Bloomsburg defeats Edinboro on criteria

BLOOMSBURG -- The 19th-ranked Bloomsburg University wrestling scored a 19-18 win over 15th-ranked Edinboro University Friday night in a match decided on the third criteria, total match points. The Huskies won on total match points (52-41). It was the first win for the Huskies over Edinboro since the 2004-05 season.

Edinboro raced out to a 15-0 lead after the first four weights before the Huskies rallied winning four of the next five matches. The Fighting Scots still led 18-15 going to the final bout at 285 pounds, but the Huskies' Justin Grant (Easton/Easton) scored a 9-4 win to tie the match at 18-18.

The first tiebreaker rule is number of matches won by each team, which was equal at 5-5. The next tiebreaker is which team had the most combined falls and tech falls, which was tied at 1-1. Going to the third tiebreaker is total match points (after throwing out the fall and tech fall bouts). That was won by the Huskies, 52-41.

"This was a great win for us," said the emotionally drained coach of the Huskies John Stutzman. "We didn't wrestle well at the start of the match, but Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney)'s win by tech fall gave us a spark which got the team going."

"I did think, though, that after we lost at 184 pounds there was no chance for us," Stutzman said. "But Rich (Perry) scored a big major decision win and Justin Grant (Easton/Easton) was outstanding in beating a top-20 wrestler at 285 pounds."

"It's been a few years (seven) since we last beat Edinboro so this is a big step forward for our program," said Stutzman. "We just can't get too high with a win like this and need to stay focused on our goals."

The Fighting Scots jumped out to a 15-0 lead after four weight classes helped along with by pin from fourth-ranked A.J. Schopp at 133 pounds who beat 14th-ranked Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central) in 2:29.

Bloomsburg started its rally with 19-4 win from 12th-ranked Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney) at 157 pounds which was followed by a win for 12th-ranked Josh Veltre (Rochester, NY/Greece Olympia), 5-2, over Johnny Greishmeimer. The Huskies' Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor) followed up with a 6-2 win at 174 pounds before Bloomsburg's Andre Petroski (Glenn Mills/Springfield) lost 3-2 at 184 pounds making it 18-11 in favor of Edinboro. Perry though came back with a big win at 197 pounds winning 23-9 making it 18-15 setting up the exciting final match. Justin Grant (Easton/Easton), ranked 16th, won 9-4 over number 18 Ernest James setting the tiebreaking wheels in motion.

Bloomsburg, 12-2, wrestles at Cleveland State on Feb. 2. Edinboro drops to 7-4 with the loss.

125: Kory Mines (EU) dec. Sean Boylan (Seaville, NJ/St. Marks) (BU), 6-3
133: # 4 A.J. Schopp (EU) won by fall over #14 Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central) (BU), 2:29
141: #5 Mitchell Port (EU) dec. Matt Rappo (Holland/Council Rock South) (BU), 11-4
149: #16 Dave Habat (EU) dec. Josh Roosa (Mountaintop/Crestwood) (BU)
157: #12 Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney) (BU) tech fall over Michael DePalma (EU), 19-4, 7:00
165: #12 Josh Veltre (Rochester, NY/Greece Olympia) (BU) dec. Johnny Greishmeimer (EU), 5-2
174: Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor) (BU) dec. Patrick Jennings (EU), 6-2
184: Vince Pickett (EU) dec. Andre Petroski (Glenn Mills/Springfield) (BU), 3-2
197: #17 Richard Perry (Meriden, CT/Middletown) (BU) maj dec. Warren Bosch (EU), 23-9
285: #16 Justin Grant (Easton/Easton) (BU) dec. #18 Ernest James (EU

Play by Play:

125: The was no action in the opening two minutes of the match as both wrestlers were locked at the shoulders ... Edinboro's Kory Mines made the first scoring attempt with a shot to the leg and scored the takedown with 29 seconds left in the period ... Sean Boylan (Seaville, NJ/St. Marks) escapes with three seconds to go. Mines leads 2-1 at the end of one ... .Boylan starts on bottom at beginning of second ... Boylan gets to his feet and escapes with 1:27 left in second ... There was no further scoring in the second. Tied at 2-2 at end of second ... Mines takes bottom to start ... .Mines back to his feet and escapes just 10 seconds in to the period to grab the lead ... Mines gets Boylan down with 1:04 left to lead 5-2 ... Boylan escapes with 40 seconds left..Now 5-3 Mines ... Boylan's attempt at leg blocked by Mines ... With riding time Mines wins 6-3.

133: In a battle of ranked wrestlers EU's Schopp scores first takedown of BU's Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central) with 2:06 left in first period ... Schopp working on a tilt ... gets two near fall points to lead 4-0 ... Schopp with another tilt ... gets four back points ... Schopp gets Wilcox on his back ... gets win by fall in 2:29.

