Back Points with T.R. Foley: Season 2, Episode 1

Season 2 starts off with Foley and Muir digging into the newly released InterMat NCAA Division I rankings. The pair begin the podcast season by making a series of expensive bets sure to hurt in March. Also, a look at the NWCA All-Star Classic and the first line of the event is set: Tony Ramos (Iowa) vs. Devin Carter (Virginia Tech) at 141 pounds. Some chatter about Kyle Dake as a Greco-Roman wrestler and whether or not David Taylor needs to start eating more.

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benwhunt (1) about 4 and a half years ago
Foley you are an excellent writer and I enjoy your articles, but I wish you guys would prepare more before these podcasts (granted the preseason preview is bound to involve the most guess-work). I follow freestyle and college wrestling less than the NFL, MLB, and college football (and none of the above are my day job) yet in almost every single weight class you guys were missing easily accessible information that I knew. As friends, you guys have a natural flow to your conversation, but I wish you would also interview somebody knowledgeable when discussing FS like Craig Vitagliano from the message boards/Flo, Herbert, even Sonnen, etc or for college someone who was involved with the rankings so has knowledge of previous records (eg not guessing about previous match-ups). I'm excited for the season so I listened through the humorous banter, but you guys didn't shed much light on any interesting topics, more so you winged it through every weight like you hadn't even thought about college wrestling before this conversation. Only disappointing because I think you certainly could have offered more info as two knowledgeable wrestling fans with more resources than an average joe like myself.
benwhunt (1) about 4 and a half years ago
You made a few good points such as McCauley should compete for Nebraska instead of Sueflohn to ensure he's committed to the team - but that was already mentioned in your article nothing new. Perhaps I'm biased coming from the perspective of listening to NFL and MLB podcasts that have new, informed and non-recycled information every single day. It would not make sense to do that for wrestling, since it's not nearly as big of a sport and matches occur less frequently, but your podcast would be better with more preparation (even 20-30 mins specifically for the conversation you're going to have).