Snyder, Benick, Hall, Lee, Olivas No. 1 in rankings

Lance Benick is the nation's No. 1 junior (Photo/Mary Christen, The Guillotine)

InterMat released updated high school grade rankings on Thursday morning. All five No. 1-ranked wrestlers remain unchanged. Junior World champion Kyle Snyder (Good Counsel, Md.), an Ohio State signee, is on top of the senior rankings. Three-time state champion Lance Benick (Totino-Grace, Minn.) leads the junior class. Four-time state champion Mark Hall (Apple Valley, Minn.) anchors the sophomore class. Undefeated state champion Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional, Pa.) is the nation's No. 1 freshman. Cade Olivas (California) is the top junior high wrestler.

InterMat Platinum is required to view all the rankings. InterMat ranks the top 100 seniors, top 50 juniors, top 50 sophomores, top 25 freshmen, and top 15 junior high wrestlers.

Sneak Peek

Senior Rankings (Top 10):
1. Kyle Snyder (Good Counsel, Md.) -- Ohio State
2. Chance Marsteller (Kennard Dale, Pa.) -- Oklahoma State
3. Bryce Brill (Mount Carmel, Ill.) -- Northwestern
4. Nick Nevills (Clovis, Calif.) -- Penn State
5. Bo Nickal (Allen, Texas) -- Penn State
6. Micah Jordan (St. Paris Graham, Ohio) -- Ohio State
7. Jason Nolf (Kittanning, Pa.) -- Penn State
8. Joey McKenna (Blair Academy, N.J.) -- Stanford
9. Thomas Haines (Solanco, Pa.) -- Ohio State
10. Sam Stoll (Kasson-Mantorville, Minn.) -- Iowa

Junior Rankings (Top Five):
1. Lance Benick (Totino-Grace, Minn.)
2. Logan Massa (St. Johns, Mich.)
3. Anthony Valencia (St. John Bosco, Calif.)
4. Ke-Shawn Hayes (Park Hill, Mo.)
5. Myles Martin (McDonogh, Md.)

Sophomore Rankings (Top Five):
1. Mark Hall (Apple Valley, Minn.)
2. Mason Manville (Blair Academy, N.J.)
3. Luke Pletcher (Greater Latrobe, Pa.)
4. Nick Suriano (Bergen Catholic, N.J.)
5. Jordan Wood (Boyertown, Pa.)

Freshman Rankings (Top Five):
1. Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional, Pa.)
2. Brady Berge (Kasson-Mantorville, Minn.)
3. Nick Lee (Evansville Mater Dei, Ind.)
4. Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton, N.Y.)
5. Daton Fix (Sand Springs, Okla.)

Junior High Rankings (Top Five):
1. Cade Olivas (California)
2. Ryan Thomas (Ohio)
3. Gavin Teasdale (Pennsylvania)
4. Gable Steveson (Minnesota)
5. Rocky Jordan (Ohio)


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CoachC (1) about 4 years ago
Mark Hall will be the best 37 year old redshirt freshman ever when he gets to college.
collinrichard4 (1) about 4 years ago
Does the FILA Junior Nationals result,. with Benick going 1-2, getting teched in both of his losses, and Logan Massa reaching the finals change anything for the class of 2015 rankings?
Massa's result is currently pending, as he faces Ryan Blees, #3 at 160.
Widowmaker (1) about 4 years ago
In my opinion, the HS Rankings is for Folk Style and Free Style should have no barring. Massa defeated Blees in the weakest of all weight classes. Blees is over-rated and will be an in the room wrestler at Ok St. Massa only beat Sorenson 6-5 and Sorenson only placed 4th in the Community College Nat. this year. Now in Benick defense, he is only 17 and went down a weight class so I assume cutting the 10-15lbs. made a difference? He also got beat by a Re-shirt Freshman from WI who you may never heard of before but mark my words you will.....he is a Monster! Remember, Gabe Dean took 3rd in theis weight and also beat Ed Ruth during the college season. So back to should Massa be rated #1 over Benick in the Junior Class on Intermat? No as he does not have the Cred. as Benick does as HS wrestler. Which one will be better in college Folk Style........My $$$$ is on Benick we will have to wait 2 years to find out. Oh, by the way Mark Hall could have easily cut down to 70KG and taken Massa Out! That should get some of you going!
collinrichard4 (1) about 4 years ago
Sorenson placed third at the Midlands, I think that is quite the accomplishment. Considering the fact that the NCAA champion of that weight, Jason Tsirtsis, placed 5th. I'm not going to argue that Benick is not a flat out stud! No reason for me to do so, that would be completely ignorant.
You on the other had are not doing the same by stating "Oh, by the way Mark Hall could have easily cut down to 70KG and taken Massa Out!" First, of all, Mark did not. He did not wrestle 70kg, could of, should of, would of, but he did not. That's fact.
I am not sold on that statement by any means, I am a huge Mark Hall fan, do I think he could be Logan Massa, yes, but I think that is a pick 'em match. I think Logan can beat Marky as well. Your argument about Benick being 17 is a mood point, because so is Logan Massa...
Additionally, Benick cutting weight, he made the choice to cut down to that weight, if he thought he would perform better at a higher weight class, he would have. Don't make excuses, he did not perform as well as he, or you would have liked. Your point about both Dean and Ruth are mood points, as well. Benick did not wrestle either one of those two fabulous wrestlers. I understand that you are just stating that they were on the chart, but what difference does it make if Benick doesn't have a bout with either one? Actually, the wrestler who defeated Benick in the opening round, Robertson. I do know who he is and he is a monster as you stated! I watched him last summer at Junior duals as he wrestled a Michigan kid, actually a St. Johns boy, Payne Hayden. Robertson defeated Hayden, 5-1, maybe 4-1. But he is a stud you are right.
Meanwhile, Logan performed really well, please don't diminish it. You failed to mention that he also beat Marcus Scheidel, an NCAA qualifier, 6-1. Massa controlled the entire match. I simply asked a question of does it change it, please don't blast high school wrestlers.
Widowmaker (1) about 4 years ago
The bottom line is both Massa & Benick are great wrestlers and you question was: Change anything for the class of 2015 rankings? In my opion and I would say Intermats as well is HS Rankings are based on Folk Style were Benick is more accomplished than Massa. So, No you can't expect to move Massa up to #1
collinrichard4 (1) about 4 years ago
I would agree completely, both are absolute studs! I think that both will have excellent collegiate careers. I'm interested to see what college room Benick lands in.
dadams (1) about 4 years ago
Why is Pico not considered the #1 wrestler in the Sophomore class?
Orlandor21 (1) about 4 years ago
Because he doesn't wrestle in or go to high school anymore.