Bloomsburg takes down Maryland

BLOOMSBURG -- The Bloomsburg University wrestling team scored wins in 6 of 10 matches and posted a 22-15 win over 20th-ranked University of Maryland at the Nelson Field House on Saturday.

The Huskies started the night with a big win by Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor) at 174 pounds, who scored a 17-0 win by technical fall. The Terrapins came back with wins in the next two bouts, including an upset of Bloomsburg's Richard Perry (Meriden, CT/Middletown), to go on top 9-5.

At heavyweight the Huskies Justin Grant (Easton/Easton) scored a 2-1 win, but following the end of the match Maryland's Dallas Brown was called for unsportsmanlike conduct with the Terps getting penalized one team point. At 125, Bloomsburg's Sean Boylan (Seaville, NJ/St. Marks) posted 4-1 win (tie-breaker) to put the Huskies on top 11-8.

At 133, the Huskies Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central) turned in a great effort and scored a 6-3 win over 12th-ranked Geoffrey Alexander. Wilcox sealed the win with a takedown in the final seconds. Maryland scored wins in the next two bouts, including a win by major decision at 149, to put the visitors on top 15-14.

But the Huskies finished the match with wins from two of its ranked wrestlers, Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney) and Josh Veltre (Rochester, NY/Greece Olympia), to pull out the win 22-15.

"That was a good team win for us," said Huskies head coach John Stutzman. "Anytime you beat a top-20 team it's a good win. The wrestler of the day for us had to be Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central), who beat a top-12 guy (Alexander). That was a huge win for us."

"Overall I am very pleased with our effort up and down the lineup," Stutzman added. "We have some things to work on, but we are going in the right direction."

The Huskies, 8-2, will be back in action on Sunday, Jan. 13, at the Pitt Duals. Maryland falls to 6-3 on the season.


174: Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor) (BU) vs. Aaron Norris (MD) -- Smith gets the first points with a takedown followed by three near fall points. Smith quickly gets three more near fall points to go up 8-0. Smith with 1:58 of riding time in first period. Neutral to start second period…Smith with a takedown 45 seconds into second period…Smith turns Norris and getting three more back points…Smith leads 13-0…Smith gets three more back points to win by tech fall 17-0 at 4:54.

184: Andre Petroski (Glenn Mills/Springfield) (BU) vs. Jimmy Sheptock (MD) -- Sheptock gets the first points with a takedown. Petroski quickly works out for an escape…Shpetock leads 2-1 after one period…Petroski down to start the period…Sheptock with a caution…Petroski escpaes 22 seconds into the period to tie the score at 2-2….Sheptock with a takedown with under a minute left in the period on the edge of the mat…Petroski with an escape with 34 seconds left in period. Sheptock leads 4-3…Period end with no further scoring…Petroski penalized for unnecessary roughness. Sheptock awarded one point…Sheptock escapes after starting down to go up 6-3….Sheptock goes for the leg and gets a takedown to go up 8-3…match e ends with Sheptock winning 8-3.

197: Richard Perry (Meriden, CT/Middletown) (BU) vs. Christian Boley (MD) -- Both wrestlers working the head as they are locked up high, but no scoring in the opening 1:30 of the match…Boley and Perry in a wild scramble with each wrestler nearly getting a takedown, but no scoring as the period ends 0-0…Perry down to start the period…Perry escapes in the first two seconds to lead 1-0…. After a long period of working the head, Perry nearly gets the takedown, but Boley scrambles out at the edge of the mat...Still 1-0 in favor of Perry at the end of two periods…Boley down to start third…Boley escapes seven seconds into the period…Score tied 1-1…Perry grabs a leg, but Boley again scrambles free with a minute to go…riding time not a factor…Boley with a late leg grab and takedown followed by a quick pin with 12 seconds to go in the match.

285: Justin Grant (Easton/Easton) (BU) vs. Dallas Brown (MD) -- Neither wrestler scores after spending the period working near the head…Second period…Grant starts down and escapes to lead 1-0…Stalling warning on Brown of Maryland with 55 seconds left in the period…. No further scoring in the period…Third period starts with Brown on bottom…Perry wins 2-0. (unsportsmanlike conduct…one point Brown. Final score is 2-1) Maryland penalized one team point for unsportsmanlike conduct on Brown.

125: Sean Boylan (Seaville, NJ/St. Marks) (BU) vs. Paul O'Neill (MD) -- There was no score in the first period…Boylan down to start the second period…Boylan with an escape 11 seconds into the second period and now leads 1-0…Boylan with a near takedown, but he was ruled out of bounds…Maryland's O'Neill takes bottom to start third period…Score now tied at 1-1…Stalling warning on Boylan…under a minute to go...Going overtime tied at 1-1…A wild scramble for both wrestlers, but no scoring in the first OT…O'Neill takes down to start the period, but does not escape…Boylan down to start his 30 second session and gets a late escape and takedown to win 4-1.

