University Nationals All-Americans (Freestyle)

55 kilos:
1st: Nico Megaludis (Nittany Lion WC) won 2 matches to 1 over Zach Sanders (Minnesota Storm), 0-4, 10-0, 4-0
3rd: Thomas Gilman (Hawkeye WC) dec. Evan Silver (Stanford Unattached), 4-2
5th: Dylan Peters (Panther WC) pinned Dominique Price (Midwest RTC), 1:01
7th: Britain Longmire (San Luis Obispo) pinned Jordan Wigger (Citadel Old Timers Club, Inc.), 4:09

60 kilos:
1st: Tyler Graff (Badger WC) won 2 matches to 0 over Cashe' Quiroga (Midwest RTC), 10-0, 5-4
3rd: Joseph Colon (Panther WC) tech. fall Cory Clark (Pleasant Hill), 10-0
5th: Mark Grey (Finger Lakes WC) tech. fall Jade Rauser (Wolverine WC), 11-0
7th: Shelton Mack (Pittsburgh WC) dec. Erik Spjut (NRV Mat Club), 6-5

63 kilos:
1st: Sam Sherlock (Clarion WC) won 2 matches to 0 over Brandon Wright (Viking WC), pin, 13-3
3rd: Jamel Hudson (Blue & Gold WC) dec. Matthew Rappo (Husky WC), 8-2
5th: Ethan Owens (Hawkeye WC) dec. Mike Labry (NYAC), 5-1
7th: John Meeks (Iowa State) dec. Avery Garner (Wolverine WC), 8-2

66 kilos:
1st: James Green (NWTC) won 2 matches to 1 over Jason Chamberlain (Titan Mercury WC), 4-2, 4-5, 3-0
3rd: Kevin LeValley (Minnesota Storm) won by injury default over Joshua Kindig (Columbus WC), 0:29
5th: Nick Dardanes (Minnesota Storm) dec. Hunter Stieber (Ohio State), 6-4
7th: Josh Dziewa (Hawkeye WC) pinned Colin Johnston (Quest), 4:51

70 kilos:
1st: Justin Deangelis (Oklahoma) won 2 matches to 0 over Brandon Kingsley (Minnesota Storm), 8-1, 6-4
3rd: Michael Hooker (CWC) dec. Thomas Gantt (Wolfpack WC), 12-4
5th: Alexander Richardson (VBRTC) pinned Pat Smith (Minnesota Storm), 3:23
7th: Chris Castillo (Bronco WC) tech. fall Mitchell Minotti (Lehigh Valley Athletic Club), 11-0

74 kilos:
1st: David Taylor (Nittany Lion WC) won 2 matches to 0 over Quinton Godley (Wolfpack WC), 3-0, pin
3rd: Michael Moreno (Iowa State) pinned Ian Miller (Golden Pride WC), 5:14
5th: Nestor Taffur (Boston) pinned Taylor Massa (Michigan WC), 1:56
7th: R.J. Pena (NWRTC) tech. fall Alec Ortiz (Minnesota Storm), 22-11

79 kilos:
1st: Andrew Howe (NYAC) won 2 matches to 0 over Logan Storley (Minnesota Storm), 10-0, 13-3
3rd: Matt Brown (Nittany Lion WC) tech. fall Tyler Wilps (Pittsburgh WC), 13-2
5th: Jesse Shanaman (Cornell) won by injury default over John Staudenmayer (Cardinal WC)
7th: Mark Martin (Ohio State) dec. Duke Pickett (Cornell), 5-1

84 kilos:
1st: Ed Ruth (Nittany Lion WC) won 2 matches to 0 over Cam Simaz (Finger Lakes WC), 6-4, 10-0
3rd: Max Thomusseit (Pittsburgh WC) dec. Kenneth Courts (Ohio State), 3-0
5th: Alex Meyer (Hawkeye WC) dec. Gabe Dean (Finger Lakes WC), 6-5
7th: Jack Dechow (VBRTC) won by injury default over Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh Valley Athletic Club)

96 kilos:
1st: Micah Burak (HWC) won 2 matches to 0 over Dustin Kilgore (Suples WC), 10-6, 5-2
3rd: Travis Rutt (Oklahoma) pinned Taylor Meeks (NWRTC), 0:34
5th: Evan Brown (Cyclone WC) tech. fall Cayle Byers (Titan Mercury WC), 10-0
7th: Nick Heflin (Ohio State) won by forfeit over Timmy McCall (Badger WC)

120 kilos:
1st: Tyrell Fortune (Grand Canyon WC) won 2 matches to 0 over Tony Nelson (Minnesota Storm), 7-2, pin
3rd: Nick Gwiazdowski (NYAC/Wolfpack WC) dec. Austin Marsden (Cowboy WC), 7-5
5th: Connor Medbery (Badger WC) dec. Adam Fager (Wolverine WC), 5-0
7th: Spencer Myers (Terrapin WC) dec. Cole Tobin (Badger WC), 7-0


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