InterMat Staff Predictions: T.R. Foley

125: Jesse Delgado (Illinois) over Alan Waters (Missouri)
The weight class with the most upsets each year isn't likely to see many before the quarterfinals. Matt McDonough (Iowa) will search for third title from the third seed, but won't be able to figure out his nemesis Jesse Delgado. Alan Waters falls short of the perfect season.

133: Logan Stieber (Ohio State) over Tony Ramos (Iowa)
Logan Stieber won't be challenged until reaching the finals against Iowa's Tony Ramos. Look for Ramos to put on an inspired performance in front of his fans, but drop a close decision to the much larger Stieber.

141: Hunter Stieber (Ohio State) over Kendric Maple (Oklahoma)
The most overlooked weight class in the NCAA this season will feature two undefeated, and largely untested wrestlers, Hunter Stieber and Kendric Maple. Look for Stieber to slow Maple down and earn a 4-3 decision.

149: Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota)
He's wrestling on the same planet as Ed Ruth, so look for Oliver to find his second NCAA championship. Ness will be a tough opponent, only losing 6-4 in their last meeting and wrestling his best at the end of the year. Call it 9-5 Oliver.

157: Jason Welch (Northwestern) over Derek St. John (Iowa)
Jason Welch versus his nemesis Derek St. John could be the second best finals matchup of the night. DSJ owns all the wins in their series, but with one final shot at an NCAA title and wrestling his best when it matters the most. I like Welch in a tight battle

165: David Taylor (Penn State) over Kyle Dake (Cornell)
Really, what don't you know about these guys at this point? Back your horse. I've got Taylor.

174: Matt Brown (Penn State) over Chris Perry (Oklahoma State)
I'm the Illinois Chapter President of the Matt Brown fan club. He'll need to get past a game Todd Porter of Missouri in the first round, but should he show his talents early, I'll bet him late.

184: Ed Ruth (Penn State) over Ben Bennett (Central Michigan)
Should he dominate like he did last year at the NCAA tournament, then look for Ruth to win the InterMat Wrestler of the Year. Ben Bennett is all man, but he'll drop a three-point decision.

197: Dustin Kilgore (Kent State) over Quentin Wright (Penn State)
Were it not for Dake and Taylor, then Dustin Kilgore and Quentin Wright's matchup would be the most expected of the tournament. Both are national champions with big move potential. Kilgore will control the pace and the scoring.

285: Tony Nelson (Minnesota) over Dom Bradley (Missouri)
There isn't much movement at the heavies, and when the top three wrestlers have all beaten each other, I'll lean on the team (Minnesota) that produces heavyweight champions. Look for Nelson to repeat.

1. Penn State
2. Oklahoma State
3. Minnesota
4. Missouri
5. Iowa


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