Illinois wins Cadet Duals title in freestyle to double up

Kamal Bey (Photo/Jason Bryant)
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- When Kamal Bey steps on the wrestling mat, you can expect plenty of action.

And a heck of a show.

The explosive and flashy Bey capped a phenomenal week with a technical fall win to propel Team Illinois past Pennsylvania Red 49-27 in the Cadet National Duals freestyle finals.

Bey capped an unbeaten week in Greco-Roman and freestyle by scoring an 11-0 first-period win over Jared Seigrist of Pennsylvania Red on Saturday afternoon at the Ocean Center Exhibit Hall. Read full story ...



Illinois 49, Pennsylvania Red 27
152: Jake Lanning (Illinois) tech. fall Gage Thomas (Pennsylvania Red), 14-3
160: Jacob Warner (Illinois) dec. Drew Peck (Pennsylvania Red), 11-8
170: Kamal Bey (Illinois) tech. fall Jared Seigrist (Pennsylvania Red), 11-0
182: Zane Black (Pennsylvania Red) tech. fall Matthew Wroblewski (Illinois), 17-7
195: Christian Brunner (Illinois) pinned Dymir Davis-Carruth (Pennsylvania Red), 1:46
220: Allen Stallings (Illinois) tech. fall Cole Nye (Pennsylvania Red), 12-0
285: Bryan Ditchman (Illinois) tech. fall Andrew Gunning (Pennsylvania Red), 10-0
88: Jaret Lane (Pennsylvania Red) tech. fall Luke Pradel (Illinois), 14-1
94: Peter Ogunsanya (Illinois) tech. fall Ryan Green (Pennsylvania Red), 10-0
100: Matt Parker (Pennsylvania Red) tech. fall Markus Pavlick (Illinois), 14-4
106: Anthony Madrigal (Illinois) pinned Will Klades (Pennsylvania Red), 2:59
113: Austin Gomez (Illinois) tech. fall Ellis Popiolkowski (Pennsylvania Red), 10-0
120: Travis Piotroski (Illinois) dec. Colby Kenderdine (Pennsylvania Red), 16-13
126: Dylan Duncan (Illinois) tech. fall Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania Red), 13-2
132: Eric Hong (Pennsylvania Red) tech. fall Shayne Oster (Illinois), 13-2
138: Cameron Coy (Pennsylvania Red) dec. Trevell Timmons (Illinois), 7-4
145: Jared Verkeleen (Pennsylvania Red) tech. fall Logan Gruszka (Illinois), 11-1

Third Place

Ohio Red 42, Oklahoma Red 30
152: Nick Vestal (Ohio Red) tech. fall Zane Basma (Oklahoma Red), 10-0
160: Ben Darmstadt (Ohio Red) tech. fall Bear Hughes (Oklahoma Red), 10-0
170: Drew Hinkle (Oklahoma Red) pinned Colin Keil (Ohio Red), 2:31
182: Dan Baker (Oklahoma Red) dec. JT Brown (Ohio Red), 12-11
195: Matt Stencil (Ohio Red) pinned Dakota Carnes (Oklahoma Red), 0:55
220: Wyatt Hillard (Ohio Red) dec. Delvin Jordan (Oklahoma Red), 9-6
285: Kevin Vough (Ohio Red) pinned Trenton Lieurance (Oklahoma Red), 0:42
88: Jordan Crace (Ohio Red) tech. fall Billy Simpson (Oklahoma Red), 10-0
94: Dylan D`Emilio (Ohio Red) dec. Rhett Golowenski (Oklahoma Red), 8-0
100: Josh Breeding (Ohio Red) tech. fall Wes Ahrberg (Oklahoma Red), 10-0
106: Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Drew Mattin (Ohio Red), 13-2
113: Josh Copeland (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Tommy Hoskins (Ohio Red), 11-0
120: Daton Fix (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Garrett Lambert (Ohio Red), 11-0
126: Corey Shie (Ohio Red) pinned Noah McQuigg (Oklahoma Red), 1:09
132: Beau Bratcher (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Noah Mattin (Ohio Red), 10-0
138: Jaren Curry (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Jake Henderson (Ohio Red), 10-0
145: Georgio Poullas (Ohio Red) dec. Payton Scott (Oklahoma Red), 13-12

Fifth Place

New Jersey 42, Michigan Blue 36
152: Bryan McLaughlin (New Jersey) tech. fall Kam Bush (Michigan Blue), 13-0
160: Luke Drugac (New Jersey) tech. fall Dylan Briggs (Michigan Blue), 12-0
170: Dean Drugac (New Jersey) by forfeit
182: Brandon Dallavia (New Jersey) tech. fall Connor Cox (Michigan Blue), 10-0
195: James Potts (New Jersey) by forfeit
220: Lucas Ready (Michigan Blue) pinned Junid Homsi (New Jersey) (YELLOW CARD)
285: Chase Morrison (Michigan Blue) by forfeit
88: Rayvon Foley (Michigan Blue) tech. fall Michael Colaiocco (New Jersey), 10-0
94: Cole Janes (Michigan Blue) tech. fall Michael Kelly (New Jersey), 29-18
100: A.J. Facundo (Michigan Blue) dec. PJ Gohn (New Jersey), 16-8
106: Zach Sherman (New Jersey) tech. fall Dominic LaJoie (Michigan Blue), 13-2
113: Ben Freeman (Michigan Blue) tech. fall Andrew Merola (New Jersey), 15-5
120: Kanen Storr (Michigan Blue) tech. fall Garrett Beam (New Jersey), 12-2
126: Dresden Simon (Michigan Blue) by forfeit
132: Kris Lindemann (New Jersey) pinned Jon Martin (Michigan Blue), 1:49
138: Stephan Glasgow (New Jersey) tech. fall Brett Fedewa (Michigan Blue), 10-0
145: TJ Calas (New Jersey) dec. Sage Castillo (Michigan Blue), 16-10

Seventh Place

Indiana 48, Utah 28
152: Connor Kirkland (Utah) by forfeit
160: Burk Van Horn (Indiana) tech. fall DJ Cohen (Utah), 13-0
170: Ashton Seely (Utah) tech. fall Cameron Jones (Indiana), 11-0
182: Wyatt Koelling (Utah) pinned Andrew Davison (Indiana), 0:50
195: Kobe Woods (Indiana) pinned Brandon Closson (Utah), 3:00
220: Gunnar Larson (Indiana) tech. fall Jordan Crofts (Utah), 13-1
285: Riley Taylor (Utah) tech. fall Givoni Murillo (Indiana), 10-0
88: Sammy Fair (Indiana) pinned Dalton Stutzman (Utah), 5:55
94: Kory Cavanaugh (Indiana) tech. fall Trevor Cluff (Utah), 12-0
100: Alec White (Indiana) tech. fall Kade Zorn (Utah), 10-0
106: Paul Konrath (Indiana) tech. fall Jaxon Cole (Utah), 11-1
113: Mason Miranda (Indiana) dec. Carlitos Nava (Utah), 9-6
120: Joe Lee (Indiana) tech. fall Taten Ringel (Utah), 10-0
126: Taylor LaMont (Utah) dec. Chad Red (Indiana), 6-2
132: Jaron Jensen (Utah) tech. fall Brayton Lee (Indiana), 10-0
138: Isaac Eicher (Indiana) by forfeit
145: Denzyl Prentice (Indiana) pinned Cole Clark (Utah), 2:29


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