Riordan's Roundup: Dec. 31 - Jan. 6


Tuesday, Jan. 1 - Wednesday, Jan. 2:

Southern Scuffle
The Alton-less Penn State Nittany Lions take first pretty comfortably over an impressive field, Number next to wrestler is InterMat ranking

125: Virginia's Matt Snyder offers a weird mix (and dangerous) mix of stuff. Megaludis simply offered too much crisp and clean technique in the finals. Good to see the Campbell Camels find the podium here.

1st: No. 2 Nico Megaludis (Penn State)
2nd: No. 8 Matt Snyder (Virginia)
3rd: No. 10 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell)
4th: Josh Martinez (Air Force)
5th: No. 13 Jerome Robinson (Old Dominion)
6th: Rob Deutsch (Old Dominion)
7th: Eric Montoya (Campbell)
8th: No. 20 David Terao (American)

133: Jon Morrison always has had the ability to be an NCAA finalist. I think that now he is just starting to believe in this ability. Morrison picks up clutch and pretty takedowns in the finals and semifinals to earn gold.

1st: No. 8 Jon Morrison (Oklahoma State)
2nd: No. 5 Christopher Dardanes (Minnesota)
3rd: No. 7 Nathan McCormick (Missouri)
4th: Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State)
5th: No. 15 George DiCamillo (Virginia)
6th: Zach Watson (Virginia)
7th: Mark Grey (Unattached)
8th: Jordan Thome (Army)

141: I'm broken hearted that "Ugi" Khishignyam falls in the finals here, but Mike Nevinger is a returning All-American, and Ugi still has tons of great moments ahead of him. ODU's Chris Mecate really impressed me with how tough he was. Fourth place in this field is nothing to sneeze at. I'd also like to take this chance to admire the impressive job Joe Heskett is doing at Army. The Black Knights landed in the top ten at this tournament and they did it relying on contributions from a good number of wrestlers.

1st: No. 9 Michael Nevinger (Cornell)
2nd-No. 4 Undrakhbayar Khishignyam (The Citadel)
3rd: No. 11 Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)
4th: Chris Mecate (Old Dominion)
5th: Connor Hanafee (Army)
6th: Julian Feikert (Oklahoma State)
7th: Dean Pavlou (Chattanooga)
8th: Bryan Pearsall (Penn State)

149: Wow, Jordan Oliver looks shockingly powerful for someone who was all the way down at 133 last year. I believe his move up to 149 will help him internationally and it appears to be helping him collegiately. Nothing is as fun as watching a well-fed JO. He's absolutely surgical on his feet and he was also having success cranking big 149 pounders into cradles both on the near and far side.

There is a name for PSU's James English if he wrestles for most other Division I universities: All American candidate.

Cole "Baron" Von Ohlen really took it to Dylan Ness in the semis. Afterward Ness defaulted to sixth place. I hope his injury issues are behind him.

1st: No. 1 Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State)
2nd: No. 5 Cole VonOhlen (Air Force)
3rd: James English (Penn State)
4th: No. 18 Drake Houdashelt (Missouri)
5th: No. 17 Christopher Villalonga (Cornell)
6th: No. 2 Dylan Ness (Minnesota)
7th: Luke Frey (Penn State)
8th: Dustin Walraven (South Dakota State)

157: Huge win for Jedd Moore in the finals here. Jedd had been around for a long time and been through a ton to get where he is. I am dearly hoping that he can stand somewhere on an NCAA podium at the end of this year.

1st: No. 16 Jedd Moore (Virginia)
2nd: James Vollrath (Penn State)
3rd: No. 8 Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State)
4th: Kyle Bradley (Missouri)
5th: Daniel Zilverberg (Minnesota)
6th: Spartak Chino (Ohio)
7th: Robert Burg (Navy)
8th: Matthew Frisch (The Citadel)

165: My question here is if Kyle Dake had the presence of mind to intentionally try to earn the rare standing reversal, or if he simply earned it in an effort to take Taylor to the mat in the third period? If it was intentional then Dake's wrestling IQ is truly something that needs to be marveled at. Oh, by the way, if anyone cares, I think the ref made the right calls at the end of this match and he deserves a ton of credit for performing properly in such a high-stress environment.

