No. 46 Davison at No. 15 DCC postponed

Due to the death of a sophomore student at Detroit Catholic Central overnight, tomorrow's match between No. 46 Davison and No. 14 Detroit Catholic Central has been postponed indefinitely. The article below was written about the scheduled dual meet prior to the tragedy, and still provides insight into the two teams for the season ahead.

Two of Michigan's "power programs" will open the season on Wednesday afternoon in an "in-school" assembly dual meet that starts just before 2:00 p.m. For the second straight year, Davison -- ranked No. 46 nationally -- travels to No. 14 Detroit Catholic Central. Davison is ranked second in Division 1 and third overall in the state of Michigan per Michigan Grappler, while Detroit Catholic Central tops the Division 1 rankings and is second overall.

The following represents a weight-by-weight breakdown (all state/divisional rankings per Michigan Grappler, and Michigan still uses the "old" weight configuration):

103: Zack Prater (DCC) vs. Max Johnson (Davison). Prater is ranked 10th in Division 1, while Johnson is the top-ranked 106 in Division 1 (and sixth overall in the state).

112: P. O'Brien (DCC) vs. Lincoln Olson (Davison). Olson, a defending state champion, is ranked first overall in Michigan at the weight class.

120: Trevor Zdebski (DCC) vs. Jacob Madrigal (Davison). Zdebski was third at state last year, and is ranked fifth overall in Michigan, while Madrigal placed eighth at state.

125: Evan Toth (DCC) vs. Derek Humphrey (Davison). Neither wrestler is ranked by Michigan Grappler, but both wrestlers qualified for the Division 1 state tournament in 2011.

130: Myles Amine (DCC) vs. Justin Oliver (Davison). State qualifier Amine is ranked fifth in Division 1, while two-time state champion Oliver is ranked tops in Division 1 and third overall in Michigan.

Ken Bade (Photo/
135: No. 15 (at 126) Ken Bade (DCC) vs. Dominic Russ (Davison). Bade is a two-time state champion, ranked tops in Division 1, and second overall in the state. Russ placed fifth at state last year, is second in Division 1, and eighth overall statewide.

140: Malik Amine (DCC) vs. Carter Stoddard (Davison). State runner-up Amine is ranked tops in Division 1, and second overall in the state; while Stoddard qualified for the state tournament last year, and is ranked eighth in Division 1.

145: Riley Hanson (DCC) vs. Matthew Miller (Davison). Hanson qualified for the state tournament in 2011. Miller was fourth at state this past year, and is ranked fourth in Division 1, tenth overall statewide.

152: Mike Babicz (DCC) vs. Thomas Garty (Davison). Babicz, a 2011 state qualifier, enters the season ranked eighth in Division 1; while Garby placed seventh at state last year, and is ranked fifth in Division 1, eighth statewide.

160: Logan Marcicki (DCC) vs. Jordan Cooks (Davison). This is a battle of excellent junior wrestlers: Marcicki a state champion in 2011, and Cooks a champion this past year. In the statewide and Division 1 rankings, Marcicki is second and Cooks first.

171: Drew Garcia (DCC) vs. Tyler Wildmo (Davison). Garcia is the top ranked wrestler statewide and in Division 1 for this weight class, and was a state champion this past year; while Wildmo finished seventh in Cadet National Greco-Roman.

189: Nick Giese (DCC) vs. J. Ellis (Davison)

215: Jay Peterson (DCC) vs. T. Thomas (Davison). Peterson enters the season ranked sixth in Division 1.

285: Bob Coe (DCC) vs. D. Powers (Davison). Returning state placer Coe enters the season ranked tops in Division 1, and sixth statewide.


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