Seven Fab 50 teams set to compete in Kansas City

Regardless of the event's name over the last few years ... and lord knows there's been a new one almost every year, the field has always been excellent and it continues to grow in quality. Thirty-six of the finest teams from the central part of the United States will assemble in Kansas City on Friday for two days of excellent wrestling.

This includes seven teams currently in the InterMat Fab 50: No. 13 Allen, Tex., No. 20 Collinsville, Okla., No. 23 Tuttle, Okla., No. 26 Edmond North, Okla., No. 30 Kearney, Mo., No. 33 Blue Springs, Mo., and No. 38 Bettendorf, Iowa. Also in the field are three other teams that won state championships this past year -- Arkansas City, Kan., champions Collins Hill, Ga., and Skutt Catholic, Neb. Other teams meriting attention this weekend are Christian Brothers, Tenn. and Park Hill, Mo.

Five wrestlers that won titles in last year's tournament return, and seek to win yet another title at the Kansas City Stampede (formerly the Kansas City Wrestling Classic): No. 4 Sean Russell (Collins Hill, Ga.) at 113 pounds, No. 20 Fredy Stroker (Bettendorf, Iowa) at 126, No. 15 Daniel Lewis (Blue Springs, Mo.) at 138, No. 11 Kaleb Baker (Christian Brothers, Tenn.) at 145, and No. 5 Zach Beard (Tuttle, Okla.) at 170. In addition, four other wrestlers in the field this weekend also won championships in either 2009 or 2010 at this tournament: No. 13 Jaret Singh (Kearney, Mo.) at 113, Noah Teaney (Oak Park, Mo.) at 120, No. 7 Brad Perkins (Oak Park, Mo.) at 126, and No. 15 Cain Salas (Blue Springs, Mo.) at 152.

Weight-by-Weight Breakdown:

106: No nationally ranked wrestlers. However, the field is led by Junior National freestyle champion Tanner Rohweder (Dowling Catholic, Iowa), Preseason Nationals placer Jacob Schwarm (Bettendorf, Iowa), state runner-up Christian Moody (Collinsville, Okla.), Cadet National double All-American Matthew Schmitt (Platte County, Mo.), and Beau Guffey (Tuttle, Okla.)

113: Four nationally ranked wrestlers anchor this field led by defending champion Russell, the Super 32 runner-up who is ranked fourth nationally. Two-time Cadet freestyle third placer Ke-Shawn Hayes (Park Hill, Mo.) is ranked No. 7, Preseason Nationals champion Davion Jeffries (Collinsville, Okla.) is ranked No. 9, and 2010 champion Singh is ranked No. 13. Others to watch include state champions Joey Defore (Arkansas City, Kan.) and Devan Richter (Timberlane, Mo.), state runners-up JT Sloboth (Skutt Catholic, Neb.) and Weston Basler (Seckman, Mo.), along with state champion and Preseason Nationals placer Elijah Oliver (Christian Brothers, Tenn.)

120: The lone nationally ranked wrestler in the field is 113 pound Super 32 champion No. 7 Ryan Millhof (Collins Hill, Ga.). Others to watch include Junior National freestyle All-American Seth Brayfield (Kearney, Mo.), two-time state champion Teaney, state champion Reese Cokeley (St. James Academy, Kan.), two-time state placers John Erneste (Park Hill, Mo.) and Andrew Wallace (Timberlane, Mo.), NHSCA Junior All-American Zac D'amico (Southmoore, Okla.), and Josh Breece (Edmond North, Okla.)

126: Two past champions of this tournament are the nationally ranked wrestlers: two-time state champion Perkins, ranked No.7, and state runner-up Stroker, ranked No. 20. Others to watch in this weight include state champion Joseph Velliquette (Nixa, Mo.), along with state placers Wyatt Jordan (Collinsville, Okla.) and Nick Gray (Christian Brothers, Tenn.)

132: Even though this field lacks a nationally ranked wrestler, it does not lack for depth. It is led by a pair of two-time state champions in Will Steltzen (Collinsville, Okla.) and Nate Rodriguez (Neosho, Mo.). Also present here are state champions Gunner Laffoon (Tuttle, Okla.) and Brock Wingbermuehle (Seckman, Mo.), state runner-up Brock Clevenger (Kearney, Mo.), two-time state runner-up and Cadet double All-American Jacob Rubio (Canyon Randall, Tex.), as well as two-time state placer and Preseason Nationals runner-up Logan Ryan (Bettendorf, Iowa).

