Appalachian State earns victory over George Mason

BOONE, N.C. - With the new tiebreaking rules put into place two years ago, Appalachian State University wrestling was awarded the 23-22 victory over George Mason, Sunday afternoon at Varsity Gym.

In the two-year-old rule, the tie was broken using pre-determined critieria: the teams each had five victories and two falls. The next procedure is total match points, excluding bouts involving the falls.

Previously, George Mason was awarded the victory, counting all the points earned throughout the dual. The rule was incorrectly interpreted, as the points earned by each wrestler in a non-fall match should have been counted. Appalachian earned 50 points, compared to GMU's 46, giving the Mountaineers the extra point needed to clinch the win.

The Mountaineers return to action on Sunday, Nov. 18 at the Keystone Classic in Philadelphia, Pa. This will be the 12th straight season the Apps will head to the Classic hosted by Penn.

125 - Dominic Parisi (APP) maj. dec. Robert Dooley (GMU), 10-2 (APP 4-0, APP 10-2)
133 - Joe Morrison (APP) dec. Zach Isenhour (GMU), 6-3 (APP 7-0, APP 16-5)
141 - Sahid Kargbo (GMU) maj. dec. Acton Pifer (APP), 15-5 (APP 7-4, APP 21-20)
149 - Greg Flournoy (GMU) won by fall over Aaron Scott (APP), (5:48) (GMU 10-7, APP 21-20)
157 - Jaaziah Bethea (GMU) dec. Riley Keen (APP), 9-7 (GMU 13-7, GMU 29-28)
165 - Zack Strickland (APP) won by fall over Matt Huffstickler (GMU), (2:46) (Tied 13-13, GMU 29-28)
174 - Colin Hedash (APP) dec. Ryan Hembury (GMU), 13-7 (APP 16-13, APP 41-36)
184 - Jesse Johnson (APP) won by fall over Corey Smith (GMU), (4:46) (APP 22-13, APP 41-36)
197 - Matt Meadows (GMU) dec. Paul Weiss (APP), 10-9 (APP 22-16, APP 50-46)
HWT - Jake Kettler (GMU) won by fall over Joe Cummings (APP), (4:08) (Tied 22-22, APP 50-46)
App State awarded tiebreaker point (criterion 3.15.3) (APP 23-22, APP 50-46)


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maddog2 (1) about 5 and a half years ago
George Mason got shut out by these guys a year ago...I would say it was a pretty impressive performance regardless of the new criteria...Congrats to Joe Russel and his team.
PowderRiver (1) about 5 and a half years ago
Whatever happened to Elijah Hull?? He was a top recruit, and I don't see him on the roster any longer. Hope all is well with him, he was a solid talent.
williams2496 (1) about 5 and a half years ago
Yea i know he was amazing....I actually had the honor to wrestle him. But I'm not trying to talk trash what so ever but our caption this year is best friends with a kid that wrestles in college and from what he said Elijah was beaten by some kid way under his weight and took it wrong so he got mad and jst quit....idk y though he's a crazy good wrestler