Fargo Day 2: Cadet Greco semifinals set

FARGO, N.D. -- The opening day of the Cadet National Greco-Roman competition in Fargo came to a conclusion with the championship semifinals and the consolation round of 12 pairings established. Wrestling on Monday will start at 9 a.m. CT with those rounds, with medal matches slated for 2 p.m.

Jaden Enriquez (Photo/John Sachs,
Both returning Cadet Greco-Roman champions, Austin Gomez (Illinois) and Beau Breske (Wisconsin), competing in this tournament advanced to the semifinals. They did so at 113 and 170 pounds respectively. Eight of the 12 Cadet Folkstyle champions competing in the Greco-Roman advanced to the semifinals, and remain eligible for a Triple Crown. Those wrestlers are in seven of the weight classes: Jason Holmes (Arizona) at 88 pounds, Ben Freeman (Michigan) at 113, Corey Shie (Ohio) and Jaden Enriquez (California) at 126, Devin Bahr (Wisconsin) at 132 pounds, Jacob Warner (Illinois) at 160, Breske at 170, and Keegan Moore (Minnesota) at 182.

Two of the three FILA Cadet Greco-Roman world team members competing advanced to the semifinals, Holmes at 88 pounds and Drew West (Iowa) at 106. The evening's most notable upset came at 138 pounds, where Ethan Karsten (Missouri) upended FILA Cadet world team member Domenick Demas (Ohio) 20-10 in the quarterfinal round.

Three particular semifinal matches stand out of note, as each places wrestlers ranked inside the top 30 overall in the Class of 2017. At 113 pounds it is No. 19 Ben Freeman vs. No. 26 Austin Gomez, next is the 126 pound matchup between No. 10 Austin O'Connor (Illinois) and No. 13 Jaden Enriquez, then finally at 138 pounds is a match between No. 16 Hunter Bolen (Virginia) and No. 28 Devin Bahr.

In what should be absolutely zero surprise, wrestlers from Illinois are dominating this tournament. Thirteen Land of Lincoln natives are in the semifinals; that state was champions of the Cadet Duals in Greco-Roman earlier this month.


Semifinals: Patrick McKee (Minnesota) vs. Jason Holmes (Arizona), Trey Keeley (Illinois) vs. Brandon Kaylor (Washington)

Consolation round of 12: Heinselman (Colorado) vs. Simpson (Oklahoma), Phippen (Kansas) vs. Pradel (Illinois); Melendez (Illinois) vs. Schwartz (Colorado), Lane (Pennsylvania) vs. Petersen (Minnesota)


Semifinals: Elijah Varona (Florida) vs. Brandon Meikel (Utah), Peter Ogunsanya (Illinois) vs. Nicolas Aguilar (California)

Consolation round of 12: Chauvin (Colorado) vs. Webster (Minnesota), Schafer (New York) vs. Olejnik (California); Heller (Illinois) vs. Lincoln (Idaho), Pargo (Illinois) vs. Scharenbock (Wisconsin)


Semifinals: Brandon Lucas (Ohio) vs. Roman Bravo-Young (Arizona), Jakob Campbell (Pennsylvania) vs. Dominic Lajoie (Michigan)

Consolation round of 12: Baun (Washington) vs. Dryden (Kansas), B. Koontz (Wisconsin) vs. Povlick (Illinois); Huss (Minnesota) vs. Gohn (New Jersey), D. Koontz (Wisconsin) vs. Thomas (Maryland)


Semifinals: Drew Mattin (Ohio) vs. Ian Timmins (Nevada), Trae Vasquez (Montana) vs. Drew West (Iowa)

Consolation round of 12: Johnson (Colorado) vs. Lendt (Iowa), Yates (Ohio) vs. Molitor (Minnesota); Crowe (Minnesota) vs. Martinez (Colorado), Hunsaker (Utah) vs. Cole (Utah)


Semifinals: Bryce West (Iowa) vs. Paul Bianchi (Wisconsin), Austin Gomez (Illinois) vs. Ben Freeman (Michigan)

Consolation round of 12: Walker (Illinois) vs. Nutter (Wisconsin), Deloza (California) vs. Young (Washington); Jones (Minnesota) vs. Hollingsworth (Illinois), Mealey (Oregon) vs. Thomsen (Iowa)


Semifinals: Wilson Smith (North Carolina) vs. Nolan Baker (Illinois), Josh McClure (Missouri) vs. Coltan Williams (Texas)

Consolation round of 12: Germinaro (Minnesota) vs. van der Merwe (New Jersey), Lugo (Florida) vs. Leisure (Iowa); Rivera-Kohr (Illinois) vs. Bergeland (Minnesota), Paulino (Connecticut) vs. Reel (Illinois)


