Novogratz named keynote speaker at All-Star Classic

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Businessman and wrestling supporter Mike Novogratz will serve as the keynote speaker at the 2013 All-Star Classic Pre-Event Social prior to the beginning of the wrestling action.

Novogratz, who is also the primary sponsor of the NWCA Leadership Academy, was selected to serve as the keynote speaker due to both his close connections to the wrestling and business community, and his endeavors in uniting the two fields.

From the business perspective, Novogratz comes from a background in the financial field. Currently Novogratz is on the board of directors for Fortress Investment Group and is a Co-Chief Investment Officer for the Fortress Macro Fund and Drawbridge Global Macro Fund.

Through his professional success, Novogratz previously earned a position on the Forbes annual list of world billionaires.

Additionally Novogratz serves in various executive positions for numerous organizations including The Friends of the Hudson River Park, Acumen Fund, NYU Langone Medical Center, Princeton Varsity Club and the Jazz Foundation of America.

With regards to wrestling, Novogratz participated in collegiate wrestling when he attended Princeton University. While competing, Novogratz twice qualified for the NCAA Championship.

While Novogratz's successes in each individual field are remarkable, his business-wrestling joint ventures made him the optimal candidate for the keynote speaker position.

In 2006 Novogratz served as the Chairman of the Board for Beat the Streets New York, a non-profit organization located in New York City that's goal is to help youth in underserved communities reach their full athletic and human potential through learning and participating in the sport of amateur wrestling.

In addition to this involvement, Novogratz works as a booster and spokesperson for USA Wrestling. Novogratz furthers serves as an Honorary Chairman of the USA Wrestling Foundation.

For all of his contributions to and achievements in the sport, Novogratz was named the National Wrestling Hall of Fame's 2007 Outstanding American and the USA Wrestling's 2010 Man of the Year.

The Pre-Event Social, sponsored by the Wrestlers in Business Network (WIBN) and the Greater Washington Wrestling Business Network (GWWBN), will take place Saturday, November 2 at the George Mason University Patriot Center from 5:00-6:30pm, prior to the wrestling action beginning at 7:15 pm.

The event will serve as a mixer for coaches, sponsors and professionals to unite the business and wrestling communities as one.

To attend the social, individuals will be required to pay a $100 fee or can purchase a pass to the social and a VIP ticket to the All Star Classic for $150. To get tickets to the social, visit the WIBN site:

For more information about the event visit the NWCA All-Star Classic page.

About the NWCA
Founded in 1928, the NWCA strives to promote and provide leadership for the advancement of amateur wrestling, primarily at the scholastic and collegiate levels. The association is headquartered in Manheim Pa. The three core competencies are coaching development, student-wrestler welfare, and promotion/advocacy. The NWCA has 10,000 members and educational programs that serve 230,000 students each year.

About George Mason University (GMU)
Was established in 1957 and obtained university status in 1972. George Mason University is located in Fairfax Virginia has 32,000 students. The GMU wrestling program has a rich tradition as evidenced by having advanced 41 different wrestlers to the NCAA Division I Championships, two wrestlers achieved All American status one time and one wrestler achieved All American status two times. The head coach is Joe Russell and he is in his 2nd year.

About Wrestlers in Business Network (WIBN)
The WIBN-Washington DC Chapter consists of prominent business leaders in the Washington DC metropolitan region. The organization was originally formed in September 2012 under the name of the Greater Washington Wrestlers in Business Network and more recently merged with the Wrestlers in Business Network (headquartered in Cleveland OH) to form a national Wrestlers in Business Network. The purpose of this organization is to support amateur wrestling activities in major cities across America.


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