Dake selected as 2013 InterMat Wrestler of the Year

Kyle Dake, who made history two weeks ago by becoming a four-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion, capped off his brilliant career at Cornell University by being named InterMat Wrestler of the Year for 2013, the amateur wrestling website announced Thursday afternoon.

Kyle Dake defeated David Taylor 5-4 in the NCAA finals (Photo/Tony Rotundo,
This award, presented each year since 2006 to the best college wrestler in all divisions, is based on the balloting of writers and executives at

Dake received a total of 82 votes, including eight first-place ballots, to earn the honor. In second place was Penn State's Ed Ruth, 2012 InterMat Wrestler of the Year, who garnered 70 votes, including one first-place vote. Also getting a first-place vote -- and a total of 42 votes -- was Ohio State's Logan Stieber, who placed third in the ballotting.

The senior from Ithaca, N.Y. completed his Cornell career with a raft of accomplishments, including a perfect 37-0 season. He won his third EIWA (Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association) title with a 20-5 technical fall victory over No. 7 seed Josh Houldsworth of Columbia, and garnered the Outstanding Wrestler, Fletcher (for most team points in a career) and Sheridan (most pins in the championship bracket) awards at the conference championships. At the 2013 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships in Des Moines, the top-seeded Dake was not scored upon in his first four matches on his way to the much-anticipated 165-pound title match with defending champ David Taylor of Penn State. Dake prevailed, 5-4, to become the third four-time NCAA D1 champ, and the first to do it at four different weights, and without taking a redshirt.

2013 InterMat Wrestler of the Year
1st-5th-Place Votes: 9-7-5-3-1
Total Votes/(First-Place Votes)

1. Kyle Dake, Cornell, 82 (8)
2. Ed Ruth, Penn St., 70 (1)
3. Logan Stieber, Ohio St., 42 (1)
4. Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma St., 21
5. Quentin Wright, Penn St., 19
6. David Taylor, Penn St., 7
7. Tony Ramos, Iowa, 5
8. Kendric Maple, Oklahoma, 4
"No other wrestler this season, or perhaps in the history of college wrestling, was more earnest in accepting a challenge than Kyle Dake," said InterMat senior writer T.R. Foley. "By jumping a weight class to take on David Taylor, Dake proved that he not only loved to win, but enjoyed the challenge of competition. His fourth title is a tribute to the competitive spirit of wrestlers around the world."

Past Winners:
2013: Kyle Dake, Cornell
2012: Ed Ruth, Penn State
2011: Jordan Burroughs, Nebraska
2010: Jayson Ness, Minnesota
2009: Jake Herbert, Northwestern
2008: Brent Metcalf, Iowa
2007: Ben Askren, Missouri
2006: Ben Askren, Missouri


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buford (2) about 5 years ago
How does somebody that didn't even win the NCAA title get votes for Wrestler of the Year?
cwills120145 (1) about 5 years ago
Taylor and Ramos didn't get first place votes, they might have gotten 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th place votes, which got them a few points
donkeylips (1) about 5 years ago
I agree. How are you even eligible for votes if you don't win an NCAA championship. I can't argue that David Taylor isn't an amazing wrestler and he has accomplished many things, however, he wasn't even the best wrestler in his weight class. Doesn't make sense.
cjstroot (1) about 5 years ago
I guess Tony Nelson needs to win 3 to get a vote.
TooOld (1) about 5 years ago
Taylor deserves top-5 votes. He dominated all season (except for a 1-point loss to the Wrestler of the Year) and pinned everybody at nationals (except for a 1-point loss to the Wrestler of the Year). He won 30 matches - and only ONE was by regular decision. That's ridiculously good (and racked up crazy points for his team).

If any of the undefeated guys had the Wrestler of the Year in their weight class, they probably wouldn't have been undefeated either.

My ballot (if I had one) might go Dake - Ruth - Stieber - Oliver - Taylor. (Wish I could vote for more than 5 so I could add Maple / Wright / Nelson.)