Cheap Tilt Radio: Episode 8

InterMat's T.R. Foley and Mike Riordan welcome a special guest. Also, new weekly guest Brian Muir puts the lines on potential NCAA team champions.


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Exeter189 (2) about 5 years ago
The "humping" the ground is a play on the ACTUAL MUSIC VIDEO. Please watch the Gangnam music video and you'll understand why that clip is present. You're ignoring the facts, it's a parody and it's the 21st century, let the kids have fun man
Exeter189 (2) about 5 years ago
Lanham ended his career at Oklahoma State
Rhino184 (2) about 5 years ago

Not one of the top schools, wait, wait....woah there partner, I believe Duke students will be fine. If your girlfriend heard what you said she might be a little bit upset
Funkmasterflex (2) about 5 years ago
Funkmasterflex (2) about 5 years ago
If only media sources outside of the wrestling community like the London Times (Yes, Times) and Huff Post would write about them...
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