DCC Super Duals field includes six Fab 50 teams

Jason Renteria of OPRF is currently ranked No. 6 at 106 (Photo/Jeff Beshey, The Guillotine)

Detroit Catholic Central will host its annual Super Duals on Saturday in Novi, Mich. Twelve teams, including the host Shamrocks, will compete over five rounds of wrestling. Each squad will wrestle four dual meets against formidable opposition. Teams from Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois make up the field, which features six members of the InterMat Fab 50.


Fab 50 Teams:
  • No. 3 Oak Park River Forest, Ill. Ranked No. 1 in Illinois Class 3A
  • No. 11 Montini Catholic, Ill. Ranked No. 1 in Illinois Class 2A
  • No. 20 Detroit Catholic Central, Mich. Ranked No. 2 in Michigan Division 1
  • No. 23 Brecksville, Ohio Ranked No. 3 in Ohio Division I
  • No. 26 Davison, Mich. Ranked No. 1 in Michigan Division 1
  • No. 38 St. Johns, Mich. Ranked No. 2 in Michigan Division 2

    Other Teams:
  • Dundee, Mich. Ranked No. 2 in Michigan Division 3
  • Hudson, Mich. Ranked No. 1 in Michigan Division 4
  • Bedford, Mich. Ranked No. 4 in Michigan Division 1
  • Clarkston, Mich. Ranked No. 10 in Michigan Division 1
  • Rochester, Mich. Advanced to the Division 1 team state semifinals in Michigan last year
  • Solon, Ohio Finished sixth in the individual Division I state tournament in Ohio last year


    The talent from an individual standpoint is also sensational, with 16 wrestlers in this field appearing in the Jan. 8 edition of the InterMat national weight class rankings. Another measure of the talent present is that over 20 wrestlers appeared in their respective state championship finals bout last season.

    Below is a weight-by-weight listing of the key wrestlers present in the field.

    106: No. 6 Jason Renteria (OPRF), Jimmy Pawleski (Montini), Jarod Bronstrup (Brecksville), Tyler Rogaliner (Bedford)

    113: Dylan Duncan (Montini), Alex Madrigal (OPRF), Ian Parker (St. Johns), Max Johnson (Davison), Robby Hamdan (Hudson), Daniel Clement (Solon), Ken Reinhart (Dundee)

    120: No. 11 Austin Assad (Brecksville), Gabe Townsell (OPRF), Kegan Calkins (Montini), Zach Blevins (Dundee), Jacob Madrigal (Davison)

    126: Lincoln Olson (Davison), Isaac Dusseau (Hudson), Evan Toth (Detroit CC), Justin Demicco (Brecksville), Tyler Dukart (Rochester), Cameron Wilkie (Clarkston)

    132: Brendan O'Connor (Dundee), Austin Hiles (Brecksville), Derek Humphrey (Davison), Jake Helminski (Bedford), Chris Wymer (Solon)

    138: No. 3 Zac Hall (St. Johns), No. 8 Isaiah White (OPRF), No. 15 Cole Weaver (Hudson), No. 16 Justin Oliver/Matthew Miller (Davison), Vincent Turk (Montini), Myles Amine (Detroit CC), Brad Scholl (Dundee), Sonny Lucas (Brecksville)

    145: No. 16 Larry Early (OPRF), Chris Garcia (Montini), Malik Amine (Detroit CC), Doug Rojem (Dundee), Mark Bozzo (St. Johns), Dominic Russ (Davison), J.D. Waters (Hudson)

    152: No. 4 Logan Massa (St. Johns), No. 12 Nick Bennett (Detroit CC), Matt Rundell (OPRF), Luke Fortuna (Montini), Grayson Davis (Brecksville), Brennan McRill (Davison)

    160: No. 14 Xavier Montalvo (Montini), Kamal Bey (OPRF), Austin Strnad (Brecksville), Thomas Garty (Davison), Drew Wixson (St. Johns), Tyler Moreland (Detroit CC), Kyle Johnson (Hudson)

    170: No. 9 Davonte Mahomes (OPRF), No. 12 Andrew Garcia (Detroit CC), Tye Thompson (Dundee), Shane Shadaia (Rochester), Troy Lang (Brecksville)

    182: No. 12 Angus Arthur (St. Johns), No. 14 Jordan Cooks (Davison), No. 16 Logan Marcicki (Detroit CC)

    195: Andre Lee (OPRF), Shwan Shadaia (Rochester), Josh Murphy (Brecksville), Tyler Wildmo (St. Johns), Anthony Ferraro (Montini), Nick Giese (Detroit CC)

    220: Edgar Ruano (Montini), Jimmy Russell (Detroit CC), Emonte Logan (OPRF), Jake Morgan (Hudson)

    285: No. 9 Michael Johnson, Jr. (Montini), Adam Lemke-Bell (OPRF), Adam Ortman (Hudson), Cameron Daniels (Rochester)


    Wrestling will begin at 10 a.m. ET. There will be three mats in the main gymnasium with two mats in the auxiliary gym right down the hallway.

    10 a.m. (main gym) OPRF vs. Montini, Detroit CC vs. Brecksville, St. Johns vs. Hudson (auxiliary) Dundee vs. Clarkston, Solon vs. Bedford

    12:15 p.m. (main gym) Montini vs. Davison, Detroit CC vs. OPRF, Brecksville vs. St. Johns (auxiliary) Bedford vs. Rochester, Solon vs. Hudson

    2:30 p.m. (main gym) Montini vs. Brecksville, OPRF vs. St. Johns, Davison vs. Dundee (auxiliary) Clarkston vs. Bedford, Solon vs. Rochester

    4:45 p.m. (main gym) OPRF vs. Davison, Detroit CC vs. Montini, Brecksville vs. Dundee (auxiliary) Hudson vs. Rochester, Solon vs. Clarkston

    7:p.m. (main gym) Davison vs. Bedford, Detroit CC vs. Hudson, Dundee vs. Rochester (auxiliary) St. Johns vs. Clarkston

    Live results will be available here.
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    mckbln (1) about 4 years ago
    I'll be there. Should be a good one.