Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational Session I Upsets

LAS VEGAS -- Below is a look at ranked wrestlers who lost in the championship bracket during the opening session of the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational.

No. 8 Josh Martinez (Air Force) lost 5-3 to Earl Hall (Iowa State)
No. 10 Tim Lambert (Nebraska) lost 5-4 to Nick Roberts (Ohio State)
No. 12 Conor Youtsey (Michigan) lost 4-3 to Jamie Franco (Hofstra)
No. 18 Joey Dance (Virginia Tech) lost 3-2 to No. 20 David Terao (American)

No. 19 Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) was pinned by Colton Rasche (Navy) at 6:52

No. 8 Joey Lazor (Northern Iowa) was pinned by Todd Preston (Harvard) at 1:12

No. 14 Chris Castillo (Boise State) lost 5-0 to Brian Hamann (North Carolina State)

No. 14 Andy McCulley (Wyoming) lost 7-5 in SV to Brian Murphy (Michigan)

No. 17 Chris Moon (Virginia Tech) lost by forfeit to Chad Welch (Purdue)
No. 19 Alex Elder (Oregon State) lost 10-4 to Dylan Palacio (Cornell)

No. 17 Cody Caldwell (Northern Iowa) lost 4-0 to Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State)
No. 20 Kevin Radford (Arizona State) lost 5-3 to Austin Gable (Virginia Tech)

No. 8 (174) Tanner Weatherman (Iowa State) lost 8-6 to Nick Vetterlein (Virginia Tech)
No. 10 Maxwell Huntley (Michigan) lost by injury default to Kyle Lux (Northern Iowa)

No. 14 Jace Bennett (Cornell) lost 6-4 to Paul Rands (Navy)

No. 12 Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) lost 4-3 to Ethan Hayes (Virginia)
No. 14 Ross Larson (Oklahoma) lost 13-8 to Adam Fager (Utah Valley)
No. 18 Billy Smith (Rutgers) lost 4-2 to Collin Jensen (Nebraska)


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