Here's looking forward to Dake-Taylor Part 3 in the NCAA finals. Taylor once again demonstrated his superiority over everyone else in the 165-pound field with and impressive showing against Tyler Caldwell in the semis.

1st: No. 1 Kyle Dake (Cornell)
2nd: No. 2 David Taylor (Penn State)
3rd: No. 3 Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State)
4th: No. 7 Nick Sulzer (Virginia)
5th: No. 12 Zach Toal (Missouri)
6th: Zachary Strickland (Appalachian State)
7th: No. 10 Cody Yohn (Minnesota)
8th: Harrison Hightower (Ohio)

174: I really wanted to see Matt Brown vs. Chris Perry in the finals in the matchup of the two wrestlers in the country I'd least like to actually have to wrestle. But it wasn't to be as Logan Storley shows why he is one of the nation's most dangerous wrestlers from bottom as he pins Brown in the semis.

Also, and I'm not looking this up, but I believe that Chris Perry has one loss since dropping to 174 in the middle of last season. Impressive.

1st: No. 1 Chris Perry (Oklahoma State)
2nd-No. 4 Logan Storley (Minnesota)
3rd: No. 3 Mathew Brown (Penn State)
4th: No. 16 Jon Fausey (Virginia)
5th: Todd Porter (Missouri)
6th: Blake Stauffer (Arizona State)
7th: Cody Walters (Ohio)
8th: Marshall Peppelman (Cornell)

Ed Ruth is 25-0 this season (Photo/Bill Ennis)
184: It appears that Ed Ruth isn't quite as devastating on top this year at 184 pounds, but he still isn't going to lose because nobody can beat him on their feet. Steve Bosak is an NCAA champ and is really, really hard to score on, but Ruth just does his thing where he sort of magically glides into deep and cleanly-finished shots. He makes it looks so danged easy.

1st: No. 1 Edward Ruth (Penn State)
2nd: No. 2 Steve Bosak (Cornell)
3rd: No. 3 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)
4th: No. 10 Mike Larson (Missouri)
5th: No. 12 Chris Chionuma (Oklahoma State)
6th: No. 15 Kevin Radford (Arizona State)
7th: John Eblen (Missouri)
8th: Mason Bailey (Navy)

197: Quentin Wright is the most exciting wrestler in college wrestling. No other wrestler even attempts the moves that he pulls off. They wouldn't even think about it. A roll through banana split to pin Jake Meredith in the finals. Wow

I will say that I am awfully impressed with Meredith, who look like he's going to be an All-American at this weight. Sometimes a move up in weight is all it takes.

1st: No. 3 Quentin Wright (Penn State)
2nd: No. 8 Jake Meredith (Arizona State)
3rd: No. 13 Brent Haynes (Missouri)
4th: Phillip Wellington (Ohio)
5th: No. 14 Scott Schiller (Minnesota)
6th: Conner Hartmann (Duke)
7th: Jace Bennett (Cornell)
8th: Joshua Mohr (Air Force)

285: Boring finals match aside, heavyweight at this tournament provided us with some seriously fun to watch and high scoring matches, as well as a loaded field.

A fifth-place finish by Jeremy Johnson caps off a big tournament for the Ohio Bobcats, who came home with a bunch of hardware. Also, Jimmy Lawson keeps improving. He's going to be dangerous come March, and as I've said before, a few wins at NCAA from Lawson might be all PSU needs to make it three in a row.

