Pico wins Cadet World title in freestyle at 63 kilos

ZRENJANIN, Serbia -- Aaron Pico of California won a gold medal in men's freestyle at 63 kilos/138.75 pounds with a spectacular performance on the final day of competition at the Cadet World Championships.

Aaron Pico (Photo/T.R. Foley)
Pico defeated Yuhi Fujinami of Japan in the championship match, 8-6. Pico was effective with his takedown attacks and was able to score at key points of the match. He led 4-2 at the break, and kept up the pressure, as Fujinami battled back and forth with Pico in the deciding second period.

"Nothing really changed in the final. I met with my coach and stuck with my game plan, which was to attack and get the guy tired. He was a good opponent and he didn't get tired. I was able to score during some situations and that was the difference in the match. There is a big difference wrestling internationally and wrestling in the United States. Fortunately, I got the win. I am super happy, and overall, I think I did good," said Pico.

Pico became the only American in any Olympic style to win a gold medal at this year's Cadet World Championships, which has been held for the last six days.

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dadams (1) about 4 and a half years ago
Quite impressive for California wrestlers. 4 of 6 medalists from Cali and a fifth (Chavez-Idaho) moved from California last year. Half the women's team from California as well. Is this a changing of the guard? Or did the rest of the nation take the week off? Props to Olivas 8th grader(starting HS this year), and the Doi family-second time both girls are world medalists. Has this ever happened before?