InterMat releases updated grade rankings

InterMat has released updated grade (recruiting) rankings. B.J. Clagon (Toms River South, N.J.) moves into the top ten for the final Class of 2013 grade rankings after winning his second state and fourth NHSCA grade-level title.

InterMat ranks the Top 100 seniors, Top 50 juniors, Top 50 sophomores, Top 25 freshmen, and Top 15 junior high wrestlers.

B.J. Clagon (Photo/Rob Preston)
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Below is a sneak peek at the top wrestlers in each grade.

Seniors (Top Ten):
1. Bo Jordan (St. Paris Graham, Ohio)
2. Adam Coon (Fowlerville, Mich.)
3. Zain Retherford (Benton, Pa.)
4. Ben Whitford (St. Johns, Mich.)
5. Isaiah Martinez (Lemoore, Calif.)
6. J'den Cox (Hickman, Mo.)
7. Anthony Ashnault (South Plainfield, N.J.)
8. Joey Dance (Christiansburg, Va.)
9. Oliver Pierce (Allen, Texas)
10. B.J. Clagon (Toms River South, N.J.)

Juniors (Top Five):
1. Chance Marsteller (Kennard Dale, Pa.)
2. Kyle Snyder (Good Counsel, Md.)
3. Bryce Brill (Mount Carmel, Ill.)
4. Nick Nevills (Clovis, Calif.)
5. Solomon Chisko (Canon McMillan, Pa.)

Sophomores (Top Five):
1. Zahid Valencia (St. John Bosco, Calif.)
2. Fox Baldwin (Osceola, Fla.)
3. Myles Martin (McDonogh, Md.)
4. Michael Kemerer (Franklin Regional, Pa.)
5. Matthew Kolodzik (Blair Academy, N.J.)

Freshmen (Top Five):
1. Aaron Pico (St. John Bosco, Calif.)
2. Mark Hall (Apple Valley, Minn.)
3. Mason Manville (Blair Academy, N.J.)
4. Alex Marinelli (St. Paris Graham, Ohio)
5. Nick Suriano (Bergen Catholic, N.J.)

Junior High (Top Five):
1. Spencer Lee (Pennsylvania)
2. Brady Berge (Minnesota)
3. Cade Olivas (California)
4. Jelani Embree (Michigan)
5. Nick Lee (Indiana)


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DannyClarke (1) about 5 years ago
Isaiah coming in a little high at #5 considering he's only the #3 wrestler in his own weight class.
turkpeterson87 (1) about 5 years ago
Yankeefan33 (1) about 5 years ago
Well Bo is the 2013 #1, and Marsteller is the 2014 #1, so those are good company. Also, Isaiah's only 2 losses in the last 2 years are to Bo, and he has beaten everyone else by a decent margin.
turkpeterson87 (1) about 5 years ago
How is Tomasello not in the top 10? I don't understand how no one gives him credit. The kid wins everything that he enters.
matman133 (1) about 5 years ago
So true!!!!!
rick smith (1) about 5 years ago
how can u make Kyle Snyder "wrestler of the year" & have him in 2nd position behind Chance Marsteller in top juniors of the 2014 class???
help me understand????
Juniors (Top Five):
1. Chance Marsteller
2. Kyle Snyder
3. Bryce Brill
4. Nick Nevills
5. Solomon Chisko
Yankeefan33 (1) about 5 years ago
Well Marsteller didn't compete in Ironman. Snyder won Ironman, Beast, POWERade, and every other tournament he entered in. Synder wrestled more matches, and I don't think he ever went into overtime (as Marsteller did with Wiercioch).
matman133 (1) about 5 years ago
All though with Snyder not wrestling his senior year, I don't suppose it makes much difference. But Marsteller is very good , I don't think he is in the same league with Snyder....At 160 I' m not sure f he could beat Jordan......