Cornell picks up road wins over Brown, Harvard

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- The No. 6 Big Red wrestling team picked up two Ivy victories on Saturday against Brown and Harvard. Cornell defeated Brown, 35-6, in the afternoon before picking up a 24-15 win over Harvard in the evening. Kyle Dake pinned both of his opponents on the day. Steve Bosak and Chris Villalonga also added falls.

Before the dual against Brown began, senior Joe Stanzione picked up a 6-3 exhibition win over Zachary Tanenbaum at 141 pounds.

After the national anthem and introductions, the dual began at 125 pounds. No. 6 ranked Garrett faced Billy Waterson. Garrett had a takedown right off the whistle and returned his opponent to the mat a few times when he would work his way to his feet.
Garrett added three back points on a tilt to take a 5-0 lead into the second. Garrett immediately escaped from his opening down position in the second and added a double leg takedown. With three more back points, Garrett was up 11-0 going into the third. Garrett let Tanenbaum up from his opening down position in the third looking to score a tech fall. He added two more takedowns, but came up just one takedown short and settled for a 16-3 major decision.

At 133 pounds, sophomore Bricker Dixon took on Beau Martino. Dixon held a 4-0 lead after the first with a takedown and two back points. Dixon escaped from his opening down position in the second and added a double leg takedown. The Big Red wrestler let his opponent up looking to score again, but time ran out in the period. In the third, Dixon let Martino up from his opening down position. Martino notched his first takedown of the match, but Dixon would escape to win an 8-4 decision.

Brown's Cortlandt Choate got on the board first with a takedown at 141 pounds against No. 6 Mike Nevinger. Nevinger spun out for an escape to come within a point. Choate chose to start the second at neutral, and neither wrestler scored in the period. Nevinger chose top in the third and added a nearfall at the end of the period. With riding time, he won a 4-2 decision.

At 149 pounds, No. 15 ranked Villalonga gave up the first takedown. The Big Red junior escaped and grabbed a takedown of his own and pinned his opponent in 2:57.

Jesse Shanaman took the mat against Phil Marano. After a scoreless first period, Shanaman had a one point lead after the second with an opening escape. Shanaman rode Marano out in the third to win a 2-0 decision.

No. 1 ranked Dake made quick work of Jack Roberts at 165 pounds. Dake quickly took down his opponent and added a three point nearfall before winning by fall in 1:26.

At 174 pounds, Marshall Peppelman wrestled against Ricky McDonald. The two were scoreless after the first period. McDonald escaped from his choice in the second, but Peppelman took his down to hold a 2-1 advantage. Peppelman escaped to open the third to win a 3-1 decision.

No. 4 ranked Bosak faced Ophir Bernstein at 184 pounds. Bosak grabbed a takedown off a single leg and racked up 2:32 in riding time in the first period. Bosak quickly escaped to open the second and added a takedown off a scramble to hold a 5-0. The Big Red senior tried to turn his opponent, but Bernstein kept level. Bernstein escaped, but the returning NCAA champion immediately took him down again. Bosak added a takedown in the third to win a 10-2 major decision.

At 197 pounds, Jace Bennett and Sterling Hecox traded shots back and forth before the Brown wrestler came out on top for a takedown. Bennett quickly escaped, but Hecox caught him and pinned him in 1:35.

At heavyweight, Stryker Lane faced DJ Ingham. Lane took down his opponent at the edge of the mat, but Ingham would escape after Lane accumulated 23 seconds of riding time. Ingham couldn't escape from his choice down position in the second, and Lane added to his riding time. Lane quickly escaped from his opening down position in the third and added a takedown midway through the period. With 3:37 in riding time, Lane won a 6-1 decision.

Exhibition: 141: Joe Stanzione dec. Zachary Tanenbaum (Brown), 6-3
125: No. 8 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) maj. dec. Billy Watterson (Brown) , 16-3 (Cornell, 4-0)
133: Bricker Dixon (Cornell) dec. Beau Martino (Brown), 9-4 (Cornell, 7-0)
141: No. 6 Mike Nevinger (Cornell) dec. Cortlandt Choate (Brown), 4-2 (Cornell, 10-0)
149: No. 15 Chris Villalonga (Cornell) win by fall Grant Overcashier (Brown), 2:57 (Cornell, 16-0)
157: Jesse Shanaman (Cornell) dec. Phil Marano (Brown), 2-0 (Cornell, 19-0)
165: No. 1 Kyle Dake (Cornell) win by fall Jack Roberts (Brown) 1:26 (Cornell, 25-0)
174: Marshall Peppelman (Cornell) dec. Ricky McDonald (Brown), 3-1 (Cornell, 28-0)
184: No. 4 Steve Bosak (Cornell) maj. dec. Ophir Bernstein (Brown), 10-2 (Cornell, 32-0)
197: Sterling Hecox (Brown) win by fall Jace Bennett, 1:35 (Cornell, 32-6)
HWT: Stryker Lane (Cornell) dec. DJ Ingham (Brown), 6-1

