The MMA Outsider: Episode 89

It's the fight fans had been waiting for and then thought they wouldn't get ... but now they are ... or something. Anyway, UFC 158 will feature Georges St. Pierre defending his welterweight title against Nick Diaz, a fighter coming off of a loss but bolstered by his ability to talk trash and skip media gatherings. GSP has been questioned for his inability to finish fights, whereas Diaz gets plenty of fanfare for his go-forward-at-all-costs style. As a result, some people think the challenger can pull off the upset. Richard and John are not in that group. In the co-main event, supposed No. 1 contender Johnny Hendricks thought he'd be getting his title shot by now. Instead he gets the consolation prize, taking on former interim champ and recent challenger Carlos Condit in an intriguing clash of styles. Rounding out the show, the boys talk about the professionalism and integrity of a "fight" doctor that thinks he can diagnose people he's never examined.

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