ESPN expands coverage of NCAAs

ESPN's long-standing commitment to expanding coverage of wrestling continues with plans for the 2014 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship in Oklahoma City March 20- 22. For the first time, live coverage of every mat during the tournament will be available on an ESPN network. For the last five years, ESPN3 has carried an exclusive four-screen, four-mat viewing experience unique to wrestling. The expansion will create an unprecedented eight-mat viewing experience on ESPN3 for the early rounds and six-mat coverage for the Semifinals, with full match coverage continuing on ESPN3, ESPNU or ESPN and WatchESPN for the Semifinal, Medal and Championship rounds.

ESPN began airing NCAA wrestling championships in 1980, its first year as a network, and has provided live coverage of every round since 2011.

"There is an increasing appetite for the NCAA Wrestling Championship from the sport's avid fan base, especially on our digital platforms," said Brent Colborne, ESPN director of programming and acquisitions. "We continue to look for new ways to serve wrestling fans and live coverage of every mat on ESPN3 will provide an unprecedented amount of comprehensive coverage for the event."

The championship continues to see success across ESPN with a 55 percent increase year-to-year growth in viewers for the 2013 final match and 12.6 million live minutes viewed on ESPN3 and WatchESPN, up 13 percent. ESPN networks commitment to the championship extends through 2024.


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iraeng (2) about 4 and a half years ago
I am glad to see an expansion of access to the sport! However, the reality of this past tournament was that the early round streams were unavailable to a large number of fans. Any fan who uses Comcast for their service provider was unable to access ESPN3. Due to the ESPN business configuration huge service providers like Comcast refused to pay the troll to carry ESPN3. The Comcast customer base could not access the early rounds and had to wait until other ESPN avenues carried the broadcast/streaming. Unfortunately I don't see much positive about this announcement unless these conditions are going to change or someone makes me smart enough to find a way to access ESPN3 without the only service provider available to my location. Tell me it ain't so Joe!
markb (1) about 4 and a half years ago
I don't have cable at all and watched it all with xbox live. Just downloaded the ESPN app.
Colorado-Hawkeye (1) about 4 and a half years ago
well said, i got all excited last year for nothing.
jwcedar (1) about 4 and a half years ago
Thank you ESPN it is a GREAT EVENT and the BEST character building sport for people to be involved in. FANTASTIC for us old wrestlers get this wonderful coverage. THANK YOU ESPN!! your the best!