InterMat Staff Predictions: Tom Franck

125: Jesse Delgado (Illinois) over Nahshon Garrett (Cornell)
Really a three-horse race, with Megaludis in there as well. Delgado's takedowns in his semifinal match against Garrett last year were amongst the finest in the tournament. None of the three are undefeated but all are spectacular. It will really come down to just who is "on."

133: Tony Ramos (Iowa) over Jon Morrison (Oklahoma State)
A pretty balanced weight class with the big names coming from a wide range of schools. Ramos hasn't been perfect this season, but has been wrestling well as of late.

141: Logan Stieber (Ohio State) over Mitchell Port (Edinboro)
Stieber is one of the marquee names competing this weekend and should get title No. 3. After avenging his only loss of the season with a crip win over Retherford, it's tough to bet against him.

149: Drake Houdashelt (Missouri) over Chris Villalonga (Cornell)
Another balanced weight class, but Houdashelt has a number of dominating wins, including a pin over No. 2 Dardanes at the Southern Scuffle.

157 Derek St. John (Iowa) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota)
Possibly the deepest weight class in the tournament. There's a bunch of guys who could win it and much will come down to style matchups. Defending champ St. John has shown he knows how to peak.

165: David Taylor (Penn State) vs. Nick Sulzer (Virginia)
A one-horse race as David Taylor has looked unstoppable all season long. One of the most touted recruits in a long time, Taylor has lived up to his billing, will go out as a four-time finalist and should easily get title No. 2.

174: Andrew Howe (Oklahoma) over Chris Perry (Oklahoma State)
They've seen each other a couple times this season, with Perry winning last, but Howe should come out in this battle of former champs. There's an outside chance of either Matt Brown or Mike Evans upsetting Perry before the finals.

184: Ed Ruth (Penn State) over Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland)
I don't see Ruth losing to Dean again in the semis. Ruth has been amazing throughout his career even if it seems like he's often not working very hard. An interesting weight class all around, the quarters and medal rounds should be especially exciting.

197: J'den Cox (Missouri) over Scott Schiller (Minnesota)
Easily the most wide-open weight class in the field, all of the top five guys could win it without raising too many eyebrows. While many of the other highly-touted freshmen may have earned more discussion throughout the season, it may be only Cox who ends up with a title this year.

285: Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Nick Gwiazdowski (North Carolina State)
After shocking fans with four regular season losses (he only had one last season), two-time champ Nelson has looked back to form recently. Winning a third title this year would put him in an elite group, but it will be a lot of work to get him there.

1. Penn State
2. Minnesota
3. Iowa
4. Cornell
5. Oklahoma State


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greff (1) about 4 years ago
No chance for Ramos or St. John! I guess you didn't watched either of them this year