1st: No. 2 Dom Bradley (Missouri)
2nd: No. 1 Tony Nelson (Minnesota)
3rd: Nick Gwiazdowski (North Carolina State)
4th: No. 3 Alan Gelogaev (Oklahoma State)
5th: No. 17 Jeremy Johnson (Ohio)
6th: No. 16 Andrew Delaney (The Citadel)
7th: No. 15 James Lawson (Penn State)
8th: No. 14 Levi Cooper (Arizona State)

Dual Meets

Sunday, Jan. 6:

Appalachian State 28, SIU-Edwardsville 9

Arizona State 30, Stanford 6

Central Michigan 35, Bucknell 3

Columbia 28, Cal Poly 13

Robert Hamlin (Photo/Rob Preston)
Cornell 20, Lehigh 13
Here's a cool result. The No. 1 165-pounder in the country bumps up to beat the No. 11 174-pounder: Kyle Dake beats Nate Brown 9-3.

In an NCAA semifinal rematch, No. 5 Robert Hamlin beats No. 2 Steve Bosak 3-1, marking the rare week when a defending NCAA champ loses twice.

CSU Bakersfield 22, Columbia 12

Edinboro 28, Buffalo 9

Illinois 29, Chattanooga 10

Iowa 29, Purdue 9

Lock Haven 19, West Virginia 15

Michigan State 28, Bucknell 11

Northern Illinois 26, Appalachian State 12

Northern Illinois 31, SIU-Edwardsville 13

Ohio State 33, Northwestern 6
At 174 pounds, second-ranked Nick Heflin rebounds from a loss two days earlier to down ninth-ranked Lee Munster in tiebreakers, 2-1.

Penn 27, Arizona State 10

Penn 27, Stanford 6

Rutgers 21, Arizona State 12

Rutgers 33, Stanford 3

Virginia Tech 41, Duke 0

Wyoming 34, Cal Poly 6

Wyoming 20, CSU Bakersfield 12

Saturday, Jan. 5:

Boise State 19, Oregon State 15
Third-ranked 149-pounder Jason Chamberlain of BSU beats ninth-ranked Scott Sakaguchi in overtime.

At heavyweight, a high scoring affair as OSU's sixth-ranked Chad Hanke beats 10th-ranked J.T Felix, 11-6.

Bloomsburg 22, Maryland 15
Nick Wilcox of Bloomsburg upsets 12th-ranked Terp Geoff Alexander, 6-3.

Harvard 24, Rider 17

Oklahoma 19, Iowa State 15
141 pound top ranked Sooner Kendrick Maple blasts 15th-ranked Luke Goettl, 12-0.

At 165, fourth-ranked Bubby Graham of OU beats 20th-ranked Michael Moreno, 6-4.

Rider 24, Brown 9

Friday, Jan. 4:

Drexel 25, Northern Colorado 10

George Mason 18, Northern Colorado 17

Iowa 22, Ohio State 9
NCAA champion Logan Stieber was not in the lineup for Ohio State.

Matt McDonough of Iowa, ranked No. 1 at 125, bests the always tough 12th-ranked Nikko Triggas 10-5.

Second-ranked 141-pound Buckeye Hunter Steiber defeats eighth-ranked Mark Ballweg, 6-4.

At 149, No. 14 Cam Tessari of Ohio State edges No. 19 Mike Kelly of Iowa, 8-7.

At 174, seventh-ranked Hawkeye Mike Evans gets back points on second-ranked Nick Heflin in overtime, wins 9-4.

Ninth-ranked Ethen Lofthouse of Iowa wins by decision over 16th-ranked Kenny Courts of Ohio State, 5-3.

At heavyweight, No. 13 Peter Capone of Ohio State upsets No. 4 Bobby Telford of Iowa in the final match of the dual meet.

Purdue 26, Michigan State 10

Wyoming 20, Utah Valley 12

Thursday, Jan. 3:

Rutgers 29, CSU Bakersfield 9


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jimusmith (1) about 5 and a half years ago
Chris Pery only loss last year was in the semi at the ncaa's
textbookneed (1) about 5 and a half years ago
Ed Ruth isn't quite as devastating on top this year?? What?

He had nearly 3 minutes of riding time against Bosak. Cradles for pins, cradles for back points, and plenty of scoring on top.