133: Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central) (BU) vs. Geoffrey Alexander (MD) -- Alexander opens the match with a takedown 55 seconds into the action…Wilcox working to get up, but Alexander puts him back on the mat…Wilcox escapes but Alexander with 57 seconds riding time…both wrestlers locked up on the mat…stalemate called with two seconds left in period. Alexander leads 2-1…Wilcox down to start the second period…Wilcox works an escape, but Alexander with 2:03 riding time. Score tied at 2-2…Wilcox with a takedown to lead 4-2…Stalling warning on Wilcox…Third period starts with wrestlers neutral…Wilcox with a near takedown, but is ruled out of bounds…Wilcox still leads 4-2…30 seconds left in match…both wrestlers locked up on edge of mat. Stalemate called. Alexander shoots but Wilcox gets the takedown at the buzzer and wins 6-3.

141: Matt Rappo (Holland/Council Rock South) (BU) vs. Frank Goodwin (MD) -- Goodwin with the early takedown to lead 2-0…Rappo working to escape, but Goodwin trips him up and keeps him down. Period ends with Goodwin leads 2-0…Goodwin starts down to begin second period…Goodwin escapes halfway through period and leads 3-0…Goodwin shoots for the leg and gets a takedown to lead 5-0 at the end of two periods…Neutral to start third…Takedown for Goodwin to make it 7-0…Goodwin with riding time….Stalling warning on Rappo…Final score is 8-0, Goodwin.

149: Simon Kitzis (Newton, MA/Wyoming Seminary) (BU) vs. Shane Arechiga (MD) -- There was no scoring in the first period…Kitzis starts down in second and escapes out for first scoring…Kitzis with a caution….Third period starts with Arechiga down..Arechiga escapes and ties the score at 1-1….Caution on Kitzis and one point awarded to Arechiga…A wild scramble by Kitzis at the end, but he does not get the takedown. Arechiga wins 2-1.

157: Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney) (BU) vs. Danny Orem (MD) -- Hickman with a near takedown, but it gets waived off as both wrestlers are on the edge of the mat…Hickman gets the takedown to lead 2-0…Orem escapes to make it 2-1…Orem grabs a leg and gets the takedown to lead 3-2…Hickman escapes and quickly comes back getting both legs and scoring the takedown…Period ends with Hickman leading 5-3…Hickman down to start the second period…Hickman with a reversal to lead 7-3…Hickman lets Orem up….Orem with a caution….Orem called for unsportsmanlike move…Hickman awarded one point…Hickman with takedown to lead 10-4…Orem let up…Hickman with takedown at edge of mat as buzzer sounds. Hickman leads 12-5 at end of two…Orem on bottom to start…Orem let by Hickman…Orem gets a leg, but doesn't score…Hickman keeps a leg in and scores a takedown…Hickman up 14-6…Caution on Hickman…Hickman wins 15-6 with 1:21 of riding time.

165: Josh Veltre (Rochester, NY/Greece Olympia) (BU) vs. Josh Snook (MD) -- Veltre opens the scoring with a takedown with 1:45 left in the period…Snook escapes with 1:01 left in period….Veltre leads 2-1 at the end of one…Veltre down to start period…Veltre with a reversal to go up 4-1…Snook escapes…Veltre takedown to lead 6-2 at the end of two periods…Snook on bottom to start…Snook let up to start…Veltre gets a takedown followed by an escape from Snook…Veltre leads 8-4…Veltre with takedown with Snook escape…Veltre takedown and with riding time Veltre wins 13-5.

125: Sean Boylan (Seaville, NJ/St. Marks) (BU) dec. Paul O'Neill (MD), 4-1, TB1
133: Nick Wilcox (Greene, NY/Greene Central) (BU) dec. #12 Geoffrey Alexander (MD), 6-2
141: Frank Goodwin (MD) maj dec. Matt Rappo (Holland/Council Rock South) (BU), 8-0
149: Shane Arechiga (MD) dec. Simon Kitzis (Newton, MA/Wyoming Seminary) (BU), 2-1
157: #11 Frank Hickman (Castle Hayne, NC/E.A. Laney) (BU) maj dec. Danny Orem (MD), 15-6
165: #16 Josh Veltre (Rochester, NY/Greece Olympia) (BU) maj. dec. Josh Snook, 13-5
174: Chris Smith (Mineral, Va./Chancelor) (BU) WTF Aaron Norris (MD), 17-0, 4:54
184: #7 Jimmy Sheptock (MD) dec. Andre Petroski (Glenn Mills/Springfield) (BU), 8-3
197: Christian Boley (MD) WBF #18 Richard Perry (Meriden, CT/Middletown), 6:48
285: #18 Justin Grant (Easton/Easton) (BU) dec. Dallas Brown (MD), 2-1 (Maryland penalized one team point for unsportsmanlike conduct).


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