Marsteller, Benick, Pico, Lee, Olivas ranked No. 1

This last week of June is always a busy time in the world of scholastic wrestling. One of those upcoming milestones is July 1, which is the start of the official contact period between colleges and prospects in the rising senior class. It is on this note that InterMat provides updated grade rankings, the first rankings for the upcoming 2013-14 cycle. The rising senior Class of 2014 rankings feature the Top 100 wrestlers in that grade, while those for the rising junior and sophomore classes feature the Top 50, the Top 25 incoming freshmen are presented, while a ranking of the top 15 junior high wrestlers is also provided.

No. 1-ranked wrestlers
The top wrestler in the rising senior class remains Chance Marsteller (Kennard-Dale, Pa.), a three-time state champion who has yet to lose a high school match. Lance Benick (Totino Grace, Minn.) moves up to the top spot in the Class of 2015 after winning a title at the FILA Cadet Nationals in freestyle; he is already a two-time state champion, and was a Cadet Triple Crown winner last summer. Remaining on top of the Class of 2016 is Aaron Pico (St. John Bosco, Calif.), while Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional, Pa.) does the same for the Class of 2017. Newly-minted as the top wrestler in the junior jigh group is Cade Olivas (California), who has won titles at the FILA Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals and Cadet Folkstyle Nationals this spring.

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Sneak Peek

Below is a sneak peek at the top wrestlers in each grade.

Seniors (Top Ten):
1. Chance Marsteller (Kennard Dale, Pa.)
2. Kyle Snyder (Good Counsel, Md.)
3. Bryce Brill (Mount Carmel, Ill.)
4. Nick Nevills (Clovis, Calif.)
5. Thomas Haines (Solanco, Pa.)
6. Hayden Tuma (Centennial, Idaho)
7. Jered Cortez (Glenbard North, Ill.)
8. Bo Nickal (Allen, Texas)
9. Micah Jordan (St. Paris Graham, Ohio)
10. Joey McKenna (Blair Academy, N.J.)

Juniors (Top Five):
1. Lance Benick (Totino-Grace, Minn.)
2. Myles Martin (McDonogh, Md.)
3. Logan Massa (St. Johns, Mich.)
4. Fox Baldwin (Osceola, Fla.)
5. Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, Calif.)

Sophomores(Top Five):
1. Aaron Pico (St. John Bosco, Calif.)
2. Mark Hall (Apple Valley, Minn.)
3. Mason Manville (Blair Academy, N.J.)
4. Alex Marinelli (St. Paris Graham, Ohio)
5. Nick Suriano (Bergen Catholic, N.J.)

Freshmen (Top Five):
1. Spencer Lee (Franklin Regional, Pa.)
2. Brady Berge (Kasson-Mantorville, Minn.)
3. Nick Lee (Evansville Mater Dei, Ind.)
4. Jelani Embree (South Lake, Mich.)
5. Yianni Diakomihalis (Hilton, N.Y.)

Junior High (Top Five):
1. Cade Olivas (California)
2. Rocky Jordan (Ohio)
3. Anthony Madrigal (Illinois)
4. Jake Ryan (California)
5. Brock Hardy (Utah)


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matman133 (1) about 5 years ago
Hey Josh, just curious why you included Kyle Snyder when he is not going to wrestle at the high school level this year. Plus he as already commited to tOSU?
Have a good one!!!
Bucksman (1) about 5 years ago
Kyle Snyder is part of the Class of 2014, regardless of if he's wrestling in high school or not. He verballed to Ohio State in January of this year.
pete29grant (1) about 5 years ago
Josh my #1 observations Seniors- Snyder probably most dominant wrestler in the country however probably should be removed since done with HS Marsteller however wrestles at a much tuffer weight class in my opinion Juniors Benick wrestles at 220/195 which we all know is not the tuffest weight class around and is ranked 25th by FLO so curious as to why you ranked him #1 Is he the top prospect as a JUNIOR? Sophmore and Freshmen I agree fully
Bucksman (1) about 5 years ago
The fact Benick has been very productive ALREADY in the upper-weights despite a physical maturity disadvantage is further testament to his ability level. He Cadet triple crowned as a FIRST YEAR Cadet last summer as well. The c/o 2015 group is not the strongest group out there - Benick's combination of talent, production is the best of it.
pete29grant (1) about 5 years ago
Bucksman How do you explain him being ranked 25th by FLO was my question and not taking nothing away from the kid just curious and realize 195/220 is not a deep weight class Alot of teams can't even field these weights
Bucksman (1) about 5 years ago
you know what, ask the person that do Flo's rankings :-) I can only speak for why I/we at InterMat slotted him first in the 2015 group.
pete29grant (1) about 5 years ago
Ok thanks I will ask Willie :) why he has him so low I don't know the kid personally just curious as to why such a big difference Most times when you look at ranking they are not that much off and I agree 2015 is the not the strongest and deepest group but up top they do have some great kids
Widowmaker (1) about 5 years ago
FACT:Benick's was ranked #1 184 last year in the Sophmore Class. He moved up to 195 to Kill the Dream of 2-Time Defending State Champ and Iowa Hawkeye Rec. "Brock Berge" Hence Benicks nickname "The Dream Killer"
He could make weght at 180 and wrestle many top HVY Wt. I don't think their is anyone in H.S, in the county between 184 - 220 that he couldn't handle. Yea, he just recently turned 16. In 3 years he will be the next Gopher 190 or Hvy Wt. I hope he adds 50 lbs.:) Oh, did I mention Great Kid!
1111111 (1) about 5 years ago
where did solomon chishko end up at?