Semifinals: Austin O'Connor (Illinois) vs. Jaden Enriquez (California), Quentin Hovis (Arizona) vs. Corey Shie (Ohio)

Consolation round of 12: Gregerson (Utah) vs. Fuenfinger (Minnesota), Acosta (Wisconsin) vs. B. Punke (Illinois); Lloyd (Minnesota) vs. Hurlburt (Wisconsin), Orem (Maryland) vs. Clapper (Missouri)

Semifinals: Jaron Chavez (Idaho) vs. Kris Lindemann (New Jersey), Zack Diamond (Hawaii) vs. Jake Allar (Minnesota)

Consolation round of 12: Indelli (Illinois) vs. Filius (Montana), Pine (Washington) vs. Munn (Texas); Monteverdi (New Jersey) vs. Henderson (Ohio), Hong (Pennsylvania) vs. Lisher (Kansas)


Semifinals: Devin Bahr (Wisconsin) vs. Hunter Bolen (Virginia); Ethan Karsten (Missouri) vs. Britton Holmes (Colorado)

Consolation round of 12: Higgins (Iowa) vs. Douglas (Washington), Lebarron (Pennsylvania) vs. Rider (Colorado); Cokeley (Kansas) vs. Bates (Oregon), Hampton (Texas) vs. Demas (Ohio)


Semifinals: Liam Corbett (Hawaii) vs. Logan Gruszka (Illinois), Matthew Park (Idaho) vs. Andrew Johnson (Kansas)

Consolation round of 12: Redlin (Texas) vs. Mantanona (California), Seward (Washington) vs. Carey (New Jersey); Johnson (Iowa) vs. Berenyi (Maine), Nicholson (Tennessee) vs. Wais (Washington)


Semifinals: Ricky Gonzalez (California) vs. Anthony Sherry (Iowa), Seth Vosters (Wisconsin) vs. Riley Jaramillo (Oregon)

Consolation round of 12: Blankenship (Missouri) vs. Moody (Wisconsin), Fricolone (Alaska) vs. Hill (Illinois); Anderson (Nebraska) vs. Thomas (Pennsylvania), Sturkey (Illinois) vs. Covaciu (Indiana)


Semifinals: Owen Webster (Minnesota) vs. Jacob Warner (Illinois), Randy Meneweather (Illinois) vs. James Handwerk (Ohio)

Consolation round of 12: Peck (Pennsylvania) vs. McDaniel (Washington), Berreyesa (Nevada) vs. Ramos (Wisconsin); McCabe (Texas) vs. Terry (Oregon), Buckley (Missouri) vs. Alford (South Carolina)


Semifinals: Haydn Maley (Oregon) vs. Beau Breske (Wisconsin), Dylan Servis (Kansas) vs. Kamal Bey (Illinois)

Consolation round of 12: Porter (Arizona) vs. Rokovitz (Utah), Daniel (Maryland) vs. Jessen (Illinois); Gutierrez (California) vs. L. Drugac (New Jersey), Florell (Minnesota) vs. Scherber (Minnesota)


Semifinals: Isaac Luellen (Kansas) vs. Wyatt Koelling (Utah), Keegan Moore (Minnesota) vs. Dean Drugac (New Jersey)

Consolation round of 12: Coles (Pennsylvania) vs. Boyd (Missouri), Hahn (Wisconsin) vs. Andrews (Texas); Ragains (Indiana) vs. Crosby (Illinois), Patron (Louisiana) vs. Stokke (Wisconsin)


Semifinals: George Bessette (Illinois) vs. Matt Stencel (Ohio), Wyatt Harden (Michigan) vs. Jacob Cavins (Indiana)

Consolation round of 12: Woods (Indiana) vs. J. Allen (Virginia), Barnes (Oregon) vs. T. Allen (Virginia); Lalaunga (Colorado) vs. Ruble (Wisconsin), Prince (Kansas) vs. Agee (Virginia)


Semifinals: Allen Stallings (Illinois) vs. Ethan Hofacker (Wisconsin), Sammy Evans (Tennessee) vs. Brandon Metz (North Dakota)

Consolation round of 12: Musselman (Missouri) vs. Zalapi (Illinois), Dukleth (California) vs. Ayala (California); Piscopo (Pennsylvania) vs. Kluever (Wisconsin), Ready (Michigan) vs. Lane (Oregon)


Semifinals: Brian Ditchman (Illinois) vs. Kevin Vough (Ohio), Karim Fuentes (Illinois), Osawaru Odighizuwa (Oregon)

Consolation round of 12: Piehl (Minnesota) vs. Helton (Illinois), Burnett (Oregon) vs. McCauley (California); Lieurance (Oklahoma) vs. Sutton (Indiana), Mullins (Washington) vs. Tudor (Illinois)


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