Bloomsburg ends regular season with win

BLOOMSBURG -- The 16th-ranked Bloomsburg University wrestling ended its regular season with a 36-9 win over Binghamton University on senior night at the Nelson Field House. Before the match the Huskies honored its four seniors on this years' team, Dan Gaylord (Vestal, NY/Vestal), Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor), Josh Roosa (Mountaintop/Crestwood) and Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney).

The Huskies won the first six matches of the evening racing out to a 27-0 lead before Binghamton finally got on the board. Bloomsburg's Sean Boylan (Seaville, NJ/St. Marks) got the night going with a win by fall with Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central), ranked 11th at 133, scoring a win by tech fall, 20-3, in 6:22. Matt Rappo (Holland/Council Rock South) followed with a win by decision at 141 before Josh Roosa (Mountaintop/Crestwood) won by major decision at 149 pounds. At 157 pounds, Hickman, ranked 12th, also won by major decision 16-3, with Kevin Hartnett (Staten Island, NY/Monsignor Farrell) following with a tech fall win at 165.

After the Bearcats scored wins at 174 and 184, Bloomsburg closed out the night with a win by decision from Andre Petroski (Glenn Mills/Springfield) and a forfeit win for Justin Grant (Easton/Easton).

The Huskies improved to 17-3 on the year, while Binghamton falls to 5-13. The Huskies will now get ready for the EWL (Eastern Wrestling League) Championships to be held at Edinboro on March 9.


125—Sean Boylan (Seaville, NJ/St. Marks) (BL) vs. Mike Sardo (BING)…Boylan opened the match with a takedown 20 seconds into action….Mike Sardo escaped with 2:12 left in the first period…Boylan with a takedown with 1:04 left to go up 4-1…Boylan starts down and escapes a few seconds in… Boylan leads 5-1 after two…Sardo chooses down to start third…Sardo let up by Boylan…Boylan with a quick takedown gets Sardo on his back. Boylan wins by fall in 5:46.

133—Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central) (BL) and Dylan Cohen (BING)…Wilcox with a takedown….Wilcox finally turns Cohen and gets a three-point near fall….Wilcox leads 5-0 after one….Wrestlers start neutral…Wilcox with a takedown followed by Wilcox letting Cohen up…Wilcox with a leg followed by a takedown at the edge of the mat...Wilcox lets the escape…Wilcox with another takedown, his third of the period…Wilcox turns Cohen and gets two point near fall…Wilcox lead 13-2 after two….Neutral to start…Wilcox gets a takedown at the edge of the mat…Cohen let up…Wilcox with takedown…Wilcox turns Cohen for two points. Wilcox wins by tech fall in 6:22, 20-3.

141—Matt Rappo (Holland/Council Rock South) (BL) and Joe Bonaldi ( BING)…Both wrestlers working at the head looking for an edge through the first two and a half minutes…A wild scramble at the end of the period results in a Rappo takedown and a 2-0 lead after one…Bonaldi down to start…Bonaldi with an escape for Binghamton…Rappo leads 2-1 after two…Rappo down to start…Rappo escapes to start the period… Bonaldi gets a takedown after a wild scramble…Bonaldi lets Rappo up…Rappo with a takedown…followed by three-point near fall. Rappo wins 9-3.

149—Josh Roosa (Mountaintop/Crestwood) (BL) vs Ben Price (BING)…Roosa with takedown 39 seconds into match…Roosa turns Price and gets two-point near fall… After a restart Roosa gets second, two-point near fall of the period…Roosa leads 6-0 after one period…Price chooses down to start…Price let out by Roosa…Roosa makes a quick move on a restart and gets takedown to go up 8-1…Stalling warning on Price…period ends with Roosa up 8-1…Neutral to start the third…Roosa with another takedown…Stalling warning on Price with Roosa being awarded a point (11-1)…With riding time of 5:04 Roosa wins 12-1.

157—Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney) (BL) vs. Jack McKeever (BING)…Hickman with a takedown one second into match going for McKeever on the whistle…McKeever point when Hickman lets him up…Hickman with a takedown with a minute left in the match….Hickman leads 4-1 after one.. Neutral to start second…Hickman blocks move and takes down McKeever…McKeever escape…Hickman takedown…Hickman leads 8-2 after two..Neutral to start third…Hickman takedown followed by escape (let up) for McKeever…Hickman takedown…McKeever stalling warning on bottom…Hickman with three-point near fall (15-3)…With riding time Hickman wins 16-3.

165—Kevin Hartnett (Staten Island, NY/Monsignor Farrell) (BU) vs. Brian Conrad (BING)…Hartnett with a quick takedown to start…Conrad with an escape...Hartnett with a second takedown…Hartnett gets a three-point near fall…followed by another three point near fall…two more near fall points (12-1)…ends the period up 14-1…Conrad down to start second…Conrad let up to start…Takedown Conrad….Hartnett escape followed by a takedown…Three point near fall with riding time. Harnett with riding time tech fall 3:53…20-4..

174—Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor) (BL) vs. John Paris (BING)…Paris with the early takedown…Smith with a reversal 24 seconds later to tie the score at 2-2..Paris with the escape followed by a takedown…Paris leads 5-2 after one…Smith down to start…Smith escapes to start the period…Smith gets Paris to the mat and gets the takedown…Paris with an escape followed by takedown for Paris to take an 8-5 lead..On the restart Smith gets to his feet but can't get out as the buzzer sounds…Paris down to start third…Smith lets Paris out to start…Paris with another takedown and now leads 11-5…Paris and Smith locked at the edge of the mat…Smith with a reversal…Price leads 11-7…Smith lets Price up…Smith the takedown with nine seconds left. Restart…Smith nearly turns Paris hangs on for win..

184—Sam Shirey (Beaver Springs/Midd-West) (BL) vs. Cody Reed (BING)…Shirey with a takedown at the edge of the mat…Reed with the escape...Reed and Shirey at the edge of the mat…Scramble though results in no points…Shirey on restart able to get takedown at the edge of the mat…Shirey leads 4-1…Caution Reed on restart…Period ends with Shirey on top 4-1…Reed down to start…Reed escapes out eight seconds in…Period ends with Shirey up 4-2…Shirey down to start…Shirey escapes 16 seconds in to make it a 4-3 match…Reed with a takedown on the edge of the mat…Reed gets Shirey on his back…Finally pins Shirey in 6:35.

197—Andre Petroski (Glenn Mills/Springfield) (BL) vs. Caleb Wallace (BING)…Wallace with a takedown which he nearly turns into near fall points but wrestlers end up out of bounds…Petroski with the escape…Wallace with the takedown…Petroski with the escape…Wallace goes for a takedown that Petroski turns into his own takedown…Match tied at 4-4 after one period..Neutral to start second….After nearly the entire period locked up battle Wallace gets a takedown with 15 seconds left followed by a Petroski reversal with one second left…match tied at 6-6 after two periods…Petroski down to start…He quickly escapes…then works a takedown to lead 9-6…Wallace with a reversal followed by Petroski escape..Petroski leading 10-8…Petroski with a takedown with 20 seconds left in the match..Wallace let up…Petroski wins 12-9.

285—Bloomsburg's Justin Grant (Easton/Easton) wins by forfeit.

125 Sean Boylan (Seaville, NJ/St. Marks) (Bloomsburg) won by pin over Mike Sardo (Binghamton) 5:46.
133 #11 Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central) (Bloomsburg) won by tech fall over Dylan Cohen (Binghamton) 6:22 20-3.
141 Matt Rappo (Holland/Council Rock South) (Bloomsburg) won by decision over Joe Bonaldi (Binghamton) 9-3.
149 Josh Roosa (Mountaintop/Crestwood) (Bloomsburg) won by major decision over Ben Price (Binghamton) 12-1.
157 #12 Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney) (Bloomsburg) won by major decision over Jack McKeever (Binghamton) 16-3.
165 Kevin Hartnett (Staten Island, NY/Monsignor Farrell) (Bloomsburg) won by tech fall over Brian Conrad (Binghamton) 3:53 20-4.
174 John Paris (Binghamton) won by decision over Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor) (Bloomsburg) 12-9.
184 Cody Reed (Binghamton) won by pin over Sam Shirey (Beaver Springs/Midd-West) (Bloomsburg) 6:35.
197 Andre Petroski (Glenn Mills/Springfield) (Bloomsburg) won by decision over Caleb Wallace (Binghamton) 12-9.
285 #17 Justin Grant (Easton/Easton) (Bloomsburg) won by forfeit


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