138: A pair of nationally ranked wrestlers reside in this weight class in three-time state champion and Junior Greco-Roman All-American Jake Marlin (Creston, Iowa), who is No. 9, and defending champion Lewis, a state champion who is ranked No. 15. Other wrestlers to watch include two-time state champion Gary Wayne Harding (Collinsville, Okla.), state champion Kevin Kinney (Kearney, Mo.), three-time state placers James Krischke (Fort Zumwalt West, Mo.) and Anthony Baker (Oak Grove, Mo.), and Cadet freestyle All-American Jacob Woodard (Bettendorf, Iowa).

145: Three nationally ranked wrestlers lead the way in this absolute beast of a weight class, led by defending champion Baker, who is No. 11 nationally. Other nationally ranked wrestlers include No. 12 Clayton Ream (Holt, Mo.), a three-time state placer, and No. 20 Darick Lapaglia (Blue Springs, Mo.), a two-time state champion and Junior National freestyle All-American. Others to watch include state champion and Super 32 champion Grant Leeth (Kearney, Mo.), two-time state champion Dylan Helm (Collinsville, Okla.), three-time state runner-up Russell Coleman (Park Hill, Mo.), two-time state runner-up Dakota Head (Tuttle, Okla.), three-time state placer Alex Hernandez (Bettendorf, Iowa), and Preseason Nationals third place finisher A.J. Hinkle (Allen, Tex.)

152: 2011 state champion and 2010 tournament champion Cain Salas is the lone ranked wrestler in this weight class, he stands No. 15 nationally. Others to watch include state champion Brennan Johnson (Exclesior Springs, Mo.), 2011 state runner-up Austin Elam (Tuttle, Okla.), and Cadet Greco-Roman All-American Colston DiBlasi (Park Hill, Mo.)

160: No. 3 Bo Nickal (Allen, Tex.), a Cadet Triple Crown winner, is the lone ranked wrestler in this weight class. He is also a two-time Preseason Nationals champion. Others to watch include three-time state placer Taylor Brinegar (Oak Grove, Mo.); state runner-up David Thomas (Perry, Okla.); two-time state placers Wyatt Villers (Arkansas City, Kan.), Isaac Beard (Tuttle, Okla.), and Tony Clinesmith (Exclesior Springs, Mo.); along with Cadet Greco-Roman All-American Dustin Gray (Timberlane, Mo.)

170: Two-time defending tournament champion Zach Beard is ranked No. 5 nationally in this weight class, and the Preseason Nationals champion is the lone ranked wrestler here. Others meriting attention include state champions Matt Meyer (Allen, Tex.) and Nathan Marek (Southmoore, Okla.); two-time state placers Barrett Walthall (Christian Brothers, Tenn.) and Zach Abkemeier (Collinsville, Okla.); state runners-up Blain Drescher (Kearney, Mo.) and Trent Salsbury (St. James Academy, Kan.); Cadet freestyle All-American Chance Cooper (Timberlane, Mo.); and Derek White (Edmond North, Okla.)

182: A pair of nationally ranked wrestlers anchor this weight class in No. 10 Lance Dixon (Edmond North, Okla.), a two-time state placer, and Cadet freestyle champion Michael Pixley (Blue Springs, Mo.), who stands No. 17 nationally. Others to watch include two-time state placer Ryan Wadlow (Farmington, Mo.) and state placer Jake Anderson (Creighton Prep, Neb.)

195: There are no nationally ranked wrestlers in this weight class. Anchoring the field are state runner-up Keaton Hulett (Creston, Iowa), state third place finishers Joel Dixon (Edmond North, Okla.) and Riley Fielder (Tuttle, Okla.), and two-time state placer Corbin McOlgan (Christian Brothers, Tenn.)

220: The lone ranked wrestler here is No. 5 Andrew Dixon (Edmond North, Okla.), a Junior freestyle All-American and two-time state placer. Others to watch are state placers Kyle Varley (Perry, Okla.) and Austin Reyes (Blue Springs, Mo.)

285: No nationally ranked wrestlers here. Those meriting attention include state champion Nathan Jackson (Tuttle, Okla.), state placer Jesse Nelson (Stoughton, Wis.), Junior Greco-Roman All-American Jacob Semple (Waynesville, Mo.), Cadet Greco-Roman All-American Xyah Ra (Nixa, Mo.), and Cole Whitford (Granite City, Ill.)


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