Harvard Match

At 125 pounds, No. 8 Garrett had a high scoring first period against Jeff Ott. Garrett notched the first takedown 10 seconds into the period, but Ott reversed him. Garrett escaped, but Ott took him down again and added three back points. Garrett escaped and grabbed a takedown. Garrett chose an optional start at center, but he was unable to score again and trailed 8-6. Ott chose to start the second down and Garrett had three huge mat returns to stay on top. Garrett had a two-point nearfall to tie the score 8-8. Garrett chose to start the third down and quickly escaped. He grabbed a takedown, putting Ott right to his back for back points. With another takedown and riding time, Garrett won a 17-9 major decision.

After a scoreless first period, Dixon escaped from his opening down position against Ryan Osleeb at 133 pounds. Osleeb escaped to open the third. He took down Dixon with 38 seconds left to take a 3-1 lead. Dixon escaped, but was unable to score and Osleeb won a 3-2 decision.

At 141 pounds, Joe Stanzione took on No. 10 Steven Keith. Keith held an 8-0 lead with riding time going into the third period. Stanzione chose top for the third. Stanzione depleted riding time, added a point after Keith was hit with his second stall warning. Keith won by an 8-1 decision.

No. 15 Villalonga took on Todd Preston at 149 pounds. Villalonga racked up an 11-0 lead after the first with a takedown and three, three-point nearfalls. Preston chose neutral to start the second. Villalonga grabbed a takedown and with two more back points won a 15-0 tech fall in 6:43.

At 157 pounds, Shanaman faced No. 8 Walter Peppelman. After a scoreless first period, Peppelman escaped from his opening down position in the second. Shanaman chose neutral in the third and thought he had a takedown at the end of the bout, but the referee said time had run out. Peppelman won a 1-0 decision.

At 165, Dake won by fall for the second time on the day. He pinned Devon Gobbo in 1:02.

At 174 pounds, Cameron Croy took down Marshall Peppelman with 11 seconds left in the first. Croy chose neutral in the second, but neither wrestler scored. Peppelman escaped to open the third, but Croy took him down again to win a 4-3 decision.

No. 4 Bosak had a 5-0 lead over Josh Popple at 184 pounds, before he won by fall in 2:25.

At 197 pounds, James Fox won an 8-5 decision over Jace Bennett.

After a scoreless first period, Lane reversed David Ng to start the second period. Ng chose neutral to start the third. Lane got hurt towards the end of the period, and Ng took advantage to score a controversial takedown. Despite the injury, Lane powered his way to a reversal and added two backpoints to win a 6-2 decision.

Cornell will play host to Penn and Oregon State next weekend.

Cornell 24, Harvard 15
125: No. 8 Nahshon Garrett maj. dec. Jeff Ott, 17-9 (Cornell, 4-0)
133: Ryan Osleeb dec. Dixon, 3-2 (Cornell, 4-3)
141: No. 10 Steven Keith dec. Joe Stanzione, 8-1. (Harvard, 6-4)
149: No. 15 Chris Villalonga tech fall Todd Preston 15-0 (6:43) (Cornell, 9-6)
157: No. 8 Walter Peppelman dec. Shanaman, 2-1 (Tied, 9-9)
165: No. 1 Kyle Dake win by fall Devon Gobbo, 1:02 (Cornell, 15-9)
174: Cameron Croy dec. Marshall Peppelman, 4-3 (Cornell, 15-12)
184: No. 4 Steve Bosak win by fall Josh Popple (Harvard), 2:25 (Cornell, 21-12)
197: James Fox dec. Jace Bennett, 8-5 (Cornell, 21-15)
Hwt: Stryker Lane dec. David Ng, 6-2 (Cornell, 24-15)


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