Riordan's Roundup: Dec. 24 - Dec. 30

This is the Midlands edition of my weekly roundup. Please note that this is a tool for tracking the results of wrestlers currently ranked by InterMat. As this is the case, I am not afforded the luxury of discussing the results of redshirts and post grads.

This is best used as a companion to the Midlands final brackets sheet.

125: Personally, I am a big Jarrod Garnett fan and I hope that his win, via whirly bird, over Jesse Delgado in the finals here is a signal that he will be standing on the NCAA podium at the end of the year. Great finals match, even if it was low scoring.

Third-ranked Jesse Delgado, Illinois -- runner-up
Fifth-ranked Trent Sprenkle, NDSU -- fifth
Sixth-ranked Jarrod Garnett, VT -- champion
11th-ranked Christian Cullinan, CMU -- third
12th-ranked Nathan Kraisser, NC State -- DNP
14th-ranked Shane Gentry, Maryland -- DNP
16th-ranked Dom Malone, Northwestern -- DNP
17th-ranked Mark Rappo, Penn -- DNP

133: The finals here between Ryan Mango and Daniel Dennis was the match of the night, too bad it is outside the focus of my roundup. Tons of tough wrestlers didn't place at this weight class.

Second-ranked Scott Sentes, CMU -- eighth
Fourth-ranked AJ Schopp, Edinboro -- fifth
Ninth-ranked Cody Brewer, OU- DNP
10th-ranked Daryl Thomas, Illinois -- DNP
11th-ranked Geoff Alexander, Maryland -- DNP
12th-ranked Shelton Mack, Pitt -- DNP
13th-ranked Levi Wolfensperger, UNI -- DNP
15th-ranked Levi Mele, Northwestern -- DNP

Kendric Maple (Photo/OU Sports Information)
141: Kendric Maple is really, really good and he handles B.J. Futrell again. Futrell may be the second best 141-pounder in the country.

Top-ranked Kendric Maple, OU -- champion
Third-ranked B.J. Futrell, Illinois -- runner-up
Fourth-ranked Mitchell Port, Edinboro -- fifth
Fifth-ranked Evan Henderson, UNC -- DNP
Seventh-ranked Mike Mangrum, Ore St -- third
Eighth-ranked Zach Neibert, VT -- DNP
Ninth-ranked Tyler Graff, UW -- third at 133
13th-ranked Luke Vaith, Hofstra -- DNP
16th-ranked C.J. Cobb, Penn -- DNP
19th-ranked Ridge Kiley, Nebraska -- DNP

149: Nick Brascetta is for real. The Virginia Tech sophomore upends Montell Marrion in the semis, then he puts together a nice match in the finals, beating the No. 3 149-pounder in the country, Donnie Vinson.

Third-ranked Donnie Vinson, Binghamton -- runner-up
Eighth-ranked Nick Brascetta, VT -- champion
11th-ranked Nick Lester, OU -- fifth
12th-ranked Eric Grajales, Michigan -- sixth
15th-ranked Steve Santos, Columbia -- fourth
16th-ranked David Habat, Edinboro -- DNP

157: Jason Welch takes care of business against a very tough Joey Napoli. Isaac Jordan of Wisconsin wrestles to a shocking 3rd place finish.

Second-ranked Jason Welch, Northwestern -- champion
Third-ranked James Fleming, Clarion- DNP
Fourth-ranked Joey Napoli, Lehigh -- runner-up
Sixth-ranked Jesse Dong, VT -- fifth
Walter Peppelman, Harvard- DNP
12th-Matt Lester, OU -- seventh
13th-ranked Jake O'Hara, Columbia -- DNP

165: Bubby Graham, who has been quietly good for a while, is now a Midlands champion.

Third-ranked Pete Yates, VT -- third
Fifth-ranked Bubby Graham, OU -- champion
Sixth-ranked Steven Monk, NDSU -- fourth
Eighth-ranked Conrad Polz, Illinois -- fifth
11th-ranked Pierce Harger, Northwestern -- DNP
12th-ranked Tyler Wilps, Pitt -- DNP
16th-ranked Taylor Massa, Michigan -- seventh
17th-ranked Mark Lewandowski, Buffalo -- sixth
18th-ranked Johny Greisheimer, Edinboro -- DNP
20th-ranked Mike Ottinger, CMU -- DNP

174: Roger Kokesh keeps cranking out the quality results. He's having a great year. Nice run to the finals by Nate Brown.

Fifth-ranked Jordan Blanton, Illinois -- third
Eighth-ranked Roger Kokesh, Nebraska -- champion
Ninth-ranked Lee Munster, Northwestern -- fifth
12th-ranked Dan Yates, Michigan -- sixth
17th-ranked John Martin Cannon, Buffalo -- fourth
18th-ranked Stephen West, Columbia -- DNP
19th-ranked Nate Brown, Lehigh -- runner-up

184: Ben Bennet reminds us why he is a four time All American. He is my pick to make it to the NCAA finals against Ed Ruth.

Third-ranked Robert Hamlin, Lehigh -- runner-up
Fifth-ranked Ben Bennett, CMU -- champion
Sixth-ranked Jimmy Sheptock, Maryland -- fifth
10th-ranked Ryan Loder, UNI -- fourth
11th-ranked Tony Dallago, Illinois -- DNP
16th-ranked Boaz Beard, ISU -- DNP
17th-ranked Mac Stoll, NDSU -- DNP

197: No. 1 and 2 wrestlers were on a collision course, but in the end Dustin Kilgore shows why he is a national champ. Nice tournament for ISU's Kyven Gadson who gets fourth. That program needs the good news.

Top-ranked Dustin Kilgoe, Kent State -- champion
Second-ranked Matt Wilps, Pitt -- runner-up
Fifth-ranked Mario Gonzalez, Illinois -- fifth
Sixth-ranked Nate Schiedel, Binghamton -- DNP
11th ranked Taylor Meeks, Oregon State -- third
15th-ranked Braden Atwood, Purdue- DNP
16th-ranked Kyven Gadson, ISU -- fourth
17th-ranked Christian Boley, Maryland -- DNP

285: Chad Hanke makes good on all the potential he has shown as a redshirt and during the freestyle season, he is now a Midlands champion.

Fourth-ranked Jarod Trice, CMU -- co-fifth
Sixth-ranked Zach Thomusseit, Pitt -- runner-up
Eighth-ranked Chad Hanke, Oregon State-- champion
Ninth-ranked Mike McMullan, Northwestern -- co-fifth
11th-ranked Connor Medbery, Wisconsin -- third
12th-ranked Adam Chalfant, Indianna -- DNP
18th-ranked Matt Gibson, ISU -- DNP
20th-ranked Ernest James, Edinboro -- DNP


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JohnsonAD (1) about 5 years ago
Nathan Kraisser (125lbs) is from UNC, not NC State.