141: Bloomsburg's Matt Rappo (Holland/Council Rock South) gets takedown at 1:58 of first against Mitchell Port ... Port escapes ... both wrestlers go to the mat ... both wrestlers on the edge of the mat ... whistle sends them neutral...Port blocks the shot attempt by Rappo and gets his own takedown with six seconds left...Port up 3-2 at end of one ... Port down to start the second ... Port to his feet and works out of hold 16 seconds into the period ... Port gets takedown with 48 seconds left in period ... Port trying to turn Rappo but the period ends with Port up 6-2 ... Port leads 6-2 going to third period ... Port working to turn Rappo but Rappo fights it off ... Rappo to his feet and escapes with 1:23 left in match ... Rappo goes for the leg, but Port counters it and gets a takedown ... Rappo escapes but Port gets the takedown and with riding time wins 11-4.

149: No action in the early going as both Josh Roosa (Mountaintop/Crestwood) of BU and EU's Dave Habat are locked at the shoulder ... A quick flurry of action results in no scoring though ... No scoring at the end of one period ... EU's Habat starts on bottom for second period ... Habat escapes 15 seconds into the period to lead 1-0 ... .Habat goes for Roosa's legs, but ruled out of bounds ... Roosa gets a leg and both wrestlers go to the mat, but no finish for either wrestler ... Habat scores the first takedown with 10 seconds left in the period ... Roosa working to escape but period ends with Habat leading 3-0 ... Roosa down to start the third ... Roosa fighting to get to his feet, but Habat brings him back to the mat ... Habat keeps Roosa down and match ends with Habat winning 4-0 with riding time.

157: BU's Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney) gets EU's DePalma to the mat, but can't secure takedown ... DePalma to his feet ... Hickman on the edge of the mat finally gets a leg and takes down DePalma with 1:13 left in the first ... Period ends with Hickman leading 2-0 ... DePalma starts on bottom ... Hickman building up riding time ... DePalma escapes, but 2:10 of riding time for Hickman ... Hickman gets a leg and gets the takedown ... Hickman working on the tilt ... Gets three near fall points ... Hickman leads 7-1 at the end of two ... Neutral to start the third ... Hickman with takedown ... DePalma escape ... Hickman with takedown ... .DePalma escape ... Hickman takedown to lead 13-3 ... DePalma let up ... Hickman with takedown on edge of the mat ... Hickman with three near fall points ... Hickman with riding time wins 19-4 to get tech fall.

165: After a slow start BU's Veltre makes the first move, but EU's Greishmeimer blocks the move...No scoring in the period ... Greishmeimer starts down ... Greishmeimer escapes ... Both wrestlers making moves, but not finishing ... Periods with Greishmeimer leading 1-0 ... Veltre down to start the third ... Veltre to his feet and works the escape with 1:44 to go ... A wild scramble that starts with Veltre making a move finally ends with Veltre getting a takedown ... Escape for Greishmeimer followed by a takedown for Veltre ... Veltre wins 5-2.

174: BU's Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor) and EU's Patrick Jennings go after each other right from the start ... Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor) in a wild scramble gets the takedown ... Jennings with an escape ... Period ends with Smith leading 2-1 ... Smith chooses down to start the third ... Smith escapes to start the period ... Smith goes for the leg, but after 30 seconds a stalemate is called ... Jennings makes a move for legs, but Smith backs away ... Jennings wraps the legs but period ends with Smith leading 3-1 ... Jennings takes down to start ... Jennings trying to get to his feet, but Smith slams him back to the mat ... Smith with over a minute of riding time ... Jennings with an escape ... Jennings' move blocked by Smith ... Smith gets takedown at buzzer ... with riding time Smith wins 6-2.

184: Both wrestlers dancing around the mat slapping at head, but no scoring in the period ... Petroski chooses bottom to start second ... Petroski escapes for first scoring of the match ... No further scoring ... Petroski leads 1-0 ... EU's Vince Pickett down to start ... Gets a reversal in first five seconds ... Lots of action ... near escape for Petroski ... but Pickett still in control ... Petroski escapes on the whistle....match tied at 2-2 ... Pickett wins 3-2 with 1:19 of riding time.

197: Richard Perry (Meriden, CT/Middletown) opens the scoring with a takedown with 2:12 left in the period ... EU's Warren Bosch escapes ... Perry comes back with hard takedown ... Bosch escapes ... Perry with takedown at the end of the first ... Perry leads 6-2 ... Neutral to start the second ... Perry with a takedown ... Perry going for the pin, but Bosch works out of it ... three near fall points ... Bosch let up ... Perry back on him for a takedown ... Bosch let up ... Perry takedown ... Perry leads 15-4 at the end of two ... Bosch down to start the period ... Bosch escape ... Perry with a takedown ... Bosch escape ... Perry with another hard takedown ... Bosch escape ... Bosch with a takedown ... Perry with an escape ... Perry comes back with his own takedown ... With 2:02 of riding time.. .Perry wins 23-9.

285: In another battle of ranked wrestlers outside of slapping at the head there was not much action between EU's Ernest James and BU's Justin Grant (Easton/Easton) ... No score at end of one period ... Grant takes down to start ... Grant quickly to his feet and gets the escape ... Grant gets a point for stalling ... Grant with a takedown ... James gets the escape ... Period ends with Grant leading 4-1 ... James down to start and escapes to make it 4-2 ... Stalling on James ... pointed awarded to Grant ... He leads 5-2 ... Grant gets the legs and records a takedown at the edge of the mat with 38 seconds left ... Grant lets James up ... grant with takedown ... James let up ... times runs out ... Grant wins 9-4.


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