Ranked teams and wrestlers at CKLV Invitational

The 31st annual Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational, one of the nation's premier college wrestling events, takes place on Friday and Saturday at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This year's field includes 11 of the nation's Top 25 NCAA Division I college wrestling programs. In addition, approximately 70 ranked wrestlers are expected to compete, including three NCAA champions: Logan Stieber of Ohio State (133), Kyle Dake of Cornell (165), and Dustin Kilgore of Kent State (197).

Four champions from last year's event will be looking for back-to-back titles: Stieber (133), Michael Mangrum of Oregon State (141), Eric Grajales of Michigan (149), and Dake (165). Jason Chamberlain of Boise State (149) was a Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational champion in 2010, but redshirted last season.

InterMat will be providing coverage from Las Vegas, which will include a live blog for fans to follow the action and interact, as well as written content.

Wrestling gets underway at 9 a.m. PST on Friday.

Top 25 Teams

No. 5 Ohio State
No. 7 Missouri
No. 8 Cornell
No. 12 Oregon State
No. 16 Nebraska
No. 18 Northern Iowa
No. 19 Kent State
No. 21 Boise State
No. 21 Virginia
No. 24 North Dakota State
No. 25 Michigan

Ranked Wrestlers

No. 4 Alan Waters (Missouri)
No. 5 Trent Sprenkle (North Dakota State)
No. 8 Matt Snyder (Virginia)
No. 10 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell)
No. 11 Nikko Triggas (Ohio State)
No. 13 Sean Boyle (Michigan)

No. 1 Logan Stieber (Ohio State)
No. 8 Nathan McCormick (Missouri)
No. 10 Brian Owen (Boise State)
No. 11 Nick Arujau (Cornell)
No. 17 George DiCamillo (Virginia)
No. 18 Ian Nickell (CSU Bakersfield)
No. 20 Colin Johnston (West Virginia)

No. 2 Hunter Stieber (Ohio State)
No. 4 Michael Mangrum (Oregon State)
No. 8 Tyler Graff (Wisconsin)
No. 9 Mike Nevinger (Cornell)
No. 12 Camryn Jackson (Michigan)
No. 14 Nick Hucke (Missouri)
No. 15 Steven Keith (Harvard)
No. 20 Nathan Pennesi (West Virginia)

No. 4 Scott Sakaguchi (Oregon State)
No. 5 Jason Chamberlain (Boise State)
No. 9 Eric Grajales (Michigan)
No. 10 Cole VonOhlen (Air Force)
No. 12 Derek Valenti (Virginia)
No. 13 Cam Tessari (Ohio State)
No. 16 Drake Houdashelt (Missouri)
No. 17 Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska)
No. 20 Daniel Young (Army)

No. 6 James Green (Nebraska)
No. 14 David Bonin (Northern Iowa)
No. 15 Josh Demas (Ohio State)
No. 17 George Ivanov (Boise State)
No. 18 R.J. Pena (Oregon State)

No. 1 Kyle Dake (Cornell)
No. 7 Nick Sulzer (Virginia)
No. 8 Steven Monk (North Dakota State)
No. 10 Taylor Massa (Michigan)
No. 15 Zach Toal (Missouri)

No. 2 Nick Heflin (Ohio State)
No. 8 Robert Kokesh (Nebraska)
No. 9 Jon Fausey (Virginia)
No. 12 Dom Kastl (Cal Poly)
No. 13 Dan Yates (Michigan)
No. 14 Cole Gracey (Army)
No. 15 Matt Miller (Navy)
No. 18 Todd Porter (Missouri)
No. 20 Cody Caldwell (Northern Iowa)

No. 6 Josh Ihnen (Nebraska)
No. 7 Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa)
No. 9 Mike Larson (Missouri)
No. 12 Jake Swartz (Boise State)
No. 15 Casey Newburg (Kent State)
No. 17 Mac Stoll (North Dakota State)
No. 18 Ty Vinson (Oregon State)
No. 20 Kevin Radford (Arizona State)

No. 1 Dustin Kilgore (Kent State)
No. 4 Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming)
No. 5 Brent Haynes (Missouri)
No. 11 Taylor Meeks (Oregon State)
No. 16 C.J. Magrum (Ohio State)
No. 17 Jake Meredith (Arizona State)
No. 19 Max Huntley (Michigan)
No. 20 James Fox (Harvard)

No. 2 Dom Bradley (Missouri)
No. 6 Chad Hanke (Oregon State)
No. 10 Ben Apland (Michigan)
No. 11 Levi Cooper (Arizona State)
No. 15 Connor Medbery (Wisconsin)
No. 18 Peter Capone (Ohio State)


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