The MMA Outsider: Episode 66

This week Richard and John breakdown the long-awaited UFC 151 card featuring Jon Jones vs. Dan Hen ... Wait, what? Canceled? Anyway, no doubt Dana White and company were more than perturbed about having to cancel a pay-per-view event, but should the face of a major sports organization publicly throw one of its athletes under a bus when multiple people were at fault? Without much else to discuss, here is a full, honest breakdown of the UFC 151 fiasco and the ONE FC card taking place on Saturday, featuring a matchup of two former UFC champions that almost no one wants to see.

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howiefartz (1) about 5 and a half years ago
Pretty weak argument boys. You said it, "when your making the $$ Jon Jones is making".... Why do you think he's making that kind of money? Because of Dana and the hard work and promotions thats went into this sport. Also, how would Jones have felt if he was on an undercard trying to pay his bills and make a name for hisself and this happen to him? You forget, this has NEVER happened before because the guys for the most part know how lucky they are to make THIS kind of money. DO we want more prima donnas like in the NFL, NBA, and MLB? And put on the pay per view without the main event? Ya, that will get ordered up like no other.