University in his home state of New Jersey.

According to sources, Suriano, an undefeated, four-time New Jersey state wrestling champ, has received a transfer release from Penn State which means he can transfer outside of the Big Ten without losing a year of eligibility. Per Big Ten rules, Suriano would be forced to sit out the 2017-18 season if he transfers to Rutgers, losing an entire year of eligibility.

Suriano still plans to file a waiver request with the Big Ten.

If the waiver is not granted by conference and Suriano were forced to sit out the upcoming season, he would have only two more seasons of eligibility left -- 2018-19, and 2019-20.

Suriano is arguably one of the all-time great wrestlers to come out of New Jersey. Wrestling for Bergen Catholic High School, Suriano compiled a perfect 159-0 record, racking up four NJSIAA (New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association) titles. He also won numerous individual championships at national tournaments such as Super 32 and Beast of the East.

As a Penn State wrestler, Suriano compiled a 16-3 record at 125 pounds during his freshman season in 2016-17.


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CoachC (2) about 11 months ago
PSU should fight the Big Ten all the way in letting him get a full release. I have heard on other wrestling sources the dad is somehow in this debacle. If that is the case, PSU should do everything they can to show what happens when kids can't grow up without mom and dad involved in everything. He needs to suck it up and finish at PSU, or end up with only two years remaining.
bbb4ut (2) about 11 months ago
Anybody who has coached for any length of time has encountered parents that are more trouble than their child is worth regardless of ability. It is rare that the children in those cases are of significantly higher character than their parents. I do not know Nick or his parents so the specifics escape me. It could just be a case of homesickness. Cary Kolat and Steve Mocco are two examples of kids that transferred after tremendous success at their original school. Neither transferred within the same conference, however. And I see no reason why Suriano should get special treatment from the B1G.
jmichael (1) about 11 months ago
Does anyone know why he wants to leave PSU?
joe_grappler (1) about 11 months ago
Losing a year eligibility within B1G seems subjective by the powers that be. For example, Stevan Micic wrestled his redshirt year at Northwestern and went to Michigan as a "Freshman". There are more examples. I'm not judging whether it's right or wrong but there is precedent.
Andrewmah (1) about 11 months ago
Oh Puleeez.....let the kid go wherever he thinks is best for himself and his family. The "sit out" rule is BS. This is a sport, not a business (these "ownership" type rules ruined collegiate athletics.
dbestsport (1) about 11 months ago
You miss the point. The rule is there to prevent one school from taking a wrestler from another school. What if Ashnault decides this year he wants to wrestle on a championship team and asks to transfer to Penn State. I am sure you can see the problems that could arise but not enforcing a loss of eligibility rule.
D_W (1) about 11 months ago
Andrewmah - you do realize they had a roster spot for suriano and expected him to be there, just as any school would. Him being there means lightweights are going to look elsewhere because they don't think they'll wrestle, and now Penn State has a hole at 125 and the guys at that weight are locked in elsewhere. They spend a lot of time locking guys down, and school resources, and it's not that great when they take off.

Dbest has a good point, too. Any of these guys who turn out to be studs at a mediocre school could just flee to Penn State or Iowa. There are other schools where they could wrestle out of conference, but realistically how many are there at are comparable to Penn State, Iowa and OSU? One?

I doubt Suriano could handle the load at Penn State, but maybe it'll be something simple like a relative in poor health. Who knows? When he's talked, you don't get the same sense that you get when Nickal, Retherford, or Nolf talk - their elevator goes higher.

If it turns out that he had meddling parents, shame on them, because he'll never get coached as well anywhere else or have as good of a corps of wrestlers to learn from. Maybe he's given up on being an international competitor after college, because the road to there usually doesn't go through Rutgers.
Punisher (1) about 11 months ago
We have heard it has something to do with an MMA coach of his near Rutgers and his father.
rishav (1) a week ago
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