2013 Junior & Cadet Nationals Day 2 Recap

Lance Benick, the nation's No. 1 junior, advanced to the finals at 220 (Photo/Jeff Beshey, The Guillotine)

FARGO, N.D. -- The first day of the Cadet Greco-Roman competition in Fargo came to a close, and one final is already set. Lance Benick of Minnesota, the nation's top ranked Class of 2015 wrestler, will face off against Jordan Wood of Pennsylvania in the 220-pound final. Wrestling continues Monday morning at 9 a.m. CT with finals at 2 p.m.

Pool A: RR with Dylan Koontz (Wisconsin), Louie Hayes (Illinois), and Sawyer Degen (Montana); while Tyler Lawley (Oklahoma) advances to seventh place match
Pool B: Alexander Crowe (Minnesota) 5-0 vs. Cade Olivas (California) 4-0, Brayden Schwalbe (Montana) vs. Bradley Koontz (Wisconsin) 4-1. All four have clinched All-American status, and Crowe would clinch the pool if he upset Olivas.

Pool A: Brent Jones (Minnesota) and Austin Gomez (Illinois) will meet for the pool title in a rematch of the FILA Cadet freestyle first place match that Gomez won. Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma) advances to the fifth place match, while Brett Smith (California) will wrestle for seventh.
Pool B: Jeremy Nygard (Washington), Ramon Miranda (California), and Jakob Campbell (Pennsylvania) have advanced to the round-robin; Nygard carries forward a shutout technical fall victory over Campbell. Wrestling for seventh is Dominic Lajoie (Michigan).

Pool A: Paul Fitterer (Minnesota) 4-1 vs. Greg Shack (Alaska) 3-1, Jimmy Pawleski (Illinois) 5-0 vs. Danny Vega (Arizona) 4-0. All four have clinched All-American honors.
Pool B: Joey Prata (Virginia) 5-0 vs. Joshua Venia (Ohio) 3-1, Matthew Schmitt (Missouri) 4-1 vs. Nolan Baker (Illinois) 4-0. All four have clinched All-American honors.

Pool A: Quentin Hovis (Arizona) 5-0 vs. Christopher Tucker (Illinois) 3-1, Will Egli (Indiana) 4-1 vs. Daton Fix (Oklahoma) 5-0, Austin O'Connor (Illinois) 3-1 vs. Jaron Chavez (Idaho) 4-0. The next round could have anywhere from three to six wrestlers remaining; if there was to be another bye, Fix would have it, so he has clinched All-American honors.
Pool B: Drew West (Iowa) 4-1 vs. Dalton Young (Washington) 5-0, Michael Murphy (Tennessee) 5-0 with a bye, Tanner Cox (Utah) 4-0 vs. Dylan Duncan (Illinois) 4-0. If West beats Young in the next match, Young would get the next bye, so he has clinched All-American honors; as has Murphy, as does the Cox vs. Duncan winner.

Pool A: Eric Hong (Pennsylvania) 5-0 vs. Adam Flatt (Georgia) 4-0, Ted Rico (Arizona) 4-1 vs. Nicholas Berry (Ohio) 4-1, Trayton Libolt (Oregon) 5-0 vs. Brock Wilson (Pennsylvania) 4-1, Frank Martinez (Colorado) 4-1 with the bye. Either five or six wrestlers will remain after the next round, and if there is a bye it goes to Berry or Libolt.
Pool B: Luke Gardner (Pennsylvania) 4-1 vs. Kyle DiNapoli (New Jersey) 3-1, Kanen Storr (Michigan) 5-0 vs. Tyler Megonigal (Virginia) 4-1, Bryce West (Iowa) 4-1 vs. Joshua Kramer (Arizona) 4-1, Chad Red (Indiana) 5-0 vs. Mitch McKee (Minnesota) 5-0. After the next round, either five or six wrestlers will remain alive in the tournament; if Storr eliminates Megonigal, McKee will have the bye in round seven.

Pool A: Jaron Jensen (Utah) 4-1 vs. Dylan Chatterton (Pennsylvania) 5-0, Gabe Townsell (Illinois) 4-1 vs. Sage Coy (Indiana) 5-0, Nathaniel Newberry (Pennsylvania) 4-1 vs. Raul Nevarez (Idaho) 5-0, Greg Hilliard (Georgia) 4-1 with the bye. If all three undefeated kids win, then Hilliard has ridden the bye to All-America honors. Should none or two of the three undefeated wrestlers win, Nevarez has the bye next, and he therefore would have clinched All-America honors.
Pool B: Chris Debien (Tennessee) 5-0 vs. Corey Shie (Ohio) 4-1, Nick Casella (New York) 5-0 vs. Roshaun Cooley (Pennsylvania) 3-1, Ethan Karsten (Missouri) 5-0 vs. Colin Kraus (Wisconsin) 4-1, Drake Foster (Idaho) 5-0 with the bye. Foster has virtually clinched All-American honors barring extreme circumstances, and would officially do so if all three other undefeated kids win in round six. Should zero or two undefeated win, the bye shifts to the Kraus v Karsten winner.

Pool A: Andres Gandara (Arizona) 4-1 vs. Logan Gruszka (Illinois) 3-1, Christopher Moreno (Florida) 4-1 vs. Stephen Persaud (New Jersey) 3-1, Zahid Valencia (California) 4-1 vs. Devin Bahr (Wisconsin) 5-0, Drew Spires (Missouri) 4-1 vs. Marty Margolis (Maryland) 5-0, Armand Molina (California) 5-0 with the bye. After this next round there will be between five and seven wrestlers remaining in the pool, and the next person with the bye is Margolis followed by Bahr.
Pool B: Tate Barnhardt (North Dakota) 4-1 vs. Aaron Grigsby (Arkansas) 4-1, Vincent Turk (Illinois) 4-1 vs. Hayden Hidlay (Pennsylvania) 5-0, Lucas Patterson (Georgia) 4-1 vs. Rico Montoya (New Mexico) 4-1, Jaden Enriquez (California) 4-0 vs. Cody McDonald (Kansas) 4-0. After round six, there will be either five or six remaining in the pool. The next person entitled to the bye is Montoya followed by Hidlay.

Pool A: Logan Kass (Minnesota) 5-0 vs. Ben Hornickle (Wisconsin) 4-1, Leonard Merkin (New York) 4-1 vs. Conner Noonan (Oregon) 4-1, Fritz Scherl (Wisconsin) 4-0 vs. Joey Escobar (Washington) 3-1. Anywhere from three to five wrestlers will remain in the pool after this next round. Based on pairing principles, the Merkin vs. Noonan winner has clinched an All-American spot, since even if five remain, they have the bye next.
Pool B: Lucas Ortiz (Pennsylvania) 5-0 vs. Rodolfo Guillen (Georgia) 5-0, Josh Bird (Wisconsin) 5-0 vs. Micah Johnson (Wisconsin) 4-1, Riley Beard (Illinois) 5-0 with the bye. If Bird beats Johnson in this round, all four All-Americans will have been determined. Therefore, barring extreme circumstances, Beard will most likely earn an All-American finish; and if Johnson wins he will next get the bye, so he should also be well positioned to All-American if he wins.

Pool A: Patricio Lugo (Florida) 5-0 vs. Dominick Demas (Ohio) 4-0, Jake Adcock (Georgia) 5-0 vs. Dakota Wall (Idaho) 5-0, David Kasper (Illinois) 4-1 vs. Liam Corbett (Hawaii) 4-1, Milik Dawkins (Michigan) 4-1 with the bye. One wrestler will be eliminated in this round, and the seventh round would then feature Dawkins vs. Demas, Lugo vs. Wall, and Adcock vs. the Kasper/Corbett winner.
Pool B: Jake Bell (Texas) 4-1 vs. Hayden Bates (Oregon) 4-1, Chase Lemons (Idaho) 4-1 vs. Connor Myers (Michigan) 4-1, Aaron Meyer (Iowa) 4-1 vs. Larry Early (Illinois) 5-0, Adam Blees (North Dakota) 4-1 vs. Nathaniel Cervantes (California) 4-1. Barring a shock Meyer upset over Early, the four All-Americans will be determined by who wins in the sixth round of wrestling.

Pool A: Felix Belga (Pennsylvania) 4-1 vs. Isaac Bertalotto (California) 4-1, Austin Kraisser (Maryland) 5-0 vs. Nicholas Remke (Illinois) 3-1, Owen Webster (Minnesota) 4-1 vs. Chandler Michael (Oregon) 4-1, Alex Reas (Wisconsin) 4-1 vs. Mason Manville (New Jersey) 5-0. If Kraisser and Manville both win, then the four All-Americans will be known after the sixth round. If necessary, Manville is next entitled to the bye, so he clinches All-American with a win regardless.
Pool B: Davis Ison (Georgia) 5-0 vs. Ryan Klemp (Idaho) 4-0, Dalton Ray (Pennsylvania) 5-0 vs. Jordan Steward (Missouri) 4-1, James Handwerk (Ohio) 5-0 vs. Joey Gunther (Illinois) 5-0. This sixth round will eliminate either one or zero wrestlers, and the next to have the bye if necessary is Gunther.

Pool A: C.J. McKinnis (Oregon) 5-0 vs. Taylor Owens (Idaho) 4-1, Jesse Porter (New York) 5-0 vs. Christian Almony (Maryland) 4-0, Andrew Berreyesa (Nevada) 4-1 with the bye. If McKinnis beats Owens, then Berreyesa rides the bye to All-American honors; otherwise Owens is next with the bye, so he would be rather well-positioned to be an All-American.
Pool B: Taylor Lujan (Georgia) 5-0 vs. Andrew Cervantes (California) 4-1, Nick Reenan (Texas) 5-0 vs. Colby Winnett (Oregon) 3-1, Dominic DeLaurentis (Pennsylvania) 5-0 with the bye. If Lujan and Reenan both win, then the round-robin would ensue with the fourth All-American position up in the air. If one wins, then the four All-Americans have been determined; and if neither wins, Cervantes is next on the bye and earns an All-American position. Therefore, DeLaurentis has already clinched All-American status.

Pool A: Elijah Kerr-Brown (Georgia) 4-1 vs. Kamal Bey (Illinois) 5-0, Dean Drugac (New Jersey) 5-0 vs. Mark Hall (Colorado) 5-0. All four remaining wrestlers have clinched All-American status, and the round-robin would immediately ensue if Bey beats Kerr-Brown.
Pool B: Vincente Guerrero (Arizona) 5-0 vs. Lane Lettich (Oklahoma) 4-0, Spencer Haywood (Utah) 4-1 vs. David Labra (Ohio) 4-1, Eric Schultz (Illinois) 4-1 with the bye. All-American spots have been clinched by Guerrero, Lettich, Schultz, and the Haywood/Labra winner.

Pool A: Brandon Haas (Iowa) 4-1 vs. Mitchell Owens (Washington) 4-1, Brandon Fleischmann (Wisconsin) 4-1 vs. Dru Worker (Illinois) 4-0, Beau Breske (Wisconsin) 5-0 with the bye. All-American honors have been clinched by Worker, Breske, and the Haas/Owens winner. Haas is eliminated on a loss, as either Fleischmann wins to make it four left, or Fleischmann has more classification points with both eliminated.
Pool B: Jared Bird (Idaho) 4-1 vs. Keegan Moore (Minnesota) 5-0, Dustin Gray (Missouri) 4-1 vs. Corey Hazel (Pennsylvania) 4-0, Bridger Barker (Arizona) 4-1 with the bye. If both Moore and Hazel win, the round-robin immediately ensues. If one of the undefeated win, then All-Americans have been determined. Next to the bye is Moore, so he also has clinched All-American status, even if he and Hazel both lose.

Pool A: Round-robin has begun, Hunter Ritter (Maryland) had a win carry forward, Trevor Eicher (Washington) had a loss carry forward, and Andrew Fenton (Ohio) has not wrestled either fellow round-robin participant. Michael Bruno (Illinois) will be wrestling for seventh place.
Pool B: Andrew Marsden (Illinois) split matches carried forward into the round-robin, beating Jeremiah Imonode (Arizona) while losing to Justan Rivera (Georgia). Rivera vs. Imonode is the remaining round-robin match. Wrestling for seventh place will be Blake Smith (Arizona).

Pool A: The fifth round was in progress at last update, as Randy Scott (Indiana) at 2-1 had to wrestle Tevis Bartlett (Wyoming) 4-0; the other match saw Frank Carrasco (New Mexico) beat Bailey Faust (Ohio) in a battle of previously undefeated wrestlers; while Brian Barnes (Oregon) at 3-1 had the bye. If Bartlett beat/s Scott, then All-Americans have been determined. Since Carrasco is next on the bye, if Scott wins, he has clinched All-American status.
Pool B: Jeffrey Allen (Virginia) 4-1 vs. Samuel Colbray (Oregon) 5-0, Emilio Fowler (Kansas) 4-1 with the bye, Isaac Florell (Minnesota) 4-0 vs. Jacob Cavins (Indiana) 3-1. If Colbray and Florell both win, then the round-robin ensues immediately. Colbray would have the bye if both undefeated wrestlers lose, so he clinched All-American status.

Pool A: Lance Benick (Minnesota) has already clinched a spot in the finals on Tuesday afternoon. Wrestling for the right to finish second in the pool will be Garyn Huntley (New York) and Shane Coombs (Colorado), while Romeo McKnight (Illinois) competes for seventh place in the tournament.
Pool B: Jordan Wood (Pennsylvania) will join Benick in the finals. Wrestling for second in the pool will be James Bethel (New York) and Kyler Childers (Oklahoma), while James Ford (Ohio) competes for seventh place in the tournament.

Pool A: The round-robin has commenced with Shawn Streck (Indiana) splitting matches that carry forward. Jacob Marnin (Iowa) had a win carry forward, and he'll face Cale Bonner (Ohio) who had a loss carry forward. Wrestling for seventh place overall will be Adam Lemke-Bell (Illinois).
Pool B: The round-robin has commenced with Dante Jiovenetta (Florida) winning the first match against Hunter Toppel (Wisconsin), while Antonio James (Illinois) has to face both of those wrestlers; fourth in the pool, and wrestling for seventh place, will be Kevin Vough (